Jumping Into The Body of Parallel Twin Confirms The Origin of Multiple Personality Disorder

Jumping Into The Body of Parallel Twin Confirms The Origin of Multiple Personality Disorder

Early this morning I had an astral projection experience where I was in the body of this young white woman. She was sitting in a “classroom” by herself that was like a library for ANYONE to study at. I sat, drinking coffee (shit I don’t do in the 3D world) and reading something, a book (shit I ain’t do since the early 2000’s) and so at one point a flood of hispanic gangbangers came in and one sexually harassed me.

One had “white” skin, had close cropped black hair with a green teardrop tattoo near the eye and a peach tattoo on the cheek. He tried to touch me but I yelled sexual harassment and some of his friends joined in to tell him to back the fuck off! I felt he was a dangerous person to speak up to but I said fuck it! I then left after I didn’t wanna be around folks, esp. rowdy mofos! I recall my soul crying cause of how this wetback treated her, knowing if it were me defending myself from his touching, this wetback woulda attacked me, reminiscient of here:

– Witch ??‍♀️ is why I ‘woke wetbacks and send em straight to hell !

So I recall seeing him in some probation or parole place with a parole officer. Sensed he still liked me and he was some type of serial killer.

I must be seeing and being in the body of someone astrally who exists or maybe I was in the body of a parallel twin. Not the first time I spirit hopped or spirit piggyback’ed:


I think the latter cause I was in Chicago which I have astral projected to WAYYYY frequently which includes having had a chicago cop once look out for me in this realm. Seems I been seeing into other parallel universes in higher dimensions where you are everything you coulda been with the universe starting from the same conditions which is I presume the 7th dimension (meaning my consciousness resonates at that level).

So I was in Chicago. Seems I was a law intern for the government. I then thought about myself in this timeline – the timeline I am in now – and what I coulda been and how cause I am black I couldn’t have the opportunities she – my parallel twin had – cause she white! I also sensed she picked up on my wonder of what I theoretocally coulda been in this timeline (I’ve seen em and tho. I woulda been materially fit but I wouldn’t of been happy cause I wouldn’t of been myself with the closest being either a senator or a senator’s wife – I long been saw even as a lil girl I woulda got raped by Ted Cruz to get there – which funnily an incubus told me of this 3 years ago – MAN NOW THAT I THINK OF IT YES I WOULDA HAD TO HAVE SOLD MY SOUL TO GET TO THAT POINT IF DEMONS ARE TELLING ME “I coulda had it” meaning make a deal! I saw the same with a timeline where I woulda been a famous actor). All in all in my white self’s timeline I woulda been raped/ had to fuck to get the lil Earthly trinkets of labels ie ranks and status and mo-nay ? to be by societal standards “successful”!

Now, this where it gets weird and confirms my theory on schizoid disorder and/or multiple personality disorder: While in her body I was talking to her parents who couldn’t see me and they said that, to her, that it was the second time that someone else and not her was speaking to them! They also wanted to have her committed!

I recall while in her body – it was as if our thoughts intertwined, she knew what I knew and there was no difference but my thoughts dominated her if that made sense.

She looked like her:

– More like her….

I hope I didn’t inhabit this child’s body and cause her more distress. If you watch her here:

And here:

– PEEP here how she looking off to the side. Also peep how in the Ted Talks she says she sees a clown (a demonic entity I have confronted) in the audience. That’s cause she has great spiritual powers and a strong third eye, pineal gland and crown chakra. I am sensing already someone put a curse on her ancestral line for having strong psychic abilities.

She needs to see a shaman – fuck a psyche, a doc – cause when she dies them same evil entities WILL be tormenting ha on the otherside, best believe, just like the ones who tormented my baby brother on the other side (that’s why her meds aka phramakia which in itself is witchcraft just put her to sleep and ain’t yet stopped her from seeing that shit). That shit is real!

While in her body I felt guilty for inhabiting it tho it was inadvertent. I recall how she felt great distress at losing her whole possibly Earthly “successful” life over this!

That shit was clear as day! This shows how natural mediums, mediumships work, how possession aka multiple personality disorder works. I got a friend who will repeat shit while asleep of spirits who want to send messages to me say (I usually hear em thru white noise and sometimes clear). His body will contort in pain as they vie to take him over to convey their messages and he’ll have unexplained neck, back pains the next day with one almost putting him in a catatonic state (in 2012 when my baby brother first died I had an unexplained hip pain tho. I was a VERY healthy 30 something who couldn’t move it, like my friend)! I don’t think it is a matter of mental disorders; the shit spiritual and if Cecilia McGough don’t check her ass in with a shaman, witchdoctor, whoever – she gone be doomed for all eternity on the otherside.

Here is what happened to my baby brother when them demons got ahold of him in the astral aka afterlife:

Here is how the demon – I think it’s TH a demon who fucked with me (and I fucked up) looks:

This schizophrenia simulation confirms the shit they see and hear is real and the only way to fight em is to confront them with no fear:


– That’s why folks can get the same shit schizos see – ghosts, demons – on tape!

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