Youtube Using Fake Psyop False Flag Advertiser Boycott To Get Rid of Truther Channels

To Taurean Reign, Titus Frost and others…

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THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL!!!! Take the “advertiser-boycott’s” ADVICE AND GET THE FUCK OFF OF YOUTUBE WHILE YOU CAN! They do NOT want you and find effective ways via which to host your site (Ya’ll got millions of followers – you can DO IT!) by posting up advertisements, patreons, etc.

That said, the advertising boycott of truther channels did not come from out of nowhere – they are delibetately removing advertisers from the big channels (while just overtly removing the smaller channels – like mine) to deliberately move “the truth” off the internet, which you can see here based on the Google search engine first 4 page results:

…They did with #pizzagate

This shits real! In the video, I convey tips on how to make the move! It ain’t hard, it’s gotta be done! That said, Youtube is going to become “Redtube”, I mean “Youtube Red” – LOL – in NO TIME! You don’t have to be a psychic to see that!!!

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