Amanda From Soft White Underbelly Is A Victim of MK Ultra Gangstalking

Amanda From Soft White Underbelly Is A Victim of MK Ultra Gangstalking

You can’t tell me any different….

At 8:54 YOU CAN SEE – and this has happened to me – a wound on her third eye which is a psychic attack:

At 10:43 she speaks on EXACTLY the type of gangstalking I have faced where, to reiterate, dudes who I am not spiritually and physically compatible with seem to develop this obsessive tendency towards me, like they are addicted to my very presence. It is NOT the same as ordinary stalking or have the same reasons. Again, a guy even told me that he did not understand why he was being forced to feel close to me like he would a relative while viewing me, simultaneously, as a sex object and an object of lust!

Via my third eye I saw a reptilian entity influencing them in the astral which I talk about here…..

Reptilian Entities Have Been Attaching To Old Ugly Sexually Predatory Men To Get Sexual Energy Out of Me

Here are more vids of her and her downward spiral regression:

Let’s start from hear

You listen intently and PEEP how she talks about being under mind control and mk ultra and sexual abuse at the hands of her father – an apparent mk ultra handler – starting from age 3.

Now via my third eye, hell via my intuition I sensed that he had her, like Cathy O’ Brien here (you can see by the way she speaks that there is mental damage to her mind as can be seen by the right side of the mouth – the soulful, creative side – drooping as if in pain, like from a seizure that involves mental deterioration combined with physical effects)…..

She was taken very early into an mk ultra mind control government run program to be used as a monarch style sex slave, I sense sleeper cell much like Scott Peterson who was to live a normal middle class life and was to ultimately be used to spy on dissenters ie starseed folks like myself with powerful souls who go against the program, the matrix – ie organize neighborhood gangstalking:

Scott Peterson was framed for the ritual abuse that happened to his pregnant wife while she was out walking in the early 00’s (it was a big case back then) and anybody with half a brain could see it was bullshit. Someone who wants to get rid of their pregnant wife and place it on someone else would just have someone shoot her, take her to several states and do it, not this shit….

*The above pics are projections, depictions of how her body looks…..

You can read more here on his late wife’s autopsy details but that is satanic ritual abuse……

They letting your ass know how they do it with this MOCA gala, smdh:

That’s 80s singer Deborah Harry and pizzagate artist Marina Abramovic which you can read about here (pizzgate):

Pizzagate Part 1: Proof In The Pictures

Pizzagate Illuminati Rape of Children EXPOSED With Proof In Pictures

That’s the type of shit they do in satanic (or shall I say saturnian) rituals like with the Finder’s Cult here which the Washington Post ADMITS was a CIA creation designed to kidnap kids for this shit:

This proof right here the vegan diet is satanic and is designed to oppress a person and shut em down mentally and physically…

Here the crooked ass police dropping that shit despite all the overwhelming evidence…..,amp.html

Anyways….. Amanda was supposed to be a part that shit. I sense that her dad took her out mad young – like age 8 – and I sense over money and rolled out the program at that time.


That said, here is my theory, what I postulate! In the first vid she talks low key about her mk ultra mind control programming, her programmers (the government) and her trigger (the sun).

Her handlers didn’t like that so thus they set out to use VERY advanced technology to shut her down.

She is not the only victim of remote electronic harassment as it is called….

What they are doing to her is sending thoughts on a frequency that can only affect her designed to drive her crazy and make her do self destructive things to herself like take drugs, etc. I don’t doubt given the shit they cook underground at those deep underground military bases like Dulce in New Mexico or Camp Hero (or Montauk Air Force Base) where time travel experiments were conducted on kids:

Now ever since revealing those those truths in her vids, she’s been getting attacked, ROYALLY!

When you hear her closely she talks about a script which I think connotes to divine life contracts which all soulled individuals sign before incarnating in the 3D which are things you agree to go thru, experience in this matrix.

Having the advanced tech which they do – which borders on spiritual due to treaties like the Greada Treaty signed between President Eisenhower and alien greys where humans were exchanged for alien technology:–ufos

Let’s just say that script can be changed! I can easily do that shit with my third eye so it really isn’t shit to do. I believe they changed her shit to encourage her death (I see a young light skinned wetback driving a white beemer wearing a red baseball cap and a mostly red shirt murdering her). They want her to keep her mouth.

As for this script, I know what she is talking about. When us spiritual folks open our chakras we get connected to our “higher selves” in which we play as a role the things our soul agreed to before incarnating here. I have to say tho that I am not sure if it is my “higher self” or just matrix programming. We live in a holographic 3D projection (when I have seen higher dimensional entities they appear as 3D constructs like here):

But dimmer…. it is said we live in a holographic universe:

I don’t doubt it!

I won’t lie! I sometimes feel controlled esp. with the alcohol urges that I feel are brought on via psychic attacks by very powerful spirits AND perhaps implants placed in our bodies as this man discusses here:

With that being said, that’s why they say “all the world’s a stage” cause some of us are just souls in physical 3D bodies (the rest are what you call organic portals).

Now, the other types of gangstalking in which you got these guys attacking her – esp. here at 10:43 where she says she gets the worst of humanity with her tricks – POS’s running her over like she ain’t human etc. – that is what you call spiritual gangstalking…..

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

Shadow Man Hat Man And Yellow Eyed Entity Spotted IN My Car Plus Gangstalking By Other Homeless People

I wanna say a coupla mins ago I heard what sounded like a computerized male voice say, “Take her phone”, repeatedly for a min.

That said I have heard an “entity” that sounds like a computer named TH that manipulates shit around me. I have long since defeated it using my third eye (his ass don’t pop up in my cards anymore) but it runs in tandem with the holographic universe theory and how this shit is really a matrix.

It also makes me think that electronic harassment may not just be a physical 3D thing.

That said, as I say in many of my blogs, there are forces not of our dimension that don’t want us soulled beings waking up other soulled beings to the fucked up realization that we are living in a 3D prison from which other dimensional beings feed off of us. They use organic portals like the assholes simply dismissing Amanda – and folks who see the sense in what she says – as crazy to keep people asleep:

They want us to stay down and not awaken to our true soul potential. That mofo is what folks call “god” the demiurge and the archons aka reptilians, zeta reticuli greys and other negative alien groups are it’s enforcers along with organic portals who act as their hosts:

Organic Portals – Soulless Humans

Read these for primers:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Directly Fighting God The Demiurge: The Top Demon

Imma leave it at this: THE WORST place to place her in is a hospital and on meds. Dr. Ewen Cameron started MK Ultra programs which included the use of psychotropic drugs to alter the mind for mk ultra programming as broken down here:

These articles are GREAT articles to read, ESP. the first regarding this….

Amanda talks about being afraid of hospitals. They won’t help cause they will just reprogram her to do some mk ultra shit. Think about how Kanye was sent to the UCLA medical center instead of the Mount Sinai hospital which was nearby when he supposedly “lost it” ie told truth and then came out a totally different person…..

Britney Spears, the list goes on…..

UCLA was where another famous doctor conducted MK Ultra experiments at named Louis Jolyon West:

She has natural abilities. She could be a shaman but she needs healthier ways to break her programming and more organic, natural drugs and, mostly, shamanic work to truly heal her wounded soul……

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