Gangstalkers Block My And Other Homeless People’s Cellphone Service On Thanksgiving Day

Gangstalkers Block My And Other Homeless People’s Cellphone Service On Thanksgiving Day

I interviewed another homeless lady who is also a targeted individual (TI) like me and she has a different cellphone service provider AND was in a different area – same area I had to go to to call – and endured the same exact thing…..

I had to deal with these fucking gangstalkers on Thanksgiving day it’s a fucking shame…..

That said Malibu is REALLY bad with this. I recall about maybe two years ago a brother, who also resides in his car, told me that when he was in the same area where I encountered the issue – which occurred at 3am in the morning – his cellphone service SUDDENLY stopped working when it was working perfectly before – just as what happened to me…..

I noticed DROVES of gangstalkers coming to where I was at – including a bitch who I could tell was videoing me but had a problem when I took her pic as I was calling my cellphone service provider to correct the issue and I peeped this “fire watch” car that seems to belong to an individual who I could tell DOES NOT work with the fire department…..

Here a big time wetback ass gangstalker here……

They have technology that can allow mofos to hack your phone and block your ability to use it…..

For awhile I had an asshole – I saw he had a reptilian soul – fucking with my website for a min……

Even though I was where I’m at I was having issues with my cellphone service. In one instance I got bars up RIGHY AFTER REMOVING MY SIM CARD……


That said when you are targeted individual you have mofos who will spy on you, stake you out – as is done daily with me – to try to drive you crazy and run you out……

Gangstalking is a very real phenomenon and many folks who have Souls suffer cause these organic portals – who usually have reptilian or alien grey spirits living within them – don’t like that we don’t fit into the matrix so they do shit to keep you on a low vibrational level as well as to feed off our energy, just like their archon creators.

I’ve talked about this before…..

They Gangstalk Me To Recruit Me Into Some Goddess Cult Ritual

With me I’m gangstalked cause of my spiritual powers. They wanna use me in some Goddess ritual bull 🖕🏻

The lil black lady I spoke to – who is as sweet as she can be – told me that a pastor is targeting her, slandering her name online…..

I said it here……

My Thoughts On The LA County Sheriff Clean Up of Venice Beach

There IS a war going on between those with Souls vs the organic portals and archons, basically agents of the matrix.

Homeless people are targeted the most NOT for what most folks would think but because alot of Soulled folks – starseeds – reside amongst us!

Many of us are homeless cause we are driven out by the wider society of organic portals who comprise our society.

We typically are lightworkers meant to serve a higher purpose in the matrix.

Due to that, we get attacked to keep us from serving that purpose.

As in my case, I could never keep a job (I’m looking for something where I can work from home. I keep trying dasher but I keep getting blocked from being able to sign up.) and can NOT work in situations where I have to heavily interact with folks.

I gotta do something where I can keep a distance from folks……

That said I am also blocked heavily spiritually as well as spoken numerous times on my blog……

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

I believe the alcohol urges are due in part due to this shit blocking me from reconnecting to The Source and making it mad hard for me to astral project as a form of escape, which unlike alcohol is fulfilling……

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Recently I was able to sorta astral project via my third eye and when I did it was so fulfilling for me.

It felt good to know and experience that there is more to this world then just the 3D, the material, the carnal.

That said I have been dealing with ALOT: I been trying to rescue my brother Bryan from a really bad place and so forth, trying to find a job where I don’t have to interact with folks, ALOT!

That said, that shit was fucked up. Shot went downhill right after…..

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