Egg Cleansing Is THE BEST Thing I Ever Did For Myself Spiritually

You know, a coupla nights ago I heard an entity, it was an ugly lil grey-reptilian hybrid that looked EXACT like this:

– I saw his ugly ass posted last night right by my passenger side rearview mirror…..

…..that WALKED his ugly ass up to my car! I saw via my third eye he was trying to send a deceptively light but evil ass orb my way and then I heard a deep gravely throaty voice – like how reptilians are described as sounding – saying, “Leave her alone!”

He knew it was the end.

I did some egg cleansing yesterday. I never felt better:

I was listening to Stevie Wonder’s “Golden Lady” which interesting the album art shows his projecting a beam from his third eye admist a gold backdrop with pyramids, which harkens to my ancient Kemetian aka “Egyptian” as said in English paralance background…..

The lady he met via his third eye was showing a particular part of the higher astral.

That being said, here is the first cleansing….. I had to do another and I plan on doing more…


– As always, an organic portal has to come beforehand to throw shit off and throw YOUR energy off…..


I wasn’t gonna cap cause she seemed sincere plus – while doing this – you know evil shit will try to block you from removing them so if I were to give in to the anger they were trying to provoke me into inwardly feeling (I was feeling high as a kite already cause as an empath I can feel the effects ahead of time – I am that powerfull!) the way they want, it fucks you up and what you are trying to do up!

So I went ahead and did the first egg cleansing and here is what I got:

– That STRAIGHT look like the demiurge, the aborted fetus which it is…..

The bag where I keep all my sauces and spices in my car just fell…..

This why you gotta be careful of what you let in…..

THAT mofo was causing ALOT of problems in my life, SENDING ALOT of evil shit my way in an effort to shut me down and keep me from doing what I came here to do.

That’s why I say it was always major shit and not the simple shit folks send my way on a daily basis….

According to this site here…..

The shit I had – in terms of the bubbles – they look like tiaras – wasn’t bad but as even that reptilian here disclosed it was some high level spiritual shit (not merely satan) blocking shit – the so called “god” the demiurge:

– You can read more about his uglay ass there ??

I was also shown some signs along the way before getting this done…..

– My jewelry, which needs a cleaning, look STRAIGHT GOLD in the pic…..

I also found this by my car, a pack of smokes called “Native Spirit”:

– Break it down: Native connotes to native culture which has a major shamanistic element to it! Spirit = we all know! Smoke = smoke signals which were signs of distress sent by tribes back in the day!

Here’s more…..

Those numbers in numerology connote to positive change on a material level….

3+7+6+6= 22 which means Master Builder in numerology…..

A powerfull symbol many jews wear in numerology.

That Jewish actor Jon Bernthal wears it…..

He cute as a mofo!

I’d like to fuck him….

Now I’m getting my libido back.

Look, we got peacock symbolism (SERIOUS it just formed that way….)

Peacock means to stand out, stand tall in your beauty like a peacock:

Cleansing myself of all this shit has allowed me to do this…..

The first thing I thought when I saw it was “Raven” which is a black bird (since when was a dove ever black) and then dove and we know dove means peace…..

I peep too that it is right next to candles shaped as coconuts which also can aid in absorbing negative energies, curses, etc.

LOL at all them signs….

This what mugs think when they see my car parked on the PCH!

Reptilian symbolism:

Say don’t this look like the twin towers world trade center, 911?

I had a bad feeling before undergoing the egg cleanse. I think an entity was inducing that…..

While making chicken I saw this in there:

On the top left big chicken that looks like a fucking snake coiling up…. I also see the all seeing eye = another example of the demiurge’s participation ?

I also keep noticing this…..

Lady with afro hair (I got dreads still it is naturally afro textured):

THIS a fucking Egyptian headdress (wonder what the dot mean):



Another sign, I saw Raymond the stalker who I mentioned here (he stalked me 4x’s) wave goodbye…..

I Have Completely Healed

That’s cause the spirits acting thru him know!

I had a feast…..

Had to celebrate! ???????✨?

That said, I can’t get over how spirits can fuck your shit up!

The night before and that very day I kept getting interruptions from energy vampires…..


In it is a mug who looks like a straight goblin that….. don’t look fucking human at all.

With that red light highlighting him and inhuman features (he didn’t even sound human) you see what IT rolls WITH ??

Keep that shit away from me…..

Then this child molesting pedophile looking ass chomo predator (this the mofo that’ll get uppity like he tried to do to me when calling him OUT ??):


Nigga took off too…..

I placed eggs throughtout the car and got some interesting results the next morning – while being fucking gangstalked, BAD!



This from a distance looked like two masked plague doctors aka reptilians talking (about me):

Those were fucking reptilians like Kinninigan said in a video (CIA-tube loooong since removed it) but this vid here breaks it:

They deliberately spread disease to kill humans…..

