Astral Vision About Serial Killer Rapist In Malibu

I had a weird astral vision last night – I call em astral visions cause I don’t think they are but my astral projections sure seem similar –

After pimping some wetbucks for parking illegally (and being illegals too) I had a dream….

In the dream – really astral vision – I was sleeping in my car. It was mad vivid. I then sought shelter in this house where a dude who I have seen before in the astral, but usually in the not so clear darker realms (I could make him out but not so well), was in it, atop a bunk bed. Seemed like he stayed in the white van which was ahead of me in the “real” world last night. He told me get my own place tho. I KNEW he didn’t own that one and I was first!

That being said I suddenly teleported or was it flew to a new place where I was in this white dude’s home. I swear he looked like an ex client: he had blonde hair, wore glasses, look like a perv and was one and later I found out he did in fact work for LAPD as an undercover when I used to copwatch years back!

Anyways, I was in his place and he told me that he was gonna look out for me, take care of me, give me the thangs that I deserve. I saw he lived with his older brother who was fat, had hair stubble on his face for a “mustache” and “beard” and was wearing greyish like stereotypical robber clothing:

– Blonde dude kinda looked like this:

That being said, he was a sexual predator who thought I was there for porn, tried to touch me on the pussy and I pushed his ass back! I then saw a black couple in a black van. I was told by the blonde dude they the ones who actually own the home (?)

That being said, ole blonde dude showed me around. At one point he tells me that they intend to use us for “entertainment” ie snuff films. As I leave thru the door – fore I can leave I see a big ass roach.

It’s funny, as of late I have I have been seeing a myriad of roaches in my astral visions. It means Beelzebub the demon is involved! In the past it meant a disaster being averted but as of late – given my fight against the Ars Goetia demons and just demons and ALL gods and goddesses in general, esp. god the demiurge, shit has taken a different turn and my interpretation of the roaches has to take a different look!

– When Beelzebub has appeared to me in the astral, he always appears as law enforcement or someone in charge of it and in my card readings he always appears as the King of Swords.

That being said, as of recent I got protected from a roach who kept shedding it’s skin as I tried to escape him only for it to be ganged up on by a group of Guatamalan kids – one of whom died in surgery RIP – who stopped it from fucking with me!

As of my interpretation for this, I believe Beelzebub is planning something REAL fucked up for my ass but as always my God Self will avert it!

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