Possible Identity of the Misogynist Perv Who Stalked Me: Recks Robert

Possible Identity of the Misogynist Perv Who Stalked Me: Recks Robert

::BREAKING:: THIS GUY IS A FUCKING STALKER! His obsession with seeing me “topless” combined with obsessing over telling me that it is not “socially acceptable” for me to be topless COMBINED with him knowing I went to the eyecare place on Monday and Thursday of this week shows he is a STALKER and possible rapist who is obsessed with policing what I do with my own body as well as imposing gender norms on me and has been stalking me so he can figure out one day when is the right time to attack and put my “feminist, string willed” ass in my place!








Stalker On My Block New Messages

Stalker On My Block New Messages 4 Stalker On My Block New Messages 3 Stalker On My Block New Messages 2





Alright, remember this bitch who a couple of months back I thought had been sending me these emails which you can see here.

Turns out, it ain’t his ugly bald headed ass….


Turns out, the honor belongs to this faggety faggot looking ass mofo, him:

Recks Robert

This fucking Jason Priestly look alike is more than likely the mofo who had been sending me these weird, stalking, CREEPY ASS (with his creepy looking self) emails. How do I know?

Well, I was stalking one of the Facebook articles written about me by the LA Weekly in which, I noticed of all the comments, this mofos’ shit shows up, in which he talked about seeing me by Hauser and 6th st.

Robert Recks Harassment of Topless Woman 2 Yellow

The SAME FUCKING EXACT PLACE this mofo had been hinting to in his emails here below:


Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 3

This is one creepy looking, stalker weird ass water head bitch. Using a little bit of detective work, I was able to find out his identity. If he so as much PUTS HIS HANDS ON ME OR EVEN, MAYBE EVEN LOOK IN MY DIRECTION (well, not for that) I WILL BUST HIS ASS AND WHIP HIS ASS GOOD IF HE PLACES HANDS ON ME! This creepy misogynist mofo – let me break out the online internet psychiatrist here – seems like the type as can be read via these emails here who:

  • Hates women
  • Hates strong women in particular
  • Hates women like myself who defies gender norms.

He seems like a fag. Now, don’t get me wrong – I LOVE GAY MEN WHO DO NOT HATE WOMEN – but as you read the fucking emails I presume he sent me – this fag hates women just as god hates gays, amirite?

Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 1


Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 2 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 3

Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 4 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 5 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 10 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 11





Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 12 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 13 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 14 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 15 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 16









Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 17 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 18 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 19 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 20 Bald Headed Bugga Bat Email 21









These are ALL (and not even really “all” the messages this crazy bitch sent)!

This bitch kept leaving messages, ah fuck it, read the up above messages. If anyone is curious, you can go ahead and find this sob at the corner of 6th steet and Masselin, which is where he hinted where he resides. This bitch “owns” one of those stupid ass faggety faggot ass food trucks, one of those food trucks parked at Wilshire and Masselin called kitchenathele.com (I ain’t never heard of it). The messages he sent, ah fuck it, here is one:

Men typically are not attracted to their own mothers’ breasts. But it is natural instinct for a heterosexual male to be attracted to a woman’s breasts. You are trying to fight against nature & biological fact, and therefore you will lose — the reason men are attracted to breasts is due in part to continuing the species; women’s breasts are a sign that they can provide food to their young, and this has been wired in us for millions of years. It’s no different than women being attracted to men with large biceps and muscles because it’s a sign that the man will be a protector of her and the young, and will be sufficient and hunting & gathering. These are innate traits in human species for the sake of reproduction.

You don’t see men playing the victim about women who sexualize men’s physical features.”

– Bolding all the shit in black, basically, this mofo got the rapist mentality, the rapist mindset and he is a date rape case waiting to happen if he hasn’t done so already. Believe me. I know that type and that type very well. The fact that he attacks me for being topless and then makes a big point that “men can’t help themselves” (which is some white man’s shit and justification for rape blame culture) but to be lured to women’s breasts which is no different than men saying they can’t help but sexually harass women walking around in short skirts even though black African and other people of color societies prove differently shows this mofo feels entitled to women’s bodies even if it is against our wills. He is not the violent type to come out at you as suggested by the fact that after I responded to HIS harassing emails he responds right back by threatening to call the cops (lol) but he is the type to call the cops on YOU after he done SPIKED YOUR DRINK and blamed you for “drinking too much.” In effect he is a cowardly lil bastard who hides in the shadows and does things on the slick! I would watch out. Again, his name if he is which I highly suspect to be the person sending those sick fuck emails to me a while back is Recks Robert. He also goes by Recks Martin. He owns kitchenathele.com and here is his facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/RecksRobert Here is the email if it is in fact him which this “augi tate” person was using: [email protected]

If he is in fact the mofo sending me those emails – which I strongly suspect he is – ladies, then what you will be dealing with if you were to deal with him – even without looking at those emails and just looking straight at his facebook message – is a misogynist, bitter mofo with no respect but a seething, burning hatred and envy I must add for the female gender. After all, his statement of, “Awkward” and stating that I talk about nothing as he walks by strikes me of a stalker who is fearful yet does not want to “suppress” HIS MALE ENTITLEMENT ISSUES THAT HE HAS TOWARDS MY BODY! Why else state that walking past a topless woman makes you feel “awkward” as if to state that there is something wrong with ME for why you, he, feels the way he does towards me by sexualizing MY body as well as saying that, “She talks about nothing” as if to state and let folks know that he is hearing and even eavesdropping onto my conversations which I have on the phone outside – which is really fucking creepy and if the email messages are his – makes him a fucking possible rapist!

Oh yes, and my post today comes in at “69”. Look and see:

69 Posts Topless In LA Yellow

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