Going for a Topless Walk Around My Neighborhood In Mid Wilshire

Here is the highlight of my jogging experience while TOPLESS:



What color are my eyes??



The highlight of my morning right here:

I look good, don't I?
I look good, don’t I?

When I am topless and spend my day jogging or working out (Thursday is my designated work out, walk around/ job day) I usually go from Hauser Blvd to around near the LACMA museum/ LaBrea Tar Pits area and from there to the other side of Wilshire, by Curson Ave. and then up near the playground and then back to Hauser Blvd…since it is too got damned mofo HOT OUTSIDE – which is why I got the idea to go topless in the first place!


Anyways, here is what happened:

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This nigga rolls up, as if he is doing “work” but he know he got a message thru his lil walkie talkie radio that I was walking around topless and decided to come see me – and some of the fucking pigs do, too, as you will later on see!


Anyways, afterward, I sprung my fucking back – the lower thoracic cavity that is – to where I couldn’t bend but with ibuprofen everything is getting better (the same thing happened about 2 years ago when I came back into town in which on the 1ST OF JANUARY, 2013, my fucking back gave out (my lower back) and my now deteriorating (but not old) ass couldn’t bend so I must do some back exercises or just rest that back area now since, from when I was a little kid, I have always placed pressure on my back albeit making it stronger but now more susceptible to back pains or as was in this case back blowout due the nutty habit of carrying ALL MY FUCKING BOOKS FOR EVERY SINGLE CLASS IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! Suffice it to say I now have to go easy on the lifting for the while…


Or at least do back exercises until I can sort this out.


Anyways, around this time in which I started receiving the threatening text from the crackhead of the La Brea Tar Pits, I got a visit from none other than the 5-0…..

These fucking pigs here looking to make light about my course but yet would probably shit when I mention to em HOW MANY OF THEIR DOX (PERSONAL INFO) THAT I GOT THAT I AM READY TO DROP!

Now, the next day I was topless I was harassed by this NIGGER here:

Keynote: The nig’s license plate number (of the stolen vehicle he is ridin’ in) is California (CA) # 5FGE232. Please tell me who owns this so I can return it back to the white man from whom he stole it from! Thank you!

Here is the nigger again, hanging out at the Ralph’s parking lot waiting for his crack deal – I presume – to go thru:

Give me his info through his license plate as promised who set up and eerily filmed me while projecting his insecurities and sexualization upon my body by telling me to “cover up” up until – and I hope someone runs his shit through to let him know women ain’t property and I won’t take it – I threatened to get his dox so as to fuck with his money, which is the preferred way to deal with mofos. I would be surprised if his creepy, RAPIST ass came from this barbershop, 5320 Wilshire Blvd New Millennium Beauty (They ought to call it, “The New Millennium Crackhouse and Beauty Babershop) due to all the NIGGERS I see out there waiting for crack deals I presume here….

The New Millennium Crackhouse and Beauty Barbershop and Illegal Gambling Operation Front
These niggas always sit outside waiting for their drug deal clients (I presume) and while engaging in illegal gambling behind the scenes WHILE paying off the cops to look the other way (I presume and in my opinion).


Whose affiliate at 4310 Crenshaw Blvd got shot at three times (of which the cops might be on the take since I long suspected some fishy shit going on down there) while on Crenshaw Blvd due to a bad crack deal gone bad IN THE PLACE I presume, all of which you can read here: http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Three-Shot-South-LA-Barbershop.html


Hmmmm..I don’t even live in the hood and all this shit’s going on. See ya later!


Not too long after that crazy mofo ran away and then waited at the fucking loading dox at Ralph’s while staring at me from a distance (I will cut your dick off next time I see ya)….


This gentleman came along and took a picture and did what I am eventually oping for (starting with his generation)…desexualzing the female breasts and not making it – our entire bodies – a point of automatic sexualization and an excuse for rape culture by the male pictured (excuse, recorded) up above.





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