Just Because A Woman Is Topless Does Not Give A Man The Right To Sexually Harass Her

…or any other woman for that matter. That said, the pic up above (and video down below) are what I am referring to: [videe_widget width=640 height=480 autosize=false autoplay=false loop=false volume=100 thumbnail=http://video1source1.videe.tv/pcovers/112614881.jpg mute=false async=true background=true videoId=112573] A couple of weeks ago I got sexually harassed by that driver you see in the featured pic up above […]

Attacked by Black Male Workers At The New Millennium Beauty and Barbershop 5320 Wilshire Blvd

When I kept hinting at a “vandalism case”, here is what is going on:   Back in October, as you can see in the documents above, I was harassed by workers at the New Millennium Beauty and Barbershop on  5320 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036 phone number 323-937-0568 for being topless in public and minding my […]

Night of the Crakkkas

This is some funny shit! The second video took place outside the 99 cent store on Fairfax Ave. by Wilshire Blvd. 6121 Wilshire Boulevard Los Angeles, CA (323) 939-9991 Basically, this crakkka beast in the second video called me and my best friend “girls” and what you see in the tape is what ensued, lol!

Kris Benveniste Calls Me The N Word After Calling Him Out On Possibly Sexually Harassing A Woman

This nigga thinks he is GOD’S GIFT TO WOMEN: This ugly bitch look like he can pose as “twinses” with this ugly mofo right here, Randall Flagg from that Stepphen King film, “The Stand”: See, they’re TWINSES! This crakkka KIKE crypto beast came to my attention when I noticed him staring lecherously at ALL – […]

Black Nigga on La Brea Blvd Attacks Me For Giving Homeless Hispanic Man Money

I just want to start off by saying THIS IS WHY PEOPLE HATER NIGGERS: Who the fuck are you or anybody else for that matter to determine my identity for me? Tell me who the fuck I am? It is that very black hivemind way of thinking that nearly destroyed me in high school, that […]

When Female Toplessness Collides with Rape Culture

A while back, a couple of weeks ago, I was sexually harassed by “Luke” here which you can see in the pictures and video below:   – Of Vortex Industries (3198 Airport Loop Drive # M, Costa Mesa, CA 92626, Phone: (714) 434-8000, www.vortexdoors.com) Basically, what happened was, while I was sitting down, topless, and minding my own business, […]

Sexually Harassed By Two Spic-And-Spans While Driving Topless

The other day, you see these two wetback ass mofos here:   Anyways, basically on a serious note I deliver my monologue about rape culture and why men fear and are intimidated by the breasts: the very things that nourished them when they were young!

Sexually Harassed by Ignorant NIGGA With the Los Angeles Public Works Department

This ignorant NIGGER who you are about to see here:       Well, I won’t go into further comments but you can see this dumb brained, money ass NIGGER would have said something even if I were wearing a long fucking tunic or burqa down to my fucking ankles, but this is not only […]

My Take on Street Harassment Being Topless and Female In Public

Alright, here’s my motherfucking take on this shit…   Alright, here is the problem with cat calling…when I was doing my “topless protest“, they had a NEGROID who dared, attempted to tell me that he doesn’t like my underarm hair but the rest is okay. I told that black bitch, “I WOULDN’T FUCK YOUR BLACK […]

Possible Rapist LAPD Cop Richey Sexually Harasses Topless Woman in Hollywood, CA

Here is the image of Officer Richey, possible SEXUAL PREDATOR, leering down at my breasts while stopping me, saying it is “offensive” what I did but he is not being offensive for STARING AT MY BREASTS, which is what you can see in the picture down below:  All these bitches ought to be LOCKED UP […]