Malibu Loves The White Homeless Bum SO MUCH They Gave Him His Own Trash Can

I honestly don’t think ole boy is there anymore! HE KEPT IT CLEAN AT LEAST! THIS TIME I WAS NOT STEPPING IN THAT MOFO! Whoever here now got a nigga needing hazmats cause that mofo STANKS. TO. HIGH. FUCKING. HEAVEN (I hope the crakkkaroach is okay):

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Here pics of his home:

There go the trash can:

For rent sign (Anybody? Wanna rent from him???)

At least he tries to decorate…

I see he can surf, too.

And here is his home: the tent!

Here some old articles I did on him:

I noticed this trash can there the other day. I been meaning to talk about it. I was like “Oh no! They done gave this crakkkaroach bum a trash can – CITY (or shall I say “SCHITTY” in this case) trashcan of his own. THEN, WHEN I WAS ABOUT TO LOOK – NOT ENTER – I DO NOT THINK HE IS THERE ANYMORE! Mofo shit stunk to HIGH FUCKING HEAVEN! GOOD LORD I couldn’t deal! That shit was TOO MUCH! I AIN’T WALKING IN THAT MOFO THIS TIME!

That said, I also make predictions about Connor Mecgregor and his possible jail sentence (HE GONNA SERVE JAIL TIME!)! Let’s just say I DON’T see him getting a slap on the wrist!

Also, look at how BEAUTIFUL Malibu is here:

– A REAL enchanted forest! Peace XD

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