I Don’t Play….. And More On The Brown Invasion

I Don’t Play….. And More On The Brown Invasion

The face says it all….

– THAT is the epitomie of the nasty face, the perverted nature of the wetback!

Woe, I say no lies….

I don’t play!

The more I learn to protect myself, know my worth – I SEE AND ACKNOWLEDGE the difference in how these wetbacks would treat me as a black woman vs a white woman and I ain’t putting up with shit (I did before I started my healing period) anymore….

This wetback, I recall, when he helped me with my EGR (shoulda got the license plate) groped me. I felt that that was “okay” in the back of my mind cause he helped me. He would bring liquor – like others have to prey on me like here – wouldn’t do much else outside the groping when I would hug.

Even the other night when he came around I pushed his hands away instinctively to let him know that was not right.

He wouldn’t of done that shit to a white woman, even if topless.

I am truly taking back my power. No more fool! No more wishy washy. Imma keep the shit straight and consistent.

Now I have had issues with whites, even blacks but NONE comes close to what the wetback has done to me….

I have to laugh to keep from crying….

That being said – I experienced this at the hands of wetbacks for a reason!

I’m supposed to expose them for the organic robotoid empty soulless vessels for the reptilians that they are.

Read here as a primer:

Why Mexicans and Latinos Are The Children of The Reptilians

There is something innately e-vile about them. They are not human. They are some type of organic meatsuit having robotoids for the reptilians (look up organic portals).

For as long as I live, Imma stay on their ass – exposing them. I will not have anything to do with them even as tricks. Any I had as tricks or anything to do with my personal life – I’m cutting them off, immediately.

I don’t play.

I wanna mention something too: In the spirit realm, for the past coupla days, the spiritual energy had been popping – to a scary fucking degree. I won’t go into detail BUT THE MOST OBVIOUS was something that kept moving around in the gravel, the rocks. I now realise that was a reptilian serpent, possibly even Quetzalcoatl.

That said, I KNEW instinctively that there was something creating an etheric tie between me and the wetbacks that had me feeling this absurd amount of hate bourne out of some familial closeness (kinda analogous to how folks say, “You hate what you love – but this was being artificially engineered). I used my third eye to see the entity. I sent it to hell. Now I feel normal again.

That being said, this is why it is important for blacks to know our spiritual power. Like I was telling Black Bugatti aka Black Bigot last night, many things that occur in the spiritual realm/astral directly affects what happens in the 3D/ Earthrealm! That being said, for eons – mugs have been stealing our spiritual systems and using it for their benefit, from palo mayombe to ancient Egyptian mystery occult school systems.

Looka this documentary on so called “Mexican” (OUR) magick:

How he a “Baba”?

This is a travesty….

Me personally, I am a gnostic (which comes from the bible which comes from the blacks since the real Hebrew Israelites ARE black and was conveyed by Yashuah Ben Pendira aka “jesus” – a black man)! That said, I only work with my Source energy and will create egregores to do what I need done!

That being said, we need to as black people be more selfish with our energies, our spaces, our pussies and our dicks (like I am doing). Don’t let these outsiders use us, take us for granted.

I remember a while back, while on a rescue mission to protect my lil baby brother, I saw some wetbacks who were trying to put spells on me. Later I saw em in real life and they said, “We like to be around you cause of your energy.”

That’s why I – and I suggest other blacks – don’t be civil or accepting of them (or really anyone) on a personal level outside of ourselves. These mofos get close to us to take then they dump us, reject us and treat us like shit – out of envy and it is time we stop playing folks’ punching bags and tools to use as stepping stones who flee and abandon us once they got what they need, like I once did.

Be selfish with your energy, your space.

I am sensing more black people are becoming that way as we – well, not me really – tap into ancestral magic and, in my case, ancestral dna activation. I am of an Egyptian bloodline:

That’s why I can fuck people up, spiritually, and I enjoy it:

TOPLESS IN LA EXCLUSIVE: I Killed A Man’s Ma Cause He Refused To Give Me A Jump

The Museum of Da ‘Woke

Them wetbacks know it. I’ve killed a coupla them – and their relatives – using black magic after they did me wrong. They know.

That being said, tapping into the black collective consciousness, I sense black folks ain’t putting up with shit anymore. We are being – and rightfully so now – protective of our collective energy, keeping mofos OUT! We aren’t doing that pandering “people of color” bullshit (cause when it comes down to it – like you see with the wetbacks – they are WORSE than white people EVER WERE AND EVER WILL BE)! I believe in part that Black Lives Matter was created to keep that full energy at bay, keep our collective spiritual energy from bursting (which is already at the seems), from hitting them full on with righteous revenge:

They know we ain’t being held at bay by the Crakkka Christ shit anymore, and that scares them….

That being said, I want ya’ll to take a look at this video created by Grindall61 (an Italian man) on youtube. Here is his channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/grindall61

He has a GREAT youtube channel in which he exposes illegal immigration, the degeneration of America by the brown invasion – esp. in Southern California – and the utterly demonic, reptilian hiveminded way of thinking of the wetback.

Here is such a video:


Here is the original video:

Here they are, about to race on the narrow roads of the PCH:


WHY are they over here? That was basically a chant of “I hate America.” If you love messy-co or messy-canT Aztlan Land – the land of babies’ faces being stitched on soccer balls and gruesome, unheard of, inhuman violence and sadism – GO BACK ????? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!

Lipstickalley was talking about this of how they booed the American soccer team Galaxy:

Even another wetback had to call em out, lol!


Fucking anti-white, liberal ass Youtube who clearly got an agenda (I am not a conservative or liberal) won’t show this….

There is something called “reconquista” that these wetbacks are trying to pull, claiming they are the original inhabitants of this land when in fact, it is BLACKS who are – both messy-co and Latin America, really the world:


This guy here is from the Afrikan country of Madagascar, but looka his facial features….

This is OUR country! You wetbacks don’t belong here! Take your ass back to hell with Quetzalcoatl where you all belong.

Anyways, they are using this brown invasion – by birthing 2000k million litres of baby wetbacks per minute to call themselves “invading” us! I swear their obsession with having babies, reproducing, drinking and just other low vibratory behaviours remind me of this billboard here from They Live:

I swear their cult-ure (of death and decay) is VERY much instituted on a reptilian type mind I swear:

This their true form, those reptilian things….

That being said, these articles here:



And here (by the Great Dr. Phil Valentine) explain it….

That shit is being spear headed by wetback demon seeds like XAVIER (in my English voice) Becerra and other politrickians who seek to spear head this agenda. Here are my responses to his emails:

Fuck outta here, WETBACK! I rides with Trump ✊? #Trump2020

Here is how a “reconquista” would look if these demon seeds of Quetzalcoatl STOLE IT:


I am gonna end this by saying that President Trump – and white folks – are too nice. If I had it my way I would round all the wetbacks, latins (non caribbeans) into concentration camps and, with hands tied – men, women, and children – do what the Argentinan government did in the 60s and 70s to the desaparecidos and drop them into the pacific ocean, ALIVE!

In the meantime, sign this petition:


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