Astral Vision Shows Jamila Might Win The Lottery And Start Killing Men

Astral Vision Shows Jamila Might Win The Lottery And Start Killing Men

Okay, this was fucking weird. Remember this lady here:

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Alright, I had an asttal vision, a very LUCID one where I saw Jamila in handcuffs and she was being led into a cell by a Los Angeles Sheriffs deputy. I heard at one point that the maternity ward she was going to was only for wealthy people (she may become pregnant) in the million dollar range – then I heard $24 million (I sensed she won the lottery) – and the charge was that she was killing men who didn’t want her.

I also heard that it was Spiritree who put a curse on her.

That said, for those of you not familiar with her she is a Youtuber who chased a man across state lines, from Missouri to Georgia (abandoning her girls all throughout cause she felt that they would be a threat to her getting “her man”) out of this psychotic, insane belief that they were meant to be “together” (I heard she got intranquil spirits on her making her do that). Here is the channel she had showing her obsession for this dude whose name is Dinero Red:

Here are screenshots of the insanity in case she takes it down…..

Now, I don’t know what to make of the vision…. I don’t know if it is symbolic – I don’t sense it is literal but I do sense that Spiritree may have put a curse on her matrilineal line that’s going to make the girls and future generations of hers become obsessed with dudes where it may end in a guy’s death and no one wanting them……

That said this is why I don’t fuck with that petty side of youtube or petty spiritualists. Spiritree got some major issues – mostly circumventing colorism and rejection esp. in her childhood – which I talked about here:

How Childhood Rejection Can Hurt A Person: The Venita Davis Spiritree Nyemma Case

True spiritualists – many of whom have traumas due to having Souls that the demiurge fears can come into knowledge of their Divinity – will look within and not just point the finger at others like they do.

These two are mired in very material and petty energies which proves spirituality they don’t know wtf is going on…. I talked on that here:

This Is Why You Shouldn’t Have A Kitchen Witch Mentality When Approaching The Spirit Realm

I wouldn’t go to em.

Honest – given Jamila’s past, I can see why logically someone would think she’d become a serial killer of dudes but…. I sense she CAN go that way but she ain’t “dark” enough yet to pull that.

Whatever it is…. it doesn’t look good for her.

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