Why White People Should Not Teach Black Children And Why I Throw Rocks As A Homeless Person

Why White People Should Not Teach Black Children And Why I Throw Rocks As A Homeless Person

– This is why I don’t like these mofos at all.

Here is his license plate:

This creature, who says IT is whytee (see what I’m talking about)…..

– Mofo as wetback as wetback can be!

Decides to come around after seeing my Youtube video on why “I throw rocks at mofos as a homeless person” and taunt me.

Instead of trying to understand where I am coming from – let me make it clear I don’t throw rocks at innocent arbitrary cars but mofos coming around looking to perv stare and leer at me like I am a zoo animal just as they did black people when they had human zoos – he decides he wants to mess with and taunt and harass “the poor homeless black woman.”

That is the mentality of those mofos ??

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

Why I Say That Mexicans Are The Children of The Devil aka Reptilians

Notice this WETBACK said it is white…..

Let that sink…..

I said NO LIES when I said these trashybass things are agents for white supremacy and wannabe whyte cause they demon reptilian daddy Quetzalcoatl shapeshifted into a white man.

Read the articles above to see what I mean…..

That said I came across an ephiphany while watching a show last night, I believe it was 13signsastrology.

I made a series of videos – 2 – basically chronicoling how my experience at Xavier Prep, now St Katherine Drexel, was perhaps meant to be…..

Do Not Send Your Kid To St. Katherine Drexel High School AKA Xavier Prep

In the process I dropped a few gems giving informative insight, even for me, on a few different things…. such as why I throw rocks AT PERVS AND PREDATORS

…..And why I feel it is important to maintain a hostile balance as I call it with crakkkas and at times their demon seed lapdogs (who aren’t as bad cause they are more humble and kinda willing to understand you from a hue-man perspective):

See, whites want to maintain positions of “superiority” which puts them according to their socio economic matrix above everyone else. As I said in the vlogs I will be posting in my next post, I, as a child, cause of my upbringing, had an innate, artificially induced innate desire to appease them at one time.

The harassment at St Katherine Drexel pushed me out of that crakkka loving, crakkka warshipping spell!

See, when I used big words, it was to impress them and prove I am not like the other “niggers.” Same with the affected English accent. It was an appeasement tool.

In the same vein that crakkkas loved that cause it meant in their eyes you wanted to be them, I was simultaneously put down by honkkkies in high school because any sign of intelligence by a black kid meant that you didn’t fit the stereotype of the “party hungry kneegrow” they wanted you to fit so you wouldn’t intimidate them.

For them it is all about dominance and being at the top of the food chain.

Now, for the homeless bit – my mother as explained in the vid here:

Had an experience while living in the Desire Projects of New Orleans which shaped how she saw herself and her value system from that point on.

Which brings me to my point about why I “throw rocks” as a homeless person.

As a black woman who goes shirtless and is perceived as traditionally “unhoused”, there is a tendency to further deprecate and deny your humanity by racist ass mofos who are looking for a “loophole” to implement their racist ass actions, thoughts and beliefs on.

As with here:

Black Girl In Costco With White Family Treated As Modern Day Slave

They seek to assault marginalised, usually people of color as with here…..


This here ??

And here….

This confirmed sexual predator got all sorts of pics and vids of this man on his page…..

To take their racist ass aggressions out on, as that crakkka is doing to an illegal who he know damn well can’t speak English and so thus can’t defend himself….

Here he is getting the poor guy arrested after unjustifiably stalking him…..

That being said, from my experience as outlined here, that is why I maintain a hostile distance with crakkkas and wetbacks. I’ll never forget how when I got raped that time, instead of hearing sympathy and empathy, I had those crakkkas on them bikes make light of my plight.

That is why I totally keep crakkkas and wetbacks the fuck OUT of my space. That is why I am completely militant towards them.

That is why as can be seen here and the tape above at the beginning with the wetback – as I said before – I do not say what I say for them, but it is meant to reach my people, black people. I don’t give a fuck about these other groups. Notice down below with the crakkka and the wetback above I shut him down and didn’t even acknowledge them. I let them know I don’t like them. It is cause I am not here to reach them. I don’t give a fuck about how they feel about me (which is how you wrest control from them by not being an “obedient” kneegrow caught up on seeking their approval and social acceptance in order to manoveur in our society).

Daygo Wop White Supremacist Caught Masturbating Tries To Attack Black Lady

Early this morning I had a slavemaster and his bedwench heaux show up to taunt me (even before I said anything they were taunting me saying, “Fuck you.” How a self respecting black person can be with those things is beyond me.) and they busted brakes when they saw I wasn’t playing…..

That is what makes me dangerous to them because I don’t give a fuck and they know it and there is nothing they can do to stop it!

Lord my people will never learn….. ? Letting a fake smile, or in this case a fake invitation to being accepted by crakkkas have them drop their guard down ??

As I said before rejecting these mofos and shutting them down (by any means necessary) when these crakkkas try to come into our spaces is how we come into our true melanated power as black people ✊???

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