Leaving Court and Benefits of Crown Chakra Opening

Before I begin, I wanna say look at this FUCKED UP Beverly Hills police window (who caused a hole in THAT?):

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Now, when your crown chakra is open, you can walk like THIS – WITH CONFIDENCE – FROM COURT:

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– I talk more indepth about the benefits in said vid!

That said, here is what went down in the courthouse:

Also, there was smoke – a fire I’m guessing – coming from the basement of the courthouse (Oh shit!)!

Also look at how EXPENSIVE LA IS (FUCKING 2 AND 5 DOWNTOWN BED IS WORTH $1 MILLION). L.A. Downtown trying to be TOO HARD of a NYC RIP OFF!

Also, note the Dreamer sign:

– Given the current state of affairs, he may have to remove that when ICE comes knocking, lol…

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