Harassed by Crate & Barrel Batty Boi and the Mental Illness That Is Homosexuality and Transgenderism


Now, before I go into my rant on gays, trannies, etc. I just want to start off the topic that kinda started it (well, my thoughts have been in the works for some time) on this (PS: when I talk, it is to get mofos OUT OF MY FACE when I feel threatened):

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 Last Saturday, a faggot came up to me, brandishing a piece of plastic (as if I will wear that) telling me to “cover up”: because this thang saw me as competition. He then called the police, lying saying I was naked because, again, this sick fuck saw me as competition and I wasn’t bothering him and he even at one point raised his middle finger to me, too.

Let me make this clear…. This is the predilection, the problem of homosexuality! Dear Sir, if you are reading this; I am a WOMAN, you are a MAN! Your job is as a man is to go inside a woman’s pussyhole, vagina, what have you, for REPRODUCTIVE PURPOSES! Our bodies are meant for reproduction (not automatic and overt sexualization as scummy ass EWuropeans have made it to be).

If you all have a problem with what this FAGGOT did, please contact the corporate head office for Crate and Barrel at:

1250 Techny Road Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (847)272-2888

With that said, you are not the right way and I ever catch you in my area, I am giving you a one way ticket for conversion therapy.

How nature intended it -0 this is where the penis goes and this is what the vagina is meant to receive!
How nature intended it -0 this is where the penis goes and this is what the vagina is meant to receive!

Homosexuality and transgenderism are mental illnesses. Let me explain….

Again, a vagina is meant for a male’s penis to go inside of. None of these predilections (tonguing, etc.) are meant for it. The buttyhole is meant for the trash of our bodies to come out of and it is very telling that homosexual males have to use this to “spread their seed around” since they are still men and are still hardwired to accomplish that male task that keeps the human species going which shows the mental illness of heir degenerate “lifestyle” right there.

My mother once told me that many people came into the emergency rooms due to engaging in anal sex - a harmful activity as YOUR ASS WAS NOT FUCKING BUILT FOR THAT! THAT IS NASTY AND ANYONE WHO ENGAGES IN IT NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED OR TAKEN OUT THE GENE POOL - via AIDS!
My mother once told me that many people came into the emergency rooms due to engaging in anal sex – a harmful activity as YOUR ASS WAS NOT FUCKING BUILT FOR THAT! THAT IS NASTY AND ANYONE WHO ENGAGES IN IT NEEDS TO BE SLAPPED OR TAKEN OUT THE GENE POOL – via AIDS!

It is symbolic that there is something wrong with homosexuality and transgenderism in which you have to use a man’s bootyhole ie his anus via which to spread your seed, like all men are hardwired to but are supposed to do with FEMALES ONLY! With that said…

The vagina is meant for the penis and the penis is made to go into a vagina, NOT your anal cavity, which is the best way and I will even go as far as to say only way to catch AIDS. AIDS is the U.S. Government’s (U.S. Government created that shit I feel to eliminate blacks and it just ended up backfiring and killing faggots in the process and due to the number of down low men walking around in the black community, now many of us, too) way and somewhat bio response to the issue of homosexuality in that it mainly infects via anal sex and thus eliminate sick fucks who engage in that sordid behavior!

With that said, these people are not living the right way, hence why guys – even in societies that openly accept em – have a slew of mental illness on top of their predilection of being gay and/ or trans. This is a mental illness that needs to be dealt with as such and before anyone propounds the argument that, they were born that way, so are sociopaths, psychopaths, people with bi polar disorder (a disorder many gays have), and pedophiles – of whom gays aligned themselves with through NAMBLA in the 1970’s until the parents of America righteously jumped down their throats about being associated with them.

