Lady Straddles Guy With Breasts AFTER HE SEXUALLY HARASSES HER



Here the full article:

That said, there’s ALWAYS gotta be a “pick me” bitch in there, somewhere, just as talked about here:

Last time that ole bitch had sex was when King Tut was alive!!!

Somebody shoulda slapped that ole bitch with a dick (Bet she was an UGLY BITCH with a cave for a pussy who ain’t seen a dick in MILLENIA – cause her husband don’t want her crone dried up ass)!!!

This is what a “pick me bitch” is – read the thread:

That said, reminds me of what I DID RIGHT HERE:

We are truly in the Age of Aquarius! The Age of the WOMBAN, as I expounded upon here:

That said, it’s about TIME women (well, mostly most of us living in sick, western code word=”white” society) recognize that all these arbitrary sexual mores against women going TOPLESS, women being called SLUTS while men are called STUDS for similar promiscuous behavior – all that comes back to white men trying to exert control over their women out of jealousy and fear – fear of them losing their women to darker competition (hence why they stay shooting UNARMED black men in the streets) and unfortunately the crakkkaroach “male” pathology to HATE/ENVY his female has spread to other cultures.

It’s like why this mofo across the street runs now when seeing me topless after I ran him up the street cause of his bad aura. OF NOTE: I BEEN noticing for the past couple of days I think even when I gave him my number every time I see him he runs around the corner like he calling the police…

Here he is – dude in yellow – (First you see him…)

Buy vid here [purchase_link id=”29767″ text=”Purchase” style=”button” color=”blue”]

NOW, YOU DON’T!!! Lol!

Nigga actually pulled up right behind me!

He first came around to get my number AND birthdate and then I saw the cops driving by all weird, like something is up like with the artist loft thing (very fucking weird he asked me for that).

Then he came around the second time asking for that info (I guess my ancestors purged that shit from the phone):

Anyways, that shit’s a lil different.
Here another pick me bitch who’s like the other one on top I just picked up on NOW!!! In case you forgot what a “pickme bitch” is, hurrr a reminder!

Now, check this out!!! This a trip! While she moralizing on all them women who got raped by Harvey Weinstein, here her fat huge CAVE PUSSY (I mean that in BOTH LITERAL AND RACIAL SENSE) sitting with a fucking beer out in the open, setting a good example for her daughters (I play fire with fire with hypocrites…)

Bitch look like one of them old azz bitchez trying to be like young azz bitch… OLD party hoe, hoe!

Her name “Freedom Dote” indicating one of thise hick, hill billy backwards redneck type mugs…


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