The Archonic Meaning Behind Pink Floyd’s Famous “Dark Side of The Moon” Triangle

The Archonic Meaning Behind Pink Floyd’s Famous “Dark Side of The Moon” Triangle

Funny cause it is believed aliens occupy the dark side of the moon…..

This looks like hell, Tower of Babel…..

That said let me tell you the truth about this triangle as seen thru my third eye…..

Spirit World Sending Messages: Triangle Formed Right By My Car

– I was getting possessed by those mofos here now I know…..

Why The Reptilians Hate And Fuck With The Most Reptilian Hybrids

They were blocking my heart chakra so I couldn’t come into my power….. NOTE the triangle superimposed on where my heart chakra is……

For the longest period of time – even when I lived in my old apartment, I kept seeing triangle symbolism such as when I blew sage smoke and I saw a whole big ass triangle form from it back in my old apartment…..

That said let me tell you what it really is.

It is an archon symbol in which is used by the archons, reptilians, greys to literally contain all of us Soulled folk in these individual cells designed to keep our Souls imprisoned and to keep us from coming into our spiritual powers and connecting to Source.

I saw this as I tried to free myself from archon manipulation and oppression. I saw within, in my inner landscape, my Soul trapped in a triangular prison with bars manifesting the more I looked that was supposed to contain my power.

This gave the reptilians, archons the power to manipulate me, my timeline, my life and I moved it from out of my inner world by guiding it to be released via one of my chakras.

I felt freer, better and less manipulated after that.

I said here a long time ago that it is not satan but the demiurge (what HYPOchristians and muslims call “god”) and the archons whom these $ellebs make deals with to achieve fame and stardom.

The Spiritual Reasons Behind Why SELLebrities Like Beyonce and Rhianna Have SO Many Followers Who Worship Them

As John Elliizz here states in his book, “John Elliizz vs The All Seeing Eye”, NO ONE makes it to stardom lest’ they make deals with these entities…..

– Read that last sentence in that paragraph up above…..

Thru my third eye I saw that Pink Floyd put this cryptic symbolic message out there to warn people about the demiurge-archon-matrix prison and was showing you all with the light ray how to escape……

Peggy Kane spoke on it best…..

According to Peggy Kane the reptilians have a net over the Earth, keeping us stuck in a domain full of low vibratory energies from which they feed off of. They call it loosh.

This was not always the case!

This a damn good read too:

That said according to Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa and the gentleman below….. humans were once multidimensional beings who were connected to The Source and were not just limited and confined to 3D material corporeal bodies. We could traverse thru dimensions, create as the Gods we were and still are until…..

We exchanged our spiritual powers for reptilian archon tech, giving them tacit permission to rule over us and cultivate dark energy and chaos which they still wreck to this day.

Spiritual people like myself who try to reconnect with The Source get hit with a litany of shit like synchronized attacks from organic portals who typically have alien grey or reptilian Souls (just now I had a SLEW who were sent to throw my concentration off and I ‘woked every. single. one 🧙🏻‍♀️👹🐉) or addictions inculcated in us at birth by archon entity attachments strategically placed in us and meant to launch as soon as we start our spiritual journeys and get on the road to enlightenment.

Even now as I type I am experiencing a terrible terrible pain on the right side of my hip where I know I have an etheric wound at, which has droves and droves of entities skittering out. I’ve already moved out the really major entities that stirred my alkie-hole addiction and this is just one albeit big part I have to still extricate.

I’m in alot of pain.

That said in the next article Imma talk about how $ellebs use sigils, symbols created by the entities they war-ship (or, in the case of Wu Tang or as I have seen for myself, The Insane Clown Posse created) to lure the organic portals AND Soulled people so you all will act as energy sacrifices for them via stadiums, theatres, public events….. think 🤔

I saw thru my third eye (RIGHT when I was writing this I had a SLEW of repeat gangstalkers show to throw my concentration off) that Pink Floyd made a deal with an archon, a skeletal one very similar to the one who has been harassing me for years…..

I Got PROOF That A Skeletal Archon Entity And A Demon of Lust Are Around Me Fucking With Me

Skeletal Entity Trying To Stop My Spiritual Growth By Kicking Me Back Into Body

Same one Kobe made a deal with…..

Kobe Bryant’s Death Was A Sacrifice For The Demon He Sold His Soul To

Oh yes to defeat this symbol – as evil does such as the Nazis inverting the swastika, a hindu peace symbol…..

So can those of us with Souls aka light do the same…..

The Ultimate Symbol To Defeat The Reptilians and Other Archons

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