They were the more bird kind of reptilian that begot they asses…..

I kinda like the imagery here:

NOTE HERE how I set up shop on the more desolate part of the path leading off the mountain.

Thay shit symbolic!

Now here is the egg reveal:

I sense deception – like shit that is around me which is PRETENDING to be with me but they ain’t…. I’ll break it down a lil later….

– One of them weird ass bicyclists, one of the ones I nearly chased down to beat his aas must be possessed cause he just let out a weird sound out of nowhere that sounded demonic.

Buddy stay off those drugs cause that’s how they possess ya to get you to do dumb shit!

This for my car…. All sorts of spirits are in the motherfucker…..

Deputy Walker was right, time to get another fucking car!

But with the ant invasion going on (the cuban shaman said ants signify the removal of bad spirits since they build – PEEP they ain’t touched my food) I guess it’s all good ??


Now here the last reading…..

This card just turned out while clearing out the ants. It means “wish fulfillment.” (something just punched something in my trunk):

– Alright, you can see a knife point embedded in my sacral chakra then going back in to conceal itself. There have been times where I have awoken and heard a different voice come out of me – FULLY CONSCIOUS I SWEAR ?? One night it was deep. Another time my stomach growled but it sounded like something else. In another instance I awoke and heard a dog barking in my ear.

Those are what you call entity attachments which can live on the exterior of your energy body aka your soul or inside of it. The worst is when it is inside of you. Everyone has em! A long removed youtube channel named EyeSpyTV exposed this where motifs, tapestries of entities were shown to live in our bodies and the ones we fed the most grew the biggest and took up the most space on our face where the triad – the crown chakra, pineal gland and third eye reside!

That said, the shit I had in me was hurting me. Thankfully it was removed. I sense it was the deep voice demonic entity I heard “coming from” me that was released cause I sensed it was in the solar plexus or heart chakra, right where that knife piece was in the yolk.

I feel sooo good!

– You can see my aura white here!

I have never felt better!

Even my eyes got light (I even saw them shapeshift today) and yaasss I eat meat ???:

Look very cutee too!

That said, I urge EVERYONE do this! When I did it yesterday – it’s like I got my life back. I long sensed an evil entity that is, like Jamila said, a possessing spirit had attached itself to my body and was causing all those crazy urges – esp. alkie-hole urges, erratic impulses, crazy intrusive thoughts that were hard to ignore, absorbing people’s energies instead of making and manifesting my own etc. If they are internal they will cause you to hear and see things and come off as “crazy.” I had to have that shit removed as a start so that I can at least get working towards having an open life path (based on visions they were planning on killing my ass in three years via a murder if I didn’t do something)!

That schitt was hard to avoid! I did alot of work beforehand using the third eye but – wow – the egg cleanse is a MIRACLE CLEANER AND SAVER spiritually! I can’t get over the difference in how I feel – at one point ALL my energy was on the right side of me, my consciousness (entities can manipulate your chakras) thus keeping a large part of my crown closed thus hindering my ability to astral project which, as based on what I would hear them say in the ether was their intention and when I did – I could manifest – but I found the shit slowly trying to reattach itself hence why Imma do this as a monthly mainteance thing until a permanent solution can be found. I find the more you put up a fight the more they will leave you alone, maybe even permanently!

That said, early this morning…. I had two astral visions….. the 1st was I was in a church/shelter (WE KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS) and I was being told by a priest that since I could heal myself I should heal others who have hurt me (but not the rapists, stabbers etc. just simple shit) then….. the next one was a trip!

I was in a high school and all the kids became infected with an “attack” virus like that film The Crazies and so they started attacking those who aren’t volatile and came for me and a coupla other kids I was with. We then found that we had to ACT aggressive so as not to be detected.

This harkens back to what I said about the demiurge using entities to take over organic portals – like the bicyclist this morning – who are then used to attack you and provoke you for no reason.

I have seen this organic portal hivemind aggression enacted against me, Aarona etc. Coming into my true powers yesterday I realise now that – now that a spirit is no longer interfering with shit – manifest shit and use my energy to control them, ya know, manifest ??‍♀️? That’s why that shit had to go…..

Speaking of shit, some nasty fuck is leaving fucking shit bags on Topanga Canyon Blvd. I almost think it’s fruitbat since the shit bag came from across the street where she parks (I have also seen it along the trajectory where she does biz in the woods away from her truck) and I have seen that bag before and she did have a bag with garbage in it and I have heard them leaving shit ?


WHOEVER IT IS, ESP. IF YOU GOT MEANS – USE A FUCKING PORTA POTTY OR POP A SQUAT (there was a way to do it in the old midwest where the shit didn’t touch your ass and you didn’t need a leaf or toilet paper to do it) then bury it in the ground. That is just fucking nasty!

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