See, many gays become the way there through either one of two ways: 1) They were born that way or…

2) They become that way via childhood sexual abuse and trauma. Take for instance the child, Teena Brandon (she ain’t no fucking “Brandon Teena”, FOH) from Boys’ Don’t Cry. The LGBT brigade and their gay agenda tried to make it seem like she  was just this transgendered, happy with what she was until society condemned her type of person. But even this article – which was written by a gay woman – points out that she becakmde that way via childhood sexual abuse and trauma – exactly what her mother was saying all along – and she figured like so many manly looking dykes do – that if she dresses and looks and acts and talks like a man, that will keep men away from her. But as many females who fall “prey” to corrective rape in South Africa have learned: I don’t care how many hormones you take, how many “men’s clothes” you wear, you are still a woman and are still – in their cases even more so – vulnerable to rape LIKE ANY OTHER FEMALE. You are still a woman and a woman – just as a man – needs to know their place. I am not advertising these gender based roles that women have to stay at home and do cooking but the other day, while I was minding my own business and going to the courthouse to file some paper work, a dyke on a bike rolled up on the side of me and said, “Hey” LIKE A MAN WOULD when he righteously flirts! It is a man’s duty since a man is in charge of spreading his seed around to be aggressive because that is what he is meant to do! Meanwhile, we women who are of child bearing age are meant to be protective of our wombs. A woman is NOT SUPPOSED TO BE AGGRESSIVE TOWARDS OTHER FEMALES, WHICH THAT BITCH SHOULD UNDERSTAND CAUSE THAT IS WHAT GOT HER – NOT HIM – FUCKED UP IN THE FIRST PLACE ON THAT GAY SHIT!

A WOMAN IS NEVER SUPPOSED TO BE SEXUALLY FUCKING AGGRESSIVE! With that said, I almost felt like this butch dyke needed to be put in her places with that corrective rape like they are doing to those hoes in South Africa…but I also realize these people need help (and not to have their predilections encouraged by a politically correct and charged by the gay mafia media) and so with that said….They need love and to be told that their way is not the right way to be.

No one deserves this; they need LOVE and not pain! Unless they attack you and come on to you KNOWING YOU ARE STRAIGHT - they don't deserve this!
No one deserves this; they need LOVE and not pain! Unless they attack you and come on to you KNOWING YOU ARE STRAIGHT – they don’t deserve this!

You got men out here thinking that because we have been convinced by the sickness of homosexuality and in particular transgenderism that there are NO differences between men and women period; the cosmetics industry, which was and still is spearhead by gays, tells women that we need a shit load of make up which is what trannies do to their faces so they can “pass” for us. The objective – by making women feel insecure about looking like real women – is to have us cake on that makeup so you can not tell the difference between us and a fucking tranny walking down the street. It is to get men fooled into thinking that real women are supposed to wear a shit load of makeup – NOT have wombs and vaginas – and convince you that there is no difference between us and that man wearing a dress.

"He", I mean SHE - everybody - is just transitioning...
“He”, I mean SHE – everybody – is just transitioning…


Now this "thang's" a REAL FUCKING WOMAN - with make up on, nevermind the cock and balls. Oh, pussies don't make you a woman (wtf?)
Now this “thang’s” a REAL FUCKING WOMAN – with make up on, nevermind the cock and balls. Oh, pussies don’t make you a woman (wtf?)



This all started with this shit here – can you tell the woman apart from the FREAK with all that makeup on…

WTF is this…I’m done!



For all of you who do not know what that abomination of plastic surgery above, IT is Thomas Beatie, a woman to male (wtm) “transgender” who can still get pregnant…please help me!

– As a matter of fact, I hear many STRAIGHT men complain of men who are gay sexually harass them and grooming lil boys to be gay and grow into that sickness, hence why this shit needs to be nipped in the “bud” – if you know what I mean!

Like myself who don’t wear makeup:

No makeup, all naturale
No makeup, all naturale
I look like a tree hugger here - all naturale woman!
I look like a tree hugger here – all naturale woman!

…is as natural as can be…men and women get told constantly by the gay run media that I am (and other females like me) are not real women cause we don’t wear makeup and/ or shave (I don’t shave cause that is MY PERSONAL PREFERENCE, not for any man) and so thus thin and blur the line between the gender and sex roles that we are meant to play. For instance, trannies have convinced fucking society that a woman – a woman with a WOMB, the ability to have a man’s child – is not a real woman unless we wear make up and that that thang – with a fucking penis – somehow makes it more womanly then men cause they got society fooled that having a vagina doesn’t make you female (wtf?) but in maintenance of this thang’s real privilege, male privilege that is, IT doesn’t want to cut off IT’S dick so – as my best friend said – it can have it’s dick and eat it, too.

