I Get Stuck In A Ditch And Los Angeles Malibu Sheriff Search and Rescue LAUGHS AT ME

These were the same RACIST MOFOS who gave a white boy who lives in an rv a battery jump but threatened me with bs warrants when I asked for same. All of that is chronicled here:


That said, the other day, I got stuck in a ditch (I know the shit sounds crazy!)! I DID NOT SEE THE SHIT COMING!!! I make roundabouts there ALL THE TIME! Wonder if it was a curse.

Anyways, I made the round a bout cause I was curious to see what was going on here since cops were called:

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Here is the 911 call I made:

I then tried to DRIVE AROUND and ended up being the subject of police attention. Watch later in the vid as a procession of pigs (I thought a PIG was down) LAUGH AT ME – INCLUDING SEARCH AND RESCUE – WHILE I AM IN THE DITCH, with water creeping in. That shit was scary!

Here more:

HERE search and rescue showing up and not doing shit BUT LAUGH AT ME!

Here CHP at the end (they called but it was WAYYY after I was taken out the ditch):

Here the calls from em:

That said, here’s some more beautiful scenery of Malibu (hard NOT to take pics of this place):

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And the day before, I made lemonade combined with my period blood. It came out good:

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Guess what is in here?

For some reason, I am sexually intrigued by bloody hands (that’s MY blood on MY hands – pun intended, lol!). Always was, ever since I was a little kid. I find it in an offbeat way kinda sexually intriguing. To me it’s like the intuitive sense I get is that you did “something dirt, in the closet.” There is something intimiate about it since blood gives life. I can’t put my finger on it.

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