Never Take Medication For Spiritual Issues

Never Take Medication For Spiritual Issues

You can hear an evil entity speaking through here…..

All the medication did was block my spiritual defences to address a spiritual issue…..

Never again…..

That said I could feel a thick heavy energy take over my body that did not get rid of the astral parasites but instead blocked my intuition by suppressing the nervous system – the spiritual one, my connection to Source and being able to contact spirit guides, ancestors etc. by blocking my connection to the crown chakra. It causes you not to feel your energy so you can navigate your way to eliminating the energetic source of your problem aka entity attachments aka astral parasites aka archons. It also seemed to open me up more to psychic attacks.

Never ever take medication.

When you lose your access to your spiritual defense mechanism to address a spiritual issue, it is how you end up seeing folks on meds on the streets, “talking to themselves” etc.

That said what I am battling are astral parasites or in other words archons placed in my subconscious mind (initially they claimed they were “by” my pineal gland) by Barbara Reina and David Reina:

I think this might be him, David Reina:

That said what the Reinas do is put very narcissistic astral parasites in either your subconscious mind or near the pineal gland who then proceed to threaten you to do what they want or else they will destroy you using your own subconscious mind against you, which is the most humiliating thing you can endure: to have your own energy being used against you by inferior parasites who, as they say, “Need to feed” off of you.

That said I have used everything to try to get rid of them: reiki, visualization and imagination combined with thought, feeling, telekinesis but it is so hard trying to get them out. I think that due to a Soul loss on the right side of my body – combined with repeated trauma deriving from past lives – I have a hole there that makes me vulnerable to psychic attacks and allows such things to come in.

I’ve even used sheer willpower, telling my own mind that I am stronger then their commands and the acts they do against me, using my mind to tell them to leave as well as try and control them and nothing works.

I feel helpless in my own mind and most of the uneducated on this subject will be quick to dismiss it as “schizophrenia” and me as “crazy.”

I am not.

I am hyperintuitive and hyper aware:

I Think That I Died In My Sleep

I Think David Reina Sent Me To Another Timeline Or To The Intranquil Spirit Realm

I could literally feel the timeline change I talked about up above where I got removed from my original timeline (at one point that night I woke up in a timeloop) as mentioned up above.

Here is a timeloop David Reina had me in about a year ago (I now realize it was him aka “gooru”):

Demon Alters Timeline And Navy Shows Me The Matrix In Astral Vision

That said I removed the heavy energy of the medication – and it was heavy – and I could feel the astral pipes placed by said astral parasites pumping entity attachments in me in an attempt to make me docile and submit to them, bullying me into doing what they want and not exposing them.

They got the same bully mentality as David and Barbara Reina given that they are extensions of their subconscious:

Showing images in my head (they commandered my third eye) of them torturing my parents, my family, showing images of my passed on autistic baby brother being eaten by roaches, saying, “We need to feed.”

They got some barrier entity attachment in my subconscious that allows them to go intranquil so they could be hidden though one – a pedophile who enslaved my baby brother when he first died named Theriel along with another called Gooru 5 – says they are deep in it.

The parasites that attack the worst is one named “Baron Samedi the roach attachment” and another called “Barbara the Roach Queen” (Barbara got an obsession with roaches)…..

That said when you are dealing with shit like this meds – which are meant to suppress symptoms – don’t do shit here.

It’s an entity attachment problem, an astral parasite problem, an archon problem…..

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