This "thang" is somehow more "womanly" then me - a thang with cock and balls!
This “thang” is somehow more “womanly” then me – a thang with cock and balls!

This is so gross! The white race is dying out in part as a result of accepting this predilection as normal.

See, back in the day, according to the APA, homosexuality and transgenderism were justifiably so seen as a mental disorder. THROUGH POLITICKING these fucking homosexuals and trannies got it taken down. Now, the man in charge of it who was forced to take it down, according to their own bylaws, had to do scientific research to make sure it was scientifically sound to do this. The faggots, trannies and lesbos rained hell on this. Even a former APA President said that homosexuality can be cured! Now, as a result, you got fucking pedophile, fucking animal fuckers using the excuse of, “I was born this way,” to justify their predilections and demanding the “right” to rape children and/ or animals. Gays make up the largest group who molest kids, hence why our babies should not be exposed to or adopted by these people as they use child molestation to work their way through their own problems of why they became what they became the way they are and in effect hurt the babies as a result!

At the end of the day, just as a child was not made for sex, you were not meant to have sex withthe member of the same sex. Just as animal fuckers can not produce kids based o  having sex with fucking animals, YOU CAN NOT PRODUCE KIDS WITH YOUR “ATTRACTION!” With that said, that is why it is a sickness. Just as we don’t tell pedophiles (we may soon be on that track tho.) that their way of being is okay and just as we ostracize animal fuckers for their attraction, you people – you gays, lesbos and trannies – need help as well. Now, people can argue that, okay, that it is between consensual adults and that no one is harmed. Okay, again, the whole point of the two reproductive organs we have – the vagina and the penis – is to REPRODUCE! YOU CAN NOT REPRODUCE WITH A PREPUBESCENT CHILD! YOU CAN NOT REPRODUCE WITH AN ANIMAL, HENCE WHY IT IS WRONG AND WHY PEOPLE FIND IT SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE! YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO STICK YOUR DICK IN THE ANAL AREA – THE TRASH CAN OF OUR FUCKING HUMAN BODY – WHICH, IF ANYTHING, IS SYMBOLIC OF THE SICKNESS OF GAYS’ MENTAL ILLNESS JUST BY HOW YOU ALL HAVE TO HAVE SEX. Same thing with the lesbos – the fact you all need a fucking dildo to use to fuck women which is common with them along with the factthat you all get on with “women” who obviously take hormones to look as manly as they do shows that you all need a man but due to psycho sexual traumatic emotional issues stemming from childhood – you don’t want a real man so you take on this imitation “masculine” looking THANG lesbo – with her fucking dildos, non biolgiocally altered facially manly features produced by synthetic hormones – as a mate.

Cops Harassing Me For Being Topless 5th Incident
Like that manly THANG followed by that lil faget male to IT’S left!



– This is a sick, sad world…

Many gay men, gay women and trannies, too, had their minds fucked up at an early age by fucking gays and for girls, mostly by you MEN – which is why children should never fall prey into their hands. BUT BECAUSE THE NEW GENERATION OF KIDS, ESPECIALLY BLACK CHILDREN, THINK THESE DEATHSTYLES – BISEXUALITY, HOMOSEXUALITY, ANIMAL FUCKING (NEXT NEW “TREND” COMING TO A PUBLIC SCHOOL NEAR YOU) AND FUCKING SMALLER, PREPUBESCENT KIDS – IS OKAY, you got this shit right here:

2…And it all started with this…

Smdh, those two lil girls need a MOMMY AND A DADDY, NOT TWO BIG DICK "DADDIES" SWINGING THEIR DICKS UNDER THE COVERS AT HOME! What the fuck this world coming to?
Smdh, those two lil girls need a MOMMY AND A DADDY, NOT TWO BIG DICK “DADDIES” SWINGING THEIR DICKS UNDER THE COVERS AT HOME! What the fuck this world coming to?


