Harassed by Crate & Barrel Batty Boi and the Mental Illness That Is Homosexuality and Transgenderism

*NOTE: I DON’T THINK IT’S A MENTAL ILLNESS BUT IF YOU COME AT ME MORALIZING AND YOU SKATING ON MORAL THIN ICE YOUR DAMNSELF – I’M CALLING YOU OUT!! Now, before I go into my rant on gays, trannies, etc. I just want to start off the topic that kinda started it (well, my thoughts have been in the works for some time) on this (PS: when I talk, it is to get mofos OUT OF MY FACE when I feel threatened): Buy both vids here [purchase_link id=”29051″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]    Last Saturday, a faggot came up to me, brandishing

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