The Killing of Dijon Mustard Kizzee and Why Niggaz Need To Stop Running From The Police


– That’s a big ass nigga. I’d shoot him too!

Most of all don’t fucking hit em!

YOU KNOW WHAT PISSES ME THE FUCK OFF! IN ALLLL these circumstances it wasn’t good people or respectable people who got shot but almost always pos thugs who needed to be taken out of this world.

Michael Brown for instance beat up an old black man and robbed a store:

George Floyd in my opinion needs to be given a medal ? ??☄?? for whipping a pregnant wetback and robbing her ass…..


BTW ain’t George Floyd an ugly motherfucker!

He look like the fucking creature from the black lagoon:

The white cop next to him cutee ?⚘❤??‍♂️

Walter Scott…..

Here they are trying to doll this nigga up…..

Yet here this nigga is, running away, like a slave…..

The white cop that killed him is cutee ?⚘❤??‍♂️

Anyways, it’s never an innocent fucking person, minding they own business. Now I think Tamir Rice – though he had a rifle in his hand – was a lil different!

CUTEE lil babieee ??? Poor child!

The cop that came on the scene was a known racist with all sorts of misuse of force complaints…..

– I sense all sorts of bad entity attachments on him in this picture!

– Sound like he had mental health issues and could use a shaman…. or an egg cleansing, too.

They shoulda told him to put down the gun but still why the fuck was he doing it? Cops don’t know it’s fucking fake!

If I were on the force dealing with shit like this I’d probs have a “shoot first ask questions later” rule of engagement!

That said, all these encounters coulda been avoided if folks weren’t doing dumb shit in the first place!

Play stupid games you win dumb fucked up prizes ??

That said, I can’t take all this NWO agenda pushing bullshit of “us against the cops” and racially dividing everything (except in the case of wetbacks aka the demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl cause they need to be called out ?? here). These assholes, like attorney Benjamin Crump who is the racial equivalent of female “feminist” ambulance chaser Glorid Allred ✡???? will come out and cape for the lowest pos’s!

Yeah right!

I mean is he gonna go after El Chapo or the Zetas for what them La Eme wetback motherfuckers did to Jamiel Shaw:

– Why they gotta do him like that ??‍♀️

Rest in peace poor baby! He look just like my brother Kristen.

Fucking wetbuck.

I mean, he could do it….. looka all dem fucking wetbacks that’s on the department:

I see wetbacks…..

You can be damn sure all these illegal anchor baby illegal immigrant ass wetbuck cops are on El Chapo’s payroll…..

– What I told ya’ll about that wetback war-ship of the cult-ure of death


These wetbacks wanna be white so baaaad!

Racist faaaaagsssss

Bet all the mofos in that pic above had to fuck each other in the bootyhole – the trashcan of the human body – to pass the initiation ✊???=?️‍?

Here a bandito member right here:

That’s a straight eme ese! Read those comments ?

This redditor says Long Beach PD got straight East Side Longos on their department:

That said, look – cops are human beings with thoughts and feelings:

– This me circa 1983 when I was a baby and my dad was a young patrolman in New Orleans. That’s me playing with his badge. I used to try to play with his guns but he wouldn’t let me cause he felt I’d start shooting everybody in plain sight and he was right!

That said, I remember the daze (I am getting a nostalgic rush just thinking about) when he’d come home late after working details as security, in his uniform, at Walgreens, knowing he would bring home candy and wait…. till 12 for him to show. Me and my baby brother Bryan (I am getting warm fuzzy feelings from my childhood memories just thinking about it) would jump up and hug him – not even for the candy – we just wanted to see our dad!

You fools gotta take this into account when you look at these shootings. Cops wanna go home. They got families – even the wetbacks – they wanna see their families. They got a right to live. To say that cause of their job they deserve to die is no different than saying sex workers deserve rape and mistreatment because they are in a risky business. You are calling them – both cops and sex workers – subhuman by thinking and saying this and that’s not right.

That being said, take a look at this video:


This is how you carry yourself during an arrest.

You see my hands behind my back – as much as I was drunk ass fuck I didn’t try to harm anybody tho.

I cooperated and I lived!

That said, when cops tell you to put your fucking hands up and obey – DO IT!

They don’t know if you are unarmed the minute you decide to move your fucking hands – they ain’t for the most part tarot card readers (like me) so they can’t divine if you are gonna pull a fucking gat out your shirt or not!

These are examples of when folks shot at or tried to harm em….

– This is why they have 42 cops showing up to one call…..

– It’s way common than you think!

My dad used to tell me in the 90s that cops who made lateral moves to LA would have gangsters follow them to their homes and shoot at em, which continues to this day…..

Think about that! Be fucking considerate.

They risk their lives as part of their job. Yeah they get paid for it (as you do in yours) so don’t make shit hard by doing dumb shit. Mad simple!

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