LAPD Wilshire Tears Down Homeless Homes Under Overpass On Venice Blvd

It’s a sad situation all around:

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our society is TWISTED, charging for shelter AT PHENOMENAL TONS so that those at the bottom those at the bottom of the real estate hierarchy can make their monies while people who are homeless – even those who CHOOSE to be so and are awake – get sweeped up and out of sight so they won’t “offend” the status quo but most of all THREATEN TPTB (there are alot of SMART “homeless” folks like myself whose ideas and ge neral WAY of thinking upsets and IS A THREAT to the status quo). These people found a way to “get along” WITHOUT PAYING INTO THE SYSTEM AND SO THUS KEEPING THE MATRIX HIERARCHY RUNNING!

Then you got the cops who are just DOING THEIR JOBS, keeping the matrix running cause… IF THEY DON’T DO IT, THEY WILL BE OUT OF A JOB, TOO, THEN HOMELESS THEN… what power will they have, too?

Our Demiurge (“God”) run world is a horrible run one, ran by an evil, angry resentful TYRANT of a deity who takes its resentment out on us humans by forcing us to engage in rituals of hatred and disdain for our fellow humans, insolence, negativity