LAPD Dispatcher INSULTS Me While I File A Report

Lol, this nigga look like he type…

Bet it’s him…

I remember this. This was sickening…

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– I will say this: I get the sense this guy is a perverted child molestor type who – no matter how much they may try to deny it which most cops out here do, including Deputy Thieme here:
– know me AND has an unhealthy, distorted warped preoccupation with my topless activism which is simultaneous LUST AND DISGUST as can be heard from his tone: the signs of a sexual predator, a THIEME (YES, PUN AND INCORRECT SPELLING INTENDED) prevails PERVASIVELY IN LAW ENFORCEMENT!!

– I alao don’t know if he were joking on this part, but he said that his work ID # was 444 which is actually my LifePath number and is a significant number in numerology:

…Hence why Jay-Z used it (You know, it’s funny, I had recurring dreams as a small child – about 10, 9 – in which I was backstage AS A CHILD with a bunch of other smaller and as small as myself at the time kids waiting to get raped by Jay-Z and his crew and this is BEFORE he came out! This also reminds me how at 5 “Elmo” at the UNO Amphitheatre during a “Seaseme Street Live” show jumped out during intermission and SIPPED FROM MY STRAW AND I KID YOU NOT – LOOKED AT ME WITH LUSTFUL EYES!!! Man, this world’s got perverts running around!)

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