Please Beware of False Copyright Claims Made By Watan Music Group To Steal Your Content

These mofos are a “network” so I think they doing that shit to force powerful youtubers to work with them! This is some weird ass shit… I did a video on it:     I even vlogged about it… There’s been alot of discrepancies arising up ever since I posted this video in which you can read the article here:   Anyways, the latest in “attacks” – both psychic and spiritual – was this bizarre claim made by this company I have NEVER heard of in my life called “Watan Music Group.” Here is the email below: These people

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The Illuminati DOES NOT Worship Lucifer Satan They Worship Moloch

I need you IDIOTS who buy into that shit to look here at some of the wikileaks emails associated with some of your big POLITRICKIANS involved in the child sacrifice/ child rape “#pizzagate” ATROCITY: HERE IS ONE MENTION OF SACRIFICING A CHILD TO MOLOCH(“chicken” as used here is euphemism for CHILD as is used amongst pedophiles which you can read HERE: Here is one by John Podesta in which he discusses “demolishing” his grandchildren upon returning from a trip, which the illuminati uses to basically destroy the will of their kin through Monarch mind control torture: so they can

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LOL!!! THESE MOFOS STAY ON SUM BS!!! LOL!!! Here’s me talking shit about the stock’s inflated price: And looka this one here (this the stock that started it all for me): Now I see they done changed it: You can see the stock here: Here’s the video in which I erroneously praised the BHL stock, not knowing any better: This all started cause I was looking for a stock that paid triple digit dividends (when I saw that wasn’t happening – not even with the “aristocratic” stocks that charge ya $125 fucking dollars per share yet pay your azz

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The L.A. Times Created LAPD To Suppress Left Wing Activist Groups

Watch here (I am NOT surprised): Basically, as can be seen in these screenshots below: LAPD was started to suppress labor unions, etc. and any other leftist mostly progressive movement under the guidance of original L.A. Times publisher, Harry Chandler: Much like the illuminati, I believe they even D STAGED AKA FAKED THIS 1910 BOMBING JUST SO THEY CAN GO AFTER LABOR UNIONS (you can read more about it HERE): This reminds me of another “terroristic attack” orchestrated by the very same people – the U.S. government – who claimed they were “victims” so they can push the NWO

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The TRUE Meaning of Real Femininity

Fuck that old outdated, misogynist definition of femininity. In this video below, I explain what TRUE FEMININITY IS which means connection to the Divine Source, the Divine Source Creator who is female and the Spirit Realm, hence why we as WOMBAN are known for our “intuitive powers”:

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Jericho 2006 TV Series Reveals U.S. Government Staged Terrorist Attacks To Bring Armageddon

When I attended a sex workers’ rights conference in 2006, a sex worker/ speaker that George W. Bush (The U.S. President at the time) and the U.S. government were planning to bring Armageddon to the planet… And she was right as revealed by this 2006 tv series (that went defunct ostensibly due to “poor ratings”) “Jericho”: Nevermind the fact it starred hot Skeet Ulrich: Let’s look at another picture: Alright, let’s talk about the tv series: Basically it takes place in a post apocalyptic America in which the U.S. government itself as later found out took it upon itself

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The Video Youtube BANNED: Tarot Card Reading Showing Seth Rich IS NOT DEAD

A while back Youtube (prudetube in this case) banned this video down below for showing “nudity”… Yet they got this on their channel network: Hell, in the past I’ve shown my breasts (which are not sexual to me – fuck I get no feelings out of em) on Youtube plenty of times along with plenty of others… Personally I think it’s a problem with THE TRUTH, NOT WITH BOOBS (THAT OLE SILLY SHIT)! Anyways, here is why… Look at his family: WHO DA FUCK GONNA LAUGH WHEN THEY CHILD IS DEAD??? Them bitches are laughing CAUSE THEY CHILD AIN’T DEAD

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CHECK THIS OUT!!! WITH REGARDS TO THE “ARTIST LOFT” CASE, NOTE THEY SAY I WAS “CONVICTED” YET ON THE SAME PIECE OF PAPER SAY “CHARGES DISMISSED PURSUANT TO 1385PC”: READ IT AND SEE IT X100: MEANING THEY KNOW THEY DID SOME FOOOUL SHIIT!!!! These mofos are REALLY out to get me. Anyways, I explain here (it is hard for me to recount her cause it is just too painful…): Fuck it, I’m gonna do it anyways. ANYWAYS, if you are wondering about my absence for about a week (close to two since I was released from jail last week), I

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LAPD Steals Homeless People’s Stuff By Destroying Homeless Encampment

I didn’t have time to listen to that bitch’s BULLSHIT… She claimed they gave those people a 72 hour notice but if you watch the vid below the guy say they DIDN’T! I warn some other folks beforehand about LAPD coming to get them. I think it might be that Santilini bitch, I forgot her last name, who fucked with me back in 2013 and threatened to TAKE ME TO JAIL FOR DEFENDING (I SWEAR these cops are straight PREDATOR ENABLERS) MYSELF FROM A NIGGA WHO WAS SEXUALLY HARASSING ME… Anyways, this is just further indicative of the War Against

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LAPD Has CPS Steal Black Woman’s Kids From Her Because She’s Homeless

This is a fucking shame and it is cold hearted evil…   Imagine you give birth AFTER NINE FUCKING MONTHS and go through all that excruciating pain just to have someone STEAL YOUR KIDS FOR BEING HOMELESS!!! They don’t provide social programs (the ones they have are BULLSHIT and nothing more than profit revenue generating centres) to REALLY help the homeless (other countries – even “poor” ones like Cuba – make sure their people have the basic necessities like food and housing, etc.) yet they pull SHIT LIKE THIS (I almost feel it was by design) so I guess if

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