Why I Am Meant To Walk The Path of A Shaman

Before I begin…. as I show in the video I WANT YA’LL TO HEAR THIS…..


My spiritual people maybe able to hear it but – this where folks think folks like myself are crazy – after coming out of a deep, PROFOUND meditation last night, I ‘woke early this morning to hear someone talking shit, saying, “mustang, gooo gooooo” over and over. So I looked around and I SWEAR I thought what turned out to be an Asian lady as you will see in the vid was either a black dude (I sensed it) or cholo singing it! However, it came from “nowhere” but here is my take:

The Spiritual Root of Gangstalking

While in jail I was talking with a hispanic lady one time who was PEEFECTLY normal who spoke on electronic harassment! She was saying that “all of a sudden” she started hearing people talking but it wasn’t like a ghost but like people talking via monitors, electronics (my throat chakra is tightening right now) and at one point she started interacting with and became friendly with them and then they went away.

That ostensibly can be the case cause – as I have experienced – Malibu is BAD with gangstalking as can be seen here since ya’ll should know I ain’t the only one who has dealt with folks driving past, making u turns past em, cussing me out – and no, it ain’t cause I go topless or cause of my controversial opinions cause this dude did NEITHER (what’s so interesting is he contacted me awhile back to go out on a date during my copwatching days and when I had my old apartment back in 2012):

….Sound just like me….

You can see more and probably better examples on his channel here: https://www.youtube.com/user/angstotheclown/videos

Now…. I believe that by doing all that work last night to further open my pineal gland, third eye and crown chakras I strongly feel it heightened my access to the frequencies of the spirit world and allowed me to hear spirits at their frequency = meaning they don’t like my ass and there is one in particular who, ever since I came out here, been telling me to go, leave, fuck off and shit and this entity sounds like it.

I think this was more the case because it sounds EXACTLY how things sound when you hear spirits. I recall once after drinking (drinking can heighten it) I HEARD A CACAPHONY of voices while on the beach and they were LOUD and, guess what? NO ONE WAS THERE!

Speaking of spiritual things…. I saw the mother of the wide half wetback who tried to run me over as told here:

Malibu Asshole Resident In Luxury Car Attempts To Run Me Over

With this time his full time wetback ass ma trying to do the same…. making a u turn and trying to swerve (while being stopped) into my lane as I crossed the street…..

I also think she tried to steal mail:


Peep she tries to run off: she guilty!

I think I ‘woked the bitch cause I got the death card on ha (due to my ‘woke) so I hope she in hell, burning in the underworld, kinda like this other mug I believe I ‘woked based on my cards….

Also, in addition to the wetback who tried to run me over but only got my feet (coulda got alot more) here:

Wetback Gangmembers Attempt To Run Over A Black Woman

This makes me think it’s spiritual cause…. right after writing this here:

Astral Projection CONFIRMS That Heaven Is Hell Which Is Ran By The Archons The Reptilians

TWICE someone tried to run me over….. TWICE (and now a third time) and so this ain’t coincidence. I believe the wetbacks and half wetback – acting as organic portals for the reptilians – did that shit at the behest of those reptilians!

I thought I saw their vehicle this morning….


Speaking on gangstalking…. I saw I believe the same black truck who tried to report me to CHP for being topless driving by….


You can watch the vid where I saw his ass and talk about walking the path of a shaman here:


There were some things I left out….

1) When it comes to inner wound healing – DON’T FORGET to use your third eye to remove entities since, esp. when trauma has been entrenched for so long – like ants to food bad entities, well entities period will come to feed!

2) Also, if you wanna astral project…. There has to be a “schism” between the higher consciousness = crown chakra and the lower consciousness (which is a portal to the Earthbound/hellish regions astrally) the pineal gland! Stuff your awareness further up to the crown like you are pushing it open internally while “separating” it from the lower half kinda like this…..

– I peep how that came out of my subsconcious mind as an atom hmmmmm ?

The chaos coming from out the middle region (out of chaos comes order) will create an explosive energetic effect that will get your heart chakra pumping and increase your intelligence to genius level AND help you to astral project and do other great spiritual things….

3) Don’t tolerate low vibratory people (it does NOT necessarily mean negative but it does mean those who operate strictly from the lower chakras who will only have a material corpoeral outlook on life and not any awareness of a spiritual) to be around you. If someone does not resonate with you I don’t care how nice dismiss them ?? They, esp. organic portals, will feed off your energy and drain you.

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