Why White People TRULY Hate Black People

As I said here, a looong time ago…


White people are organic robotoids (your conventional “white”, really, creole jews – which I will explain later – are excluded from this), hence why they want OUR WOMBS (REFUSE THEM AND KILL THEM IF THEY ASK) BY REPRODUCING WITH US – THE SO CALLED “INFERIOR RACE” – SO THEIR TRULY INFERIOR ASSES CAN LIVE ON AND ASCEND WHEN WE PASS INTO THE 4D, 5D, 6D Dimension since their lower chakra asses DO NOT have the capability to ascend because they were created SPECFICALLY by the reptilians to suppress the SPIRITUAL talents of Earth’s ORIGINAL PEOPLE – BLACK PEOPLE – hence why they label what we naturally call having contact with the Spirit Realm: Hearing voices, seeing “ghosts” ie those who have transitioned on – schizophrenia. Think about it!!!!

That is why they are dying out; they have not achieved the reptilian objective as they WERE CREATED TO (hence why they are “recalling them” through LOWER BIRTH RATES, INABILITY TO EXERCISE – YES, THAT IS REAL AND YOU CAN READ HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y8j5mb3v – OPIOID EPIDEMIC AND OTHER PLAGUES WIPING THEM OUT TILL THEY WON’T EXIST IN 2050).

As the Roman hijacked BUY-BULL says: “The Meek shall inherit the Earth.” We are the true people of the Divine Melanated Feminine GODDess!

Oh yes! DO NOT LET THESE CRAKKKAS HIJACK YOUR WOMB! I take pride in having killed the two half crakkkas that were in my womb that I got from HOEING (I WOULD NEVER fuck with no white BOI unless money is exchanged), poisoning it! LET THE CRAKKKA RACE – AND THEIR INFERIOR GENETICS: https://tinyurl.com/yc2y65ds – DIE OUT AND NOT LIVE TO ASCEND THROUGH OUR ACTIVATED, NATURAL SPIRITUAL AND DIVINE MELANATED ELEVATED DNA!

That said I will tell you MY ROLE in this, in this whole thing in a later article, knowledge I’ve gained as I learn more about myself via my spiritual journey. You will see why the Antichrost to the crakkkas will be Your Saviour!

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