Demonic Azz People REALLY Gunning For My Website

I talk about it here…

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Anyways, you can check these comments left by “Karen J. Dudley” who claims to be a “black hat expert” in which she underhandedly BOAST about fucking with my site, causing it to go down, then launches contumlies (insults) at me when I call her out (mostly, her snarky, sarcastic ass comment putting down my belief in the Spirit World gave it away…):

Note the snarky comment she made about “Whacky Whoops” – Sound like a corny ass WHITE PEOPLE term – in reference to my belief in ghosts, etc.

Here a larger version of the comment:


Bitch sound WHITE WASHED!!!! Like one of them “white talking” ass sell out, wannabe white NIGGAZ!!!!

…And look at her ring? That’s some demonic, symbolic, illuminati freemason looking (the sun, 8 something pointed star motif) shit right there!

Here a closer look…

This all reminds me of something…

Awhile back – I was talking with Afrodeity Stone. She said to me since I was little “something” put an energy around me that caused people to be repelled by me. She made it sound like I in a way caused it. The more spiritual I become, the more I realize that is NOT THE CASE!

That said, this all reminds me of when I was at the shelter. When I took to wearing my Egyptian Ankh – ALL THE DEMONS IN EVERYBODY (Many of whom talked in their sleep so you know they got shit on em!) – CAME OUT TO ATTACK ME! When you are a Warrior of Light, YES, THE MOFOS WHO YOU WERE SENT TO CRUSH LIKE THOSE WHO ARE OF OR HAVE DARKNESS IN EM WILL HATE YOU! Many, like Angeline Alexis whom you can read about Here:

tried to get close! When the enemy could not get close to destroy my light, of course she went on a tirade like you can see here:

Here her channel…

Many of these peopke got murky auras, bad spirits! I see them for what they are, not how they try to appear to me! That said, THAT’S WHY THEY’RE PISSED! DUE TO MY BURGEONING PSYCHIC ABILITIES, THEY CAN NOT FOOL ME AS THEY FOOL YOU ALL! After all, the Devil (Darkness) is a Deceiver!

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