People And Spirits Cruelly Using Animals To Carry Out Occult Rituals

People And Spirits Cruelly Using Animals To Carry Out Occult Rituals


I told ya I got an Aryan connection……

Thor Does Not Want White Supremacists Worshipping Him

Thor Does NOT Want White Supremacist Worshipping Him

Astral Vision Shows That I Was A Female Nazi Concentration Camp Commander Named Irma Grese

It seems the more I heal this baby furbaby been comfortable with coming up to me more and more…..

Early this morning while filming you can hear the poor orange tabby green eyed baby saying, “Help me” (I watch animal vids and I SWEAR these mofos are starting to talk with insects starting to understand)…..

– It’s funny cause back when I used to park in Miracle Mile I would hear a spirit that sounded like the Cheshire cat after doing rituals….

I saw thru my third eye three spirits – funny cause a tarot reader told me I had three spirits, two females and a male following me – who sent the poor furbaby to implement curses against me.

One night after a wetback here sent a curse my way, I started hearing a sound that sounded like it was being played from the Australian didgeridoo playing and then I kept hearing a cat loudly “meow” then bang against my van. I saw it was a goblin like entity similar to Meg Mucklebones that got sent…..

He the same mofo who I heard one night the yelp of a dog, meaning he sacrificed a dog to get to me…..

Spiritual Warfare Against Dog Killing Witchcraft Wetbacks In RV Number AB95165 Part Un

Years ago I had a tarot reader named Tina send another lil dog furball who went crazy and then based up against my old car…..

And just recently I saw that a black bitch and her crakkka pencil dick ass boyfriend who conspired to put a curse on me spiritually sent a rooster to coo coo coo coo coooo the message….

Rooster Comes After Astral Vision of A Nigger Bitch Ex Neighbor And Her Crakkka Ass Boyfriend Tried To Curse Me

– In the middle of the night, around 3am I heard the rooster coo cooing and then I heard this female spirit who look a lil like Meg Mucklebones from Tom Cruise’s 1985 “Legend” saying “That’s her, that’s her” after it cooed and then my sliding door jammed and the other one almost stopped working and the radio continued to play for awhile even after I took out the key…..

Here is the rooster on another night making sounds like a reptilian…..

That said this is sickening me how evil spirits and evil people are possessing innocent animals to do this shit. That poor lil cat’s Soul was STILL begging to be released and you can hear it. Reminds of this vid here:

– At about 0:50, you can hear her say, “My soul is trapped!”

Poor child!

Anyways, I know folks sacrifice animals in rituals but look….. anything you gotta sacrifice shit to is weak. If it needs the energy of something else to do shit, it’s weak. Real mofos with Souls like me use Soul Source energy like my third eye to do shit.

I know humans usually organic portals can be used to do shit as well such as a case involving a Korean man who slaughtered an entire family back in 2001 and didn’t remember.

Another case was Ted Bundy where he recounted how an evil entity attachment manipulated him to do fucked up shit:

I was another case. For years I had an evil spirit I inadvertently invited in that wanted to harm me from within, cause me sadistic alcohol urges…..

Finally Removed A Clone of Me From Beelzebub Living Inside of Me

Is This Squidward Entity Meant To Teach Me A Lesson In Embracing My Shadow Self

It’s just so low for that shit to use poor animals who don’t have that level of consciousness to innerstand and thus fight it off like me πŸ₯ŠπŸ‰

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