Demon Seeds Attacking Other Demon Seeds I LOVE IT ?????????

Demon Seeds Attacking Other Demon Seeds And I LOVE IT ?????????


There are plenty of lawnmowers, landscapers for you all to hit up ????? right by the rainbow food truck which is parked on the pch near Malibu between Coastline Drive and Topanga Canyon blvd near the arco station ??

GOOD! KNEW I loved norteños for a reason…..

Looka that brother’s eyes ? looool

Looka my comment lool…..

I SWEAR UP AND DOWN TWO OF THE WETBAWK HEROS ?? who did said heist look like the mofo who ran over my foot and the other mofo who stabbed me respectively…..

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

….I swear I met his brother the other night. Very fine upstanding young man….

Anyways, I am happy someone is taking action…..

This Is Why Blacks Are Justifiably Beating On These Illegal Mexican Vendors

I Called ICE On The Rainbow Catering Food Truck And Will Be Reporting ALL Their Illegal Patrons


Every morning I have to wake up to these non human built like bean bag beaners talking shit, saying racist shit, with one saying early this morning, “Kidnap her loool!” These are some devious, deceitful, sick mofos – the lawnmowers, the landscapers who wake up to mow wide – and black folks’ things. I have no sympathy for these ugly, built deros type pygmie obese monstrisities….. I am not fooled by how they appear and am happy someone gettin’ em ?????

Get more.

They are attracted to negativity as broken down here (I gotta make a compendium on them in the future)……

Mexicans and South Americans Resonate With The Satanic Energy

Because as recounted here….

Fake Reptilian Soul Piece Causing Terrible Hallucinations And Toxic Events Finally Removed

When I removed a very toxic entity from my body – reptilian specifically (somehow via a protection thing I did mofo – something like it – came back), they significantly decreased in going to that food truck – but as soon as I posted my blog with my findings, like clockwork (as I said before they have some type of spiritual satanic, animalistic [as they operate on that low vibratory frequency hence the obsession with self destructive, negative behaviors]), looka this at how they park and who they park next to……

Because they operate on such a low level destructive, satanic frequency, they have a spiritual obsession with bringing folks there by provoking them, such as when them wetbacks who early this morning who talked of “kidnapping” me (bisch), then drove off as I said something negative, not even to them or about them.

It is like they have these satanic feelers – like cockroaches – as if they have done their “job” by bringing someone down to a low level frequency of inner darkness, like them!

That said, in the same vein that I praised the brothers and sist⭐r for getting a wetback (back) here…..

Praise Goes To These Brothers and A SiSTAR For Handling A Wetback

Since I am such a fair person and am not racist…..

I wanna give these two wetbuck demon seeds praise and a round of applause. I may set up a gofundme ?? in the future to encourage to keep on doin’ what they do!

I am so proud of em for doin’ what needs to be done for the human raza!

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