Fat Crakkka Allen Tries To Get With Me And Gets Dissed

::2020- 2018 update: I now know his name is Allen::

I’m sorry he kinda look like a pretty ass girl…

I’m sorry but most white BOIS do!

This nigga a shapeshifter. With each change of his facial expressions he looks like a different person.

Ya’ll gotta watch this video…

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This shit funny.

Imma repost here cause we know youtube ALWAYS taking people’s videos down:

I’m surprised his fat ass didn’t kill that bike or can even ride a bike with his fat ass, walrus bad built demonic crakkkaroach ass self. I think he related to deputy Thieme cause they both FAT ASS CRACKERS:


I had to cuss this bitch out.

This mofo came up to me – this bitch live in a tent (I can’t make fun cause I CHOOSE to live outta my car whereas METH got this fat ass bitch living in a tent – HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU DO METH AND STILL BE SO FAT??? HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN?). Now, see, DUMBASSES misconstrue my topless shit thinking, “Oh this nigger doing this cause she want some dick”. Bitch, I’m a former prostitute. I had all the dick I could get – AND GOG PAID FOR – from 2008 to 2016, when I retired. BITCH, I DO NOT WANT THAT SHIT AND I DAMN SURE AIN’T DOING THAT SHIT FOR DICK. After all I wrote this article about how men are energy vampires here:


so I am the LAST ONE to want your dick. I am on a spiritual mission bitch so I’m the last one to want it. You ain’t getting my energy. I remember in my biz when I offered tantra an indian dude under Goddess Kali DRAINED THE SHIT OUTTA ME! Naw, I’m GREAT! I’m reserving that shit for my chakras. That said, this mofo approached me about returning back to his dingy ass tent for some tax payer paid for steak (he told me he has food stamps) on a tax payer paid for grill on a provided for by the steak grill. This bitch kept pushing, smdh lol (fat ass need to push that bike more).

And they say white folks ain’t on that shit. Now, see, this is why spiritual development is important. I’ve gotten to the point where I can literally see auras albeit a small portion. I saw his and his was brown. Brown indicates a person with alot of addictions, inner demons. Because of my inner light and the power of my own energy, I attract alot of these types who on some level – I believe it’s their soul telling them they need healing. My aura is usually white, celadon (green) which indicates a master healer: https://www.spellsofmagic.com/coven_ritual.html?ritual=2297&coven=493 varies shades of green, pink, violet, blue and at the lowest, a clear red which means passion. However, THEY asses don’t consciously wanna acknowledge this or even resolve it which creates problems. I have no problems telling mugs like that outright to get the fuck up the street cause I gotta protect MY ENERGY, MY SPIRIT! Not too long ago I had this mofo who told me he SAW I was a natural empath and healer and THIS TWISTED BITCH GAVE ME SOME SHIT WHICH HE PUT HIS NEGATIVE ENERGY ON so he can be relieved of his shit by putting his shit on me. Make a long story short – I SAW WITH MY OWN EYES THAT HIS WHITE ASS CAN’T SLEEP AT NIGHT! My spirit guides, protectors don’t play and this arrogant asshole had the nerve you say you ain’t supposed to charge for that shit while wanting my pussy (racist crakkka) putting down my being topless. He getting that spiritual work πŸ˜‰

With that said, ole fat boy told me he was addicted to meth (he sleeps in a tent on topanga canyon beach near that gas station on Topanga Canyon Blvd) AND THAT HE SELLS IT AND DOES OTHER DRUGS!!!

I swear people get sent to me as sacrifices…

Now, later on in the convo at some point, I recall running an asshole up the street and he started to tear at my strenght saying, “You got psychos out here.” I sensed in the spirit that mofo was intimidated by my strenght. We gotta remember that white BOIS are about as strong as the women of our race as black women HAVE THE SAME BONE DENSITY AS WHITE MEN:


Now, later LATER in the convo when I started talking about ghosts, spirits, spirituality and even tried to show him a pic of my eyes which he could see there was something different going on with me:

– You can see more here:


And here:


This mofo said I was talking like a tweaker. See, when you an empath, peopld project WHO THEY ARE ON YOU! Few minutes ago mofo had admitted HE DOES DRUGS! He tried to get me to do them. I don’t. I spiritually don’t see the point. Outside of alcohol which can kill germs and diseases as long as it is used in moderation, cause of my healthy eating habits:

I don’t see the point. I get a natural high from my diet and from my crystals, stones which I use for metaphysical purposes. The fuck I need that for? You feel grimy, dingy, a slave to that drug. That’s not a good feeling. I have inner contentment so fuck I need that shit for to pull my spirits down.