– Now, I won’t get on this bandwagon of gender policing clothes. After all, it wasn’t until the early twentieth century (when men could go topless) that females could wear pants and plus brave men back in the stone ages, most notably the celts and other germanic groups, wore kilts, the traditional clothing used in Scotland to this day.

These niggas wore dresses, err, I mean "kilts" - you gonna fuck with them?
These niggas wore dresses, err, I mean “kilts” – you gonna fuck with them?

But I will say this, that lil boy wearing the dress has an entire sinister motive behind it and it is to confuse the youtube more, not about gender roles, but SEX ROLES as I stated above!

There is a reason why blacks like myself and Africans are opposed to this shit! We see the unnaturalness (even if it is natural, it is stilll sick in the way that dog fucking and child raping is) of these acts and how sordid they are and how they do not lead to the population growth which nurtures out world. Case in point, I used to think – and this was the ONLY thing that had me at one point supporting this deathstyle since I have always been naturally revolted by it – that homosexuality (I ALWAYS felt transgenderism was sick) was a way, a buffer for natural population control. But if this is the case, why can they still have fucking kids and they do? I mean, how can these guys say they are opposed to pussy and hate it and then sleep with a female to have children (usually if they can’t adopt or afford surrogacy or test tube babies, lol)?  How are you gonna be a dyke yet still lay with a man and have all these children as these bitches do here? IF YOU GAY, YOU WOULDN’T EVEN LET A DICK (OR A PUSSY) NEAR YOU, EVER!! How do you make sense of this? If you are soooo revolted by dick (if you are a gay woman) or by a vagina (if you are a gay man), HOW CAN YOU JUSTIFY STILL FUCKING WITH MEMBERS OF THE OPPOSITE SEX TO GET KIDS AND THEN EVEN SOME OF THEM ACTUALLY PROCLAIM TO LIKE IT AFTERWARDS, such as one story I was told by a friend who told me his friend was for a long time “gay” until he discovered pussy. If you were born that way, how can you justify ever going that route ie back to the opposite sex ie pussy or dick? With that said, the answer lies in a lot of psycho traumatic sexual issues which these people get caught up in, not just from birth or from childhood sexual abuse and trauma but also stemming from trauma and bad experiences with members of the opposite sex later on in life.


For instance, this woman here, Jamila Chonati Briscoe, has 4 kids. Obviously she was fucking men at some point. At some point, she decides she is “lesbian” while hating men starts fucking with women and then here you can hear her say she is bisexual and trying to sexually lure these two men in the video after saying she is NOT BISEXUAL and don’t mess with men, period! How fucking crazy is this? I also suspect that woman, Divine Mommy aka Terry Cloth 97, also has borderline personality disorder – which is what many gays both male and female tend to have. She has had child protective services called on her which you can view here. She resides at 5920 E 129th St. in Grandview, MO and her number (last known) is 816-582-0326. Call em at 816-889-2037 or via http://dss.mo.gov/cd/office/jackson.htm if you see anything harmful on her vids to those babies since homosexuals, esp. predatory homosexuals like her, are not above molesting their kids!

Ellen Degenerate (Degeneres, let me stop) was a pretty blonde who used to fuck with men. How do you go from fucking with men to fucking with women? Here is the answer? Trauma from how men treat us!


I tell men all the time, esp. in the hispanic community: RESPECT YOUR WOMEN! I see so many young girl and ladies walking around with big, oversized t shirts on etc. and black women looking like dudes (they mistake me for one of their own just cause I am fucking NATURAL and wear the crown of beautiful hair the goddess gave me) because THEY DON’T WANT TO GET SEXUALLY HARASSED, ABUSED, RETRAUMATIZED SO MANY TIMES AS MANY ESP. PRETTY WOMEN EXPERIENCE WHEN THEY WALK OUT THE DOOR! I was once a victim of this myself. Back in the day when I had the blue contacts and weave…


I was cute by normally perceived and accepted societal standards. I also used to get harassed and mistreated by men so much I started claiming I am “gay” or bisexual” just to GET THEM OFF MY BACK and really at one point trying to own it. But, unlike most weak willed women, I realized I am not going to let dudes run me away from my natural preference (I was born liking white dudes, always, but those are still MEN). With that said, I said, “You know what, I won’t let this shit mind fuck me.” But so many females, like the Divine Mommy who I showed you there, are not so fortunate and let people fuck them up in the heads as a result till the point she don’t know which way she runs and that is problem…

