Mark Wahlberg’s Hate Crime And Success Proves Karma Is BS


Here is the article:

Here is another article listing a rundown of ALLLL his victims, including a lil black girl:

And here is ANOTHER article where racist ass “DailyMailUK” is saying that “the only victim who matters” is the Vietnamese victim (poor thang got blinded by “Marky Mark”) AND NOT HIS NUMEROUS BLACK VICTIMS (incidentally he is the only one who has forgiven “Marky Wahlberg” – a Jew – for his crimes [wonder how much the illuminati paid/threatened him to “forgive him” since he didn’t before] as if the Daily Mail is pushing that “tired old biblical crap” of “love and forgive your enemy” which has enabled the WHITE PREDATORY RACE to continue on with their antics of destroying other races which – with regards to the “biblical love your enemy” IS A LIE ANYWAYS and I will explain later in this article):


Now, let me warn you and this case is VERY, POWERFULLY TRIGGERING esp. for me being a rape victim and all so let’s persevere if you can…

That said – without going into depth on his crime – P.O.S. “JOE SON” – Austin Powers “actor” – did some very heinous things to a rape victim, a woman, which you can sadly read about HERE:

I won’t even go into detail…


That said, I mentioned that P.O.S – JOE SON – because at one point – due to statutory limits on the prosecution of RAPE – despite being brought to jail to face charges for that crime, at one point, he walked free…

That said, where is the karma – justice when a “forner” RACIST BULLY – “Marky Mark” Wahlberg – can BLIND A MAN AND GO ON TO LIVE A LIFE OF WEALTH AND RICHES while said man is living in relative poverty and his attacker has NEVER EVEN SERVED A DAY IN JAIL FOR HIS CRIMES…

Where IS THE JUSTICE when this fat azz Gook named, “Joe Son” – I PRAY he get the full blown prison treatment that he meted out to the child molestor – gets to star in “Austin Powers” and live a life of luxury and gets released from doing time for his heinous crime at one point all because of a human made “technicality” (I guess someone did black magick cause KARMA finally caught up to his azz and now he serving life. Some people feel comfortable in prison; now a fire gotta be lit under dat azz.).

That’s why I say the only and best recourse for justice is black magick. (I do black magick here for great rates which you will learn are NECESSARY later on in the article here:


You wanna know who GOD IS, YOU IDIOTS!?

Check out “The Demiurge”:

There is A REASON they say biblically “Satan is the ruler of This World cause The Demiurge has all the qualities and more since The Demiurge is the Old Testament God and more – THE REAL GOD OF THIS WORLD, THE REAL GOD OF THE BIBLE, THE KORAN – THE ONE WHO RUNS IT – THE SAME OME WHO DECREES SACRIFICES – hence why Christians stay getting psychic attacks all the time:

While the so called “jews” stay getting blessed cause they know how to worship it properly with Kapparot:

This is an EVIL AZZ GOD; you gotta make sacrifices to appease it or curry favor with it, which is what The Elite, the Illuminati know, which is what Marina Abramovic is PROPERLY doing with her “spirit cooking”:

And here…

And please do not invoke: “Well, we are not evil (lol) because our God sacrificed his own Son so we won’t have to (lol)!”

Okay, dummy, first off “what loving, all powerful god would require the sacrifice of it’s own son so you don’t have to so you can get salvation?” Go ahead… I’ll wait…

Think about it: they tell you to FEAR this mofo who supposedly “loves you” which sounds alot like what domestic violence batterers tell their victims which you can see here:

Note the title, “fear and love”…

Here is the thing, the false belief that Jesus – who was really just a prophet – was the Son (son=sun) of “The Demiurge” was devised based on a total bastardization of the ancient Gnostic texts at the Council of Nicea by Eastern Roman Emperor, Constantinople, for his own selfish and political interests (I won’t go into too much details but you can read about it on the internet) when in actuality…

Let me tell you who The True Christ was…

But before then let me breakdown who “The Demiurge” is…

See, there were worlds before this one… that were perfect. They were created by a divine, female source: The Prime Creator.

One “day”, she created an ugly, imperfect being, which had the head of a lion and the body of a serpent:

Why do you think they always depict “god” with the head of a lion as they are so doing here?

This is the “god” of this world…

She casted him out of their universes of light and into this YONI-verse of polarities: light and dark, black and white, evil and good.

This “god” never created this YONIVERSE: It was placed here cause it was imperfect and was so thus meant and designed to overlook a YONIverse of IMPERFECTIONS!

From what I understand, it created us as well, hence our imperfections and so thus “flaws” not too estranged from The Demiurge’s just like it’s thirst for the vices of “ritual human sacrifice” and constant DEMAND FOR WORSHIP=ENERGY!

Yes it is an energy vampire and just like as shown in the Matrix created us to draw out all our energy to feed it.

This is why “The Demiurge” made us to suck the life out of us as was done to humans in “The Matrix.”

Now, powerful, good beings like Archangels do not need your energy to worship it = feed it cause it has it’s own energy and can thus make things happen on its own without using YOUR ENERGY TO DO SO…

However, from my experience being well versed in the occult; DEMONIC beings, what Islam calls “the djinn” (both demons and djinn can be either good or bad and they are known as “tricksters” in so many cultures) often REQUIRE A LOT OF ENERGY IN THE FORM OF WORSHIP, ALTARS, ETC. so it can perform favors ON YOUR BEHALF… much like energy pimps who use YOUR ENERGY to make things happen for you much like I experienced in voodoo, santeria, TRUE (theistic) Satanism, etc. Only LOW LEVEL, LOW VIBRATORY BEINGS OPERATE LIKE THAT!

THIS is what Jesus tried to get you all away from which is why he burned temples, etc. He taught hermeticism which is “to know thyself” and to get away from djinn worship – and therefore the giving up of ALL YOUR POWER – BY TEACHING YOU TO LOOK WITHIN AND “FIND YOURSELF” BY OPENING UP THE PORTALS KNOWN AS “CHAKRAS” IN YOUR BODY CAUSE AS HE SAID… “The real power lies within; the Kingdom of God IS WITHIN YOU!” The ability to get out from up under The Demiurge and to no longer be dependent on it but to rely upon YOUR OWN POWER so that you can lose the Ego The Demiurge uses to anchor you to this world and so thus reunite with “The One”: The Prime Creator!

Now you see why they say “The World is for the Wicked”, huh?

The entity that governs it is a god, a djinn, that requires human sacrifices to stay afloat, YOUR ENERGY to stay alive and basically – like all djinn and demons – are energy vampires that require YOUR ENERGY via human sacrifices to stay afloat. This is the Christian god, the god of the old testament (THE NEW TESTAMENT IS BS!!) that tells you to fear it which means to stunt your growth. Wonder why Christians say it is bad to do tarot cards and other spiritual acts that if you know what you are doing it can spiritually enliven and enlighten you? Cause it wants to keep you enslaved so it can keep you dependent on it to perform “miracles” WHILE USING YOURSELF to make it happen when you can simply just do it yourself!

Now you know why The Christian God is really Satan itself!

You will not get justice in this world but I offer it which you can read more about here:

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