His projection (I swear that mofo a reptilian which is what I sense) reminds me of this fool here who called me “crazy”:

YET IT WAS HE who stayed in a mental hospital:

– So you see what’s against me? BUT I REFUSE to be a scapegoat for people’s issues much like people have used Satan as a scapegoat for theirs (and I’m realizing via revelations made during my spiritual journey that we are one in the same):


That said, and I even saw his pupils change to slits – I GET A STRONG REPTILIAN VIBE ABOUT THAT MOFO, like his soul is reptilian.

Aside from the fact that this makes me happy I did not go to De La Salle high school cause white people get all sorts of hateful vindictive ways when they see you are smarter than them and superior to them – every black kid I saw came back with this somberness in their energy, like it was sucked outta them, including my cousins after going to that school – and I saw that in him, he has a strong reptilian vibe in him. I saw it when he kept bugging me to go to that dirty ass lil place to eat steak. I SHOWED THE BITCH that I already had meat and prefer it raw and possibly bloody:

– All I gotta say is the shit is finger licking good!

The fuck I want that shit. Since that dumb mofo was so focused on getting pussy, there was no cohesion in the conversation. Listen to that vid where I say you ain’t getting my black pussy, bitch, lol!

Fucking fat ass energy vampire mofo! I was coming down from my alcohol high which is why I was nice before he said that dumb shit.

That said, in my conventional state, I DON’T TOLERATE MOFOS LIKE THAT! If you here to talk about some dumb, low vibratory shit – ESP. if you there for low vibe reasons – I’m not gonna tolerate your ass. I’m gonna run you up the street. I’m not gonna compromise myself and lower myself down to that level. FOH.

That said, I noticed I have a tendency to attract very low vibe people – even before the topless thing (so don’t blame it on that shit). Here is a good example:

I also peep this FAGGOT ASS BITCH done placed his number slyly in the email where it didn’t exist before as you can see above:

– This dude, who I saw as a trick, developed an obsession with me. I see he has a black aura with a purple ring at the top on the crown chakra, with it all in essence indicating high level SINISTER, DEMONIC spirituality. I never liked this dude. He is very manipulative, co dependent, needy and the type that will get close and manipulate you. You can see in this email in which he sends this emotionally blackmailing email in which he acts as the victim:

– Here proof it’s from him…

When I call out the fact that he sent that shit from a different email then the one before, peep this response:

Very manipulative. Very.

This mofo I sensed wanted to start a family, bring me presents for my birthday but I KNEW there was something fucked up about his energy. I remember in 2016 him contacting me. My throat chakra closed cause my Higher Self knew he was not a good person. Those emails, emotional blackmail (I almost think that nugga got borderline personality disorder/ he actually Mexican who claim he half white though he look mexican/indian and even said the white boy was his step dad which just confirms Mexican).

For the life of me, I ATTRACT these needy co dependent dudes WHEN I DO NOT WANT TO BE BOTHRED and I sense they wanna co opt my energy. That’s what the shit is all about. I recall in 2012 when I looked like a lil dude albeit cute one I ATTRACTED THOSE TYPES. I sense it’s energy vampirism combined with being sent by entities to throw me off my path. That’s the only explanation for this:


I mean that other mofo tried to tie me down with a family, etc. – shit that can REALLY throw one off they path. I also sense charisma as well but the energy thing even more so.

I mean, his ass Mexican AND HE KNEW I LIKE WHITE DUDES!

My take on this is that these mugs are DEMONICALLY SENT! As I get closer to fulfilling my destiny in this world:


They’ll come out the wood work more. But my Protection will be on hand to make sacrifices of them.

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