Now, some people may compare this to interracial relationships. You can’t. I was born liking white men – NOT ALL OF YOU BITCHES – but I do have a preference and many home crushes were creoles, biracials who could pass for anything but black but still had that blackness in em. With that said, you can’t compare because that is a man and like pieces of a puzzle, his dick fits into my vagina and my vagina was made for his dick. On top of this, interracial relationships ARE A NATURAL BUFFER AGAINST INCEST! Thank about it; you see people of the same relations constantly having sex. Seeking partners who are FURTHEST AWAY FROM HOW YOUR FAMILY LOOKS LIKE AVERT INCEST WHICH IS PERFECTLY NATURAL AND HEALTHY! It makes sense. The other shit, using buttholes, hypocritical dykes using dildos while saying they don’t want men? You “thangs” have MISSED ME with that shit! FOH!

With that said, many of these people, especially gay males, have a lot of trauma and if they are born that way, again that is a mental illness and it needs to be addressed as such. You got faggots like this one here:

(He’s talking about me)

...And I will buy your butt pirate ass a ONE WAY TICKET TO CONVERSION THERAPY, FAGGOT!
…And I will buy your butt pirate ass a ONE WAY TICKET TO CONVERSION THERAPY, FAGGOT!

– that FAGET, whose name is Todd Haberkorn, is related to this bitch, Jason Haberkorn (I presume), who is also on the LAPD and refused to help me and even went so far as to blame me for what happened a while back:

Jason Haberkorn

Yet his brother’s a FAG!

That crakkka bitch is wayyy too sweet and suspect not to be a faget as I call em...
That crakkka bitch is wayyy too sweet and suspect not to be a faget as I call em…

Here is the FAGGOT’S Facebook:


Here is the FAGGOT’S Twitter (just click on the FAGGOT’S PIC FOR TH HYPERLINK):

Todd Haberkorn works for Vox Inc as a faggot as voice actor (he probably voiced “Chozen”, lol):


Also, this sweet looking bitch here:

Recks Robert 2

I did a whole article about THIS THANG IN THE CLOSET HERE! This mofo sent me these:

Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 1

You can’t tell me these fagets are in competition with females. This is the real life sickness that is homosexuality, which is no different than bestiality and pedophilia to me.

They hate women cause THEY CAN NOT BE US! Women, these guys are NOT YOUR FRIENDS…


I can’t deal.This shit is crazy, I done seen it all people lol.For more entertainment and videos —>>> #Like DeLorean

Posted by DeLorean on Tuesday, January 6, 2015


THEY ARE WORSE THAN STRAIGHT MEN EVER WERE and the female dykes are even more predatory. For instance, at my place where I live, I had two dykes – a manly one and a lipstick lesbian who claims she is “bisexual” ie CONFUSED AND TURNED OUT AND DON’T KNOW WHICH WAY TO GO.. (if they are so genderbending, why do they still fucking conform to societal roles of male and female relationships..


…showing that they in fact still do in fact need a man to be with and visa versa for gay men as well with regards to being with women.) – both white, one seemed she could of been arabic, ask me about my sexual orientation! I said I am straight and proud! She replies or better yet retorts how many black women are “gay” or bi! I said, look, I grew up in a household with a strong male figure – my dad – I love my dad and no one can come close to him or being like him for me – and because I grew up with a strong rock and foundation of a man for a dad, I can not be swayed towards that sickness that is homosexuality! They were flabbergasted (I heard white lesbians are racist as hell) that I actually had a dad and strong male role model in the home growing up!

