Gangstalkers Are Usually A Reflection Of Our Unhealed Trauma

Gangstalkers Are Usually A Reflection Of Our Unhealed Trauma

I learned that by observing them from the other day…..

I even saw one white guy park directly across the street and leave – PISSED so I asked my third eye why was he pissed and it showed me the word, “loosh”…..

Loosh is a term for a form of negative energy much lusted after by energy vampires such as reptilians, archons etc. who seek to induce negative emotions in you so they can feed…..

I find that – as one heals and your energy body becomes stronger – these energy vampires can’t attack you and thus won’t wanna follow you thus that is why us with Souls must truly heal to get rid of the energy parasites in our lives, such as gangstalkers…..

I notice they been getting desperate like this one I fought in the past here…..

I Got Into A Fight With A White Dude Who Is In The Entertainment Industry

These bitches here did that shit deliberately as can be heard in the convo with that fruit lady signifying they know her…..

As I heal I am learning to use my third eye to see their true intent – key is do the opposite of what your foe wants πŸ”‘

That said, since they wanted loosh – both these two here – I gave them ‘woke and 6000 hz frequency……

– Esp. for them damn wetbacks!

They were hoping for a song and a dance and me to physically walk across the street but instead I sent my reptilian representatives to break down their vehicles and cause misery in their lives πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ¦–

Asshole In Blue SUV Who Tried To Run Over Me Gets His SUV Fucked Up

That’s why it’s important to open up your third eye so you can have a real tactical advantage over your enemy.

That’s why Yaldabaoth via the church and mosque doesn’t want you opening your third eye to the horrors of who he is as manifested via the many institutions he created:

The Real Reason Why The Patriarchy Exists

That’s why they teach ya ignorance is bliss!

It’s to keep you from awakening 🌞 to your power within!

I will give an example:

In the past when I used to be a sex worker my sacral chakra area was. leaking. Had DROVES of energies being leaked from me everyday.

I couldn’t go out without getting sexually harassed.

As I spiritually grew I realized that there were entities in that area causing those leaks plus to a degree – but not as much – unhealed sexual traumas.

I experienced a leakage one day and had men staring at me. I healed it by removing said entity attachments and, what do ya know, the staring stopped!

I peep these wetbacks here came to score that nonexistent leakage…..

CA license plate number 8YY324.

Hope they enjoyed that car wreck going away present I gave to their sexual energy vampire wetback asses as I see a car being pushed into an auto repair shop by a coupla people πŸš™πŸ’£πŸš›πŸš™πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ’€βš°πŸͺ¦πŸ§™πŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸͺ„πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

Yeah, I’m an evil mofo and I don’t play!

Esp. with wetbacks!

That said, here another sexual energy vampire as seen through my third eye:

Here more gangstalkers…..

I only went across the street cause I thought that was the Russian dude who drove a dark Prius who sexually assaulted me about a week ago…..

– Thought this were the wetback bitches from a day ago because of the suv design but turns out it was Joey from Full House getting cracked out on meth!

Note how this forest ranger keeps looking dead at me……

And their license plates too…..

That said, gangstalkers – who are mostly organic portals – are reflections of what’s going on within you I find.

High school – and G aka illuminati cursed entity attachments in me going back to before I was born – played pivotal roles in setting the stage for me internally to be at the mercy of predating organic portals who want to impose the energies of their feelings into me thus setting the stage for my to be disconnected from my core true Self.

Like these organic portals – I was for years a shallow, hollow shell of myself which organic portals love!

After all, misery loves company!

I’ve been doing alot of psychonaut reconfrontations of incidents causing that connect.

Like the woman at the end of this video here I feel my color, my light, my Soul coming back……

I’m now realizing that a giant and dark sacrificial head has been at the helm of my crown chakra for years, trying to usurp my Soul from having control of me and in effect keeping me from connecting with higher levels of my being.

It was meant to destroy me, make me look crazy (and put that energy out there) and keep me from connecting to higher levels and in effect to keep me from being a spiritual teacher, which ironically it has helped by my defeating it and thus being able to teach others in the same predicament how to defeat it!

That said this thing is sadistically tied to my throat chakra which is designed to put one under control and to keep you from connecting to the higher chakras effectively as from experience the throat chakra extends from the shoulders and serve as the entry point to the higher chakras.

Not getting rid of these entities at that level allows for possession as I would experience a “jolt” every time I would say something that went against the agenda of the entity attached (in this case I just saw a lion faced sacrificial head very much akin to Yaldabaoth aka the demiURGE):

I even saw through my third eye that an entity attachment on the far right shoulder caused me to absorb the negative shit said by teachers and students in high school.

It didn’t make it better that I was shelter and thus it was a shock to endure the awful shit I did there which could break a person’s spirit, their Soul.

Being fucked with for following rules, for doing things that conform to societal norms and are seen as acceptable by society.

That can fuck a child’s head up!

I also believe it led to my emancipation from society and thus the ability to see society for what it is and not from the organic portal perspective I once used to view it for.

It was designed to free my Soul.

It was meant to be!

That said, Imma continue working on my throat chakra and remove this sacrificial head – which is really controlling and causing alot of head tension and back tension, off!

I saw that it is blocking and trying to control my spiritual abilities (they are not gifts as my Soul is me so thus these are things already in me)!

It’s alot of work…. it will be alot!

That said, know what your enemy wants, then defy it is key πŸ”‘

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