Who They Tryin’ To Bury

Who They Tryin’ To Bury

I SWEAR I met these mofos before….

Tryin’ to put spells on people…..

I don’t think it’s the same but I think this mofo with the shovel was part of that bear mace celebration attack (that’s why I say my truth and tell folks to kiss my ass unless they black cause these other mofos – esp. wetbacks who have no goodness or decency to begin with don’t give a fuck about me or us) I spoke about in the past…..

– Just in case anybody relatives missing 😉

I put some heavy shit on em for that and I saw thru my third it was something spiritual – like as per a ritual – they were burying…..

That said there been some weird ass energy lately and my friends and a coupla tarot readers been talking like this like, the other night, okay this area had SOME people here….

Next thing I know, last night right when I got my rainbow quartz I noticed, in the headlights of the beemer there was a rainbow appearing….

Reminds me of the rainbow I saw in my rainbow quartz crystal wand that lit formed a rainbow 🌈

You can beat some spirituality into a motherfucker with this. Instead of saying, “fatality,” it’s spirituality….

I also saw a weird triangle etched in the sage stick that was given to me by the lady whom I brought the rainbow quartz wand from and we know how I feel about triangles…..

– And looka that half circle = crescent moon 🌛

Also the rooster made a return; I kept hearing clinks and shit all throughout the night on my van (just got tinnitus in my left ear) and it was this fucker who I woke up to early in the morning when I was going to court….

….I didn’t wanna kill it (I sacrificed an animal before) so I just took it spirit, soul out it’s better and I haven’t seen it since. I hate doing that but I ain’t dealing with a curse.

The energy was weird last night; EVERYBODY vacated this area. Whereas you usually hear night wildlife (I usually hear footsteps from the spirits that’s around me) I DIDN’T HEAR SHIT! NOT EVEN A CRICKET CREAK! IT WAS DEAD SILENT and that usually means a BIG predator was around…..

I saw a giant sacrificial head devouring me, having me in it’s mouth and to be honest I feel alot of shit done returned back and with a vengeance after I saw that organic portal trick who, I saw, is in the mouth, the maw of a giant sacrificial head and HIS SPIRIT, SOUL REALLY IS DARK, ALL SORTS OF NEGATIVE ENTITY ATTACHMENTS CRAWLING ALL OVER HIM!


That explains why he has an emptiness to him and echos what is spiritually around me such as when I would hear him thru snoring basically speak what the evil spirits around me say.

Early this morning I awoke and could LIT on the left side of my face hear what I think was that squidward mofo go “AHHHHHHH” in this demonic, deep voice.

I had to do ALOT of entity attachment removal on myself and I gotta figure out why that mofo so attached to me!

Yesterday I think I came close in that, when I asked my third eye to show me what is karmically linking him to me (I should ask keeping him bound to me) – I forgot what I asked but when I asked it he ascended but I saw myself trapped and…. that’s not happening.

I gotta work on this more and get this mofo off me once and for all….

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