The Difference Between Me And A Bedwench And Why I HATE Black Folks Who Think A White Lusting After Them Is A Compliment

The Difference Between Me And A Bedwench And Why I HATE Black Folks Who Think A White Lusting After Them Is A Compliment

By doing that you buck the heads of this crakkka or is a fake khazar jew…..

– Who I woulda sent to the gas chamber in my past life, fucking oven magnet 🤚🏻

Astral Vision Shows That I Was A Female Nazi Concentration Camp Commander Named Irma Grese

I hate the bedwench mentality and the mentality that many black folks have where they think that if any other race – esp. white – is lusting (keyword: LUSTING, NOT WANTING TO MARRY YOU) after you LIKE A PIECE OF MEAT, WANTING TO TREAT YOU AS A JEZEBEL HYPERSEXUALIZED STEREOTYPE, that it is a “compliment.”

Here is an example…..

– This is sad. All these niggaz gloating over an average looking wide boi – whom most wide women would passover like Passover – lusting after these two queens…..

Then this organic portal kneegrow here with a ghoulish snail spirit in him tries to throw in that I did Ghetto Gaggers not realising that there is a difference between working ends meet – like he do – to survive vs mofos like him who HONEST – like the slave he is – war-ship and foam at the mouth for white approval…….

– His black ass rolled out of there when I was about to tell him about his snail ghoulish spirit and after I ‘woked dat azz 🧙🏻‍♀️🪄👹🐉👥👤👤👤👤

That said, there is a bedwench vs me hence why I wrote that headline….

Bedwench Wants To Fight Me After Calling Out Her Wetback Fake Boyfriend Who Wolf Whistled At Me

Bedwench Turns On Me After I Try To Protect Her From Her Slavemaster Husband

Bedwench With Dylan Roof Looking Crakkka Sets Up Deliberately In My Line of Sight And Gets Checked

Turns Out The Black Lady Who Harassed Me For Being Naked Is A Bedwench Whose Slavemaster Is Deputy Detective Huelsen Of The Los Angeles Sheriffs

This was sad and I pray for her….. poor dear…..

Blacks need to stop that cause you all give fuel to faggot ass crakkkas like this who call us apes yet pursue us…..

– Here is his IG! NOTE I didn’t put the black dude’s IG 🧠

That said, I used to hear MANY black sex workers say that “wide men lurve us.” (Black) bitch if they loved you they wouldn’t be having your gorgeous model black ass out on the strip of Fig, paying you crackhead prices for your pussy or taking your pussy for free like this crakkka cop did here…..

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