Latin Men Are Fags Hence The Woman Hating Machismo In Their Culture

Latin Men Are Fags Hence The Woman Hating Machismo In Their Culture

After breaking down THIS:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

THIS makes sense….

We got some members of MS 13 having fun, gettin’ dome!

Awww ain’t that qwutee ??❤??

What be going down at EVERY cholo ward in Lynwood jail and Twin Towers in L.A…..


That said after posting this here:

– Cause we all know it’s true, wetbacks been gunning for me ?

I was in my car when I saw the obviously gay cholos who ran over my foot out of jealousy (cause I am a real female and am allowed to live as such) for the 14th time (yeah, I been watching) passing by my car, then zipped out:

I did go looking for em in usual Ray Ray fashioń:


– Mofo sounds bad. I think it’s the egr that’s fucked up!

Then there was ANOTHER a wetback here and a wetback there, paddy whack wetback in a black truck that I woke up to who was parked across from me, I heard the click of a gun – they saw me ‘woke ✊? – and they took off.

Truth hurts, huh! Dat ‘woke will too ✊?

That being said it is the overly TOXIC masculine behavior that is responsible for the exaggerated, TOXIC “masculine” characteristics where they pride – shamefully – themselves on beating on and attacking womben (as demonstrated on me here):

Wetback Male Tries To Put Hands on Black Female Just Now

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

….being overly violent. It is to compensate cause alot of em are in the closet fags who like cock ✏?

I say no lies when I call shit out.

I also see in my cards that as I heal and break away from evil shit, ya boi(friend) – as indicated by my green card here:

Been sending shit my way. I’m a Seer. I can see and hear shit from the spirit realm so I ALWAYS know what’s going on. To the folks in the black truck – I could hear two dudes and a puta going on, with the dude with the glock saying, “Let’s take her phone” and one telling the other to go back and that they will wait to do this some other day.

No you won’t.

Eye ? Sea ??? that this mofo here put ya’ll up to it:

Hippie Crakkka Who Claims He Likes Black Women Fights Me Like I’m A Man

I saw in the astral that HE:

….put ya’ll up to try to kill me.

Imma say this right now, this a sleazy rapist ass low testosterone ass having crakkka bitch! I saw spiritually that he a fucking rapist, that he the type of mofo to get esp. young females alone and push his hand under their skirts than get PISSED when they recoil!

This mofo a rapist and he WILL get put out there and WORSE!

In the astral vision I was chilling with my brother and applied for a job with him and he tried to push his hands under my skirt and when I pushed his ass away and complained like wtf he had the NERVE to get PISSED and tried to hire people to kill me.

This the type of mofo he is! Imma put this shit out on front street and maybe get some folks involved #piru

That’s why him and a coupla old misogynistic ass ENTITLED CRAKKKAS came out to fuck with me and physically beat on me, with that mofo kicking me in the stomach. THAT MOFO A RAPIST! That’s what the fuck he is.

That said, to the cholos…. I don’t care who sent ya, what but ya’ll stay in your fucking lane if you know what’s GOODT!


[Cue witches’s wicked laugh]


– Honest one of the dudes in the truck looked like ole boi in (crypt) blue lol…..

****UPDATE: That explains why they are so latchy and needy and co dependent like this mofo here*****

Stalked By A Child Molestor

– I’m a WOMBAN and I don’t carry on like that.

Prob. cause I got more testosterone:

THEY BITCHES ? That’s why I can’t STAAAND those mofos! They bitch-made! Fucking bitch-made wetback heauxs!

That’s why they be trimming they eyebrows like heauxz…..

– That last caption saying man purses got me dying ??

I remember bitches on lipstickalley were swooning over this nigga….

It all makes sense ??‍♀️

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