Proof of Reptilians And Are They Truly Evil

Look at this shit I saw rigtht outside my window one night while sleeping in my car:

Can you see it? Here, let me give ya a CLOSER LOOK…

I AM NOT GONNA BOTHER HIGHLIGHTING IT as it is only for those with eyes to see and ears to hear…

Anyways, here are more “anomalies” and like an “Eye Spy” book…


Here are some more:

Look at that brown thing in the background, the thing in the "yellow" window and... THAT THING RIGHT BEHIND ME!!!

Some more weird shyte and ad for that brown, “shimmering” (THERE AIN’T NOTHING SHINY BY THAT DOOR TO CAUSE THAT) thing by the door again AIN’T NOTHING IN OUR REALM CAUSED THAT… that’s some shit straight from another dimension (almost look like the “Blob” and funny cause I have had “NIGHTMARES” abour it that mug and it used to scare me as a kid.

Here are some more pics:

He seems friendly…
Here is a close up…
I could only do the squiggly lines cause the thing was messed up but… CAN YOU SPOT THE FACE!!!???
CLOSEUP of said face.
More squiggly lines presenting entities…

IS IT THE DEVIL??? (After writing that I just felt something creepy…).

Personally I think these reptilian entities are screening this shit into my mind to fuck with ne and keep me from speaking truths just as they fucked with MY MONEY in my old apartment. I’ve even notice that when I talk about em “cops” become more aware of me and look in my direction. Hell, when I spoke about reptilians on youtube back in 2014 I SAW A FUCKING BLACK HELIOCOPTER FLY OVER MY OLD BUILDING AND ONCE A POLICE HELIOCOPTER FLYING OVERHEAD (THEY HAD NO REASON TO BE THERE THAT DAY) AS IF THEY COULD READ MY THOUGHTS AND I GOT THIS DOCUMENTED!

That said, I have always had encounters with aliens since I was a small child starting with dreams of ufos and most notable one where a jet (which I saw all the time in New Orleans East) would turn into a mothership helmed by a dude wearing a black fitting shirt (he seemed fit) who looked EXACTLY like radio show host Tom Joyner (highly doubt it was him piloting it):

That’s a scheming, HATEFUL looking azz nigga, lol!


That said, as for reptilians – are they all bad? My thoughts; they tend to have a hivemind. Their influence can be seen all throughout California. Hell, Los Angeles is reputed to have a lair underneath the city:

That said, even though it is a HUGE CITY – based on my experiences with the LAPD, city government which I will talk about in future blogs – they operate like a small town and I get the sense (maybe during my Satanism phase I tapped into the hivemind) whatever I did no matter how small like on youtube and in private I’d note a “change” in people’s demeanors towards me like they are aware. Hell when I’ve gone to state places like hospitals, etc. DISPARATE STATE EMPLOYEES WOULD SAY: “I know you” like they are keeping tabs on me…

“We are watching you…”

As for reptilians, ate they good or bad? I think maybe both. It’s rumored Jesus was perhaps a hybrid?

Better than “Crakkka Jesus.”

… or Crakkka Christ aka Cesare Borgia as I call him. Here is further proof as revealed through Leonardo Da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” that Jesus may have been more reptilian than anything else (Oh lord, now I am hearing the helicopters):

Read more about the Leonardo Da Vinci coded message revealing “Reptiloid Christ” HERE:

That said, are reptilians bad? If Hesus was a reptilian who tried to help you mofos raise your chakras and help you evolve in the process – I can’t see how they could all be evil.

I mean think about it: use common sense! If they were sooo bad and controlled everything, then how the fuck would they allow this to get out or David Icke, etc.:

Personally… and Youtube’s Fleurbun made the case…


Also, read more about the Dogon tribe and their encounters with the alien race, the Nommos (who were “fish” people who allowed their bodies to be divided and eaten by the Dogon which is where the biblical concept of seeing the fiah as representing Christ as well as divinding Christ’s body for sustenance comes from):

And you will see what I mean…

They get drug through the mud like blacks and their shit put out on front st. – like blacks!

Personally, I think it’s the Aryan so called “Pleidian” mofos who are the evil ones since they were the ones behind the Thule Society that gave rise to Adolf Hitler’s nazi party and used their occultic ties in an attempt to run the original blueprint for HUE-manity – the blacks – off of Earth (now I am sorta remembering an “alien” name for Earth) and just like the Great Deflectors they are – blaming the jews for THE SHIT THEY STARTED, BLAMING BLACKS FOR SLAVERY BY SAYING WE SHOULDN’T OF SOLD OURSELVES (YET THOSE BASTARDS ARE QUICK TO DEFLECT AND SAY THAT “YOU ALL DON’T HAVE TO ACCEPT THE DRUGS WE PUMP INTO YOUR COMMUNITIES), now those high in saltine calorie count paleface mofos trying to blame “reptilians” FOR WHAT THEY DO! That’s why they gonna die out in 2050:

Anyways, here is a vid discussing Hitler’s occult ties to the Thule Society and Aryan nefarious aliens:

Even better here is “the Elite’s” aka WHITE PEOPLE’S PLAN to decimate the other darker populations and render than obsolete (in this diary he says that the yellow, brown and black races will be wiped off due to a TARGETED biological attack in the far off future) as explained in the diary of a man named Paul Dienach who woke up in his “future” body/ incarnation in the 31st century (3000’s) which you can read here:

That said, are reptilians behind everything? I think it’s complicated! I think there is a lot more to this world then we know. After all, we went from 1 mil years progressing from Australopithicus to homo habilis to another 1 mil from that to “homo erctus” then – in a 250,000 span of time – we go from THAT to homo sapien – US (look at the timeline of human evolution HERE):

Hell this video goes a step further in explaining how maybe perhaps different human races were spawned by different alien species (which goes back to what I was saying about reptilians quite possibly spawning blacks):

– It’s funny cause I was told in the spirit world if a black person puts a curse on you an entity that is snake like or bird like shows (a lil nut just dropped on my car window) but IF A WHITE PERSON PUTS ONE ON YA A WOLF SHOWS (I guess it reps. the animal most prevalent in their area of ancestral origin)!

That said, do I believe alien intervention was involved? HELL YASSS I KNOW it was involved. Look up the Annunaki, Enlil and Enki (“God” and “Satan”?) and Zecharia Sitchin for more info:

I mean look at the true living GODS like Ra of the Carian (bird/avian) race that begot the reptilians and Quetzalcoatl (funny I was told that “Ra” was around me – protecting me – in spirit form) I mean – look, and I’ll be blunt: HUMANS ARE NOT SMART ENOUGH TO CONCEIVE OF THOSE BEINGS ON THEIR OWN! I find most humans to be stupid anyways and in need of some guidance like the “sheeple” they are. That said, are reptilians bad? I think there are MANY alien species on this Earth plane exploiting dumb humans’ stupidity at this moment. What do I think? Well, it is what it is…

All I know is I was told that in my previous past lives I was an alien with my first time being here (and hopefully last), I never fit in, I have had numerous experiences with them in the dreamscape or in real life (I SWEAR ONE NIGHT I saw this weird alien insectoid entity appear and another night a water headed grey in Malibu – lol and I’ve seen the Men in Black IN BLACK IN REALTIME AND THEY ARE TRULY INTERDIMRMENSIONAL) so…

Are all aliens bad? Quite certain the sheep we eat would think poorly of us despite our advanced techonology, etc. All I know is that as a child I had a tendency to look up at the nightsky as if I was “looking for home.”

Well, here are a gallery of my eyes. Tell me WHAT YOU THINK??

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