Homosexuals and transgenders know the way they are is not right! That is why they are always seeking and forcing validation from us for their way of being. You can’t even speak out on it from a totally scientific standpoint without being called a “homophobe” (phobia means “I am scare of ya” and I am not scared of ya – hell, I will BUST YOUR ASS you come up to me with that bs). This constant need for validation reminds me of another twisted group – sex workers – who can’t do ANYTHING without throwing in that they are a sex worker in order to seek validation from the populace like the chick who I just hyperlinked who could be doing CAT VIDEOS and she gotta throw in that she is a dirty, nasty filthy sex worker as if she needs constant validation for her sick ass job (she also got bi polar as many sex workers do)! If I know I am being and living the right way, I DO NOT CARE WHAT PEOPLE THINK! But homosexuals and especially transgenders know they are not living the right way, hence why they kick people from their jobs, attack people and do all sorts of heinous things – including from what I have sometimes heard and seen myself – call people homophobes cause you do not want to be with them or live their sick lifestyle.

They are even threatening to fucking KILL these people’s lil shop unless they bow down to the gay mafia and make some two dyke bitches a wedding cake:

These people's livelihoods - and business - going down the drain cause they don't wanna make some sick ass homosexuals a fucking WEDDING CAKE!
These people’s livelihoods – and business – going down the drain cause they don’t wanna make some sick ass homosexuals a fucking WEDDING CAKE!

Now they harassing mofos for not wanting to cater to their dirty ass fucking “weddings!”


There really is a gay agenda upon us and I do not speak as a christian (fuck that noise – that shit needs to go, too) or as someone spiritual – I speak as someone purely addressing this from a scientific point of view. Being gay or trans (which is even worse in my opinion, cutting up your body parts so you can be the perceived “gender” you felt you were born as, only to have MANY regret it once they make that transition in the first place) are mental illnesses. When I hear trannies talk about they have “female minds” – BITCH, you all don’t have periods or the hormonal changes that come with it. You will never be able to give birth like a real woman or have a womb by which to carry feoteuses (when a woman can’t give birth and is of child bearing age, that is why they call it a defect) and NEVER GO THROUGH THE POLITICAL, SOCIAL RAMIFICATIONS OF BEING A FEMALE (HENCE WHY THEY KEEP THEIR DICKS FOR MALE PRIVILEGE). But you go through hell for being FREAKS, and that is far different than what I go through. I mean, if I wake up in the mornming saying “I was born to be an ox and I want an ox change operation?” You would look at me as if I am CRAZY so how is transgenderism any different? Transgenderism is STILL listed as a psycho sexual disease according to the DSM profile of mental illnesses! Same thing with these lesbians – they act all manly and reject shit deliberately that is associated with being female and femininity and even going so far as trying to challenge real men (hence why they beat they ass) and act as if they are more manly and thus more dominant over other more mainstream women like that bitch tried to do to me. This is their way of taking on the traits of the abuser who abused em and regaining that power as a result. This is why even the feminist movement at one point early on in it’s existence rejected em and why dyko “GirlWritesWhat” talk shit about em! But I will say this….


You can be that way, but keep that shit away from the BABIES and most of all from me

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  1. Honey, you are sexually judging people ect and you sell your body for a living? Please baby girl, stop traveling around the country prostituting and take a cab to the first psychiatric hospital you see. You are CLEARY very sick, you are very traumatized, angry, all alone and very sad. Help is out there baby girl but you need to accept the help. Go to a mental hospital asap hun before you end up hurting someone or yourself. You will be happy you did.

    1. I tracked that IP address down. IT ORIGINATES FROM AUSTRALIA YOU DUMB BITCH (IP IS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO CHECK)! You didn’t get out that car that day, did you, but YOU the Australian white bitch (who is so scared of me you moved BACK to Australia cause of what you feel I will do too ya, feels empowered to talks CRAP from behind a computer screen). Okay, bitch, you are like what – wayyyy back in Australia – 10,000 miles away from me. No worries. You can talk shit about me all you want from behind this computer screen but, guess what, I git your ugly, Aileen Wuronos meth head looking (Yes, when I posted your image on my instagram showing you LOOK LIKE HER, I GOT THREE LIKES FROM PPL AROUND THIS AREA WHO DON’T LIKE YA) ASS TO GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY COUNTRY AND TAKE YOUR METH HEAD – POSSIBLE – REPTILIAN LOOKING ASS THE FUCK BACK TO YOUR HOMELAND DOWN UNDER IN AUSTRALIA, BITCH! Talk about THAT, HOE! LOL! I WON THE WAR! Done!

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