Do Not Think That I Am Going Shirtless For Your Sexual Desires Or Else I’ll Make You Regret It

Do Not Think That I Am Going Shirtless For Your Sexual Desires Or Else I’ll Make You Regret It

I heard a gangstalker – not these two simpletons….

Say, “Why she gotta have her breasts out?” like that has anything to do with you!

Just mind your fucking business and keep it fucking moving!

– You can hear the cat – a female – in the video all throughout agreeing with me!

She know I’m right 👍🏻

It’s sick that we live in a world that should not be where men are allowed to control what women wear cause they don’t wanna control themselves!


When I first came around here I had to start fighting mofos cause misogynistic idiots were like, “How dare she walk that?” as if the whole point of my existence and showing my body ON MY TERMS revolves around and has to revolve around them!

As if you can’t do what the fuck with your own body cause them egotistical mofos feel entitled to your own fucking body!



It’s why women and girls can’t just feel free to wake up in the morning and wear whatever cause they feel and know men and boys are going to feel entitled to use what we choose to wear as a excuse to sexually harass and worse….

Mofos like this are responsible for the rape mentality and for rape culture…..

Attempted Rapist’s Bear Mace Has FUCKED UP My Period And Wetback Ass Department of Water And Power Employee Says I Deserve To Get Raped

And women and girls, we gotta stop being complicit in our own oppression!

Stop being pick me 🙋🏼‍♀️ bitches and acting like shit that happens to “slutty women”, “trashy women” and homeless women can’t happen to you cause you got a certain job and social status cause after all nuns get raped too…..

That shit ain’t got nothing to do with what you wear, it’s about nasty ass men and boys feeling entitled to our bodies, we who are their mothers who birthed them (and don’t have to).

We don’t have to bring them into this world.

That said we gotta be more fucking militant in making it clear to these mofos that they can’t just treat us – we who are their mothers, daughters, sisters – like pieces of meat.

See this here:

He backed the fuck out when he saw me pick up the big ole weight and saw that I could – and would – go toe to toe when he saw that I could fight back!

Males have a predatory, conquering mindset and so as I long discovered before you have to come at them with an equal masculine energy. Don’t try to make them understand shit cause they won’t. Rape and sexual harassment is about subjugation, domination and you have to come at them with a conquering spirit energetically as well which is all that they will respect.

That’s why I don’t deal with them. I stay to myself. My life is happier and drama free cause I do not have a man – or anybody – in my life.

I got the gangstalkers but that’s another story – and issue.

My life would be much worse off if I had a man around, draining me energetically, always wanting sex, trying to keep me in line with the patriarchy!

That’s why I cut men out of my life. I don’t need their bullshit!

That’s why I get violent when they approach me: through spiritual eyes Eye see 👁👁👁🕛 and I do not want nan of what they are offering me.

White Hispanic Sent By Yahweh Attacks Me

I can’t stand them motherfuckers!

All they can do as my mama used to say is offer a dick and a smile, like gtfo and sexual harassment!

Respect starts with not letting mofos impose on you and your bodily autonomy.

Stop letting mofos intimidate you into giving your number and even a fake number cause ask yourself this….. would they be as equally respectful if you were not their type? They’d tell you, “No”, “Beat it.”

They intimidate us cause they know on average we are smaller and not as strong so they impose themselves on us cause it is a bullying thing.

Start learning to stand your grounds and say, “No.”

Fuck understand or overstanding where they coming from.

They offended you, tried to conquer you, showed you no respect: tell them to fuck off!

They get off on knowing that we will cow toe to them out of fear of their physical strenght!

That’s why I never back down and keep talking my peace no matter how many fights I lost to em:

Black Ass Nigger Rapist Named Tony Punched Me For Not Accepting His Sexual Advances

Mexican Attacks Black Woman

You can see it here harassing me:

They are big on sexually harassing black women. I hate them fuckers.

They are banking on that to weaken you so they can seize you.

Only a coward feels the “need” to dominate another to feel strong!

That’s coward punk shit!

Imagine if we lived in a world where gay men had rights and would sexually harass them? Grab them on the booty without permission and get violent – as what happened to me one time – when you fight back and hit them for touching you?

That’s why I’m glad that gay rights is becoming more accepted because as being a gay male becomes more mainstream, they will start to come more and more out the closet and do to straight males as they been doing to us, which is fair and what I call “karma.”

Look at what they do to innocent transwomen for merely deceiving, knowing the violent reaction they will give regardless:

So why we tolerate them when we don’t want them?

We gotta start standing up to men aka our fathers, brothers, sons who we created and brought into the world and stop accepting the degradations our creations wrought on us!

It’s shame that we live in a world where our very creation predates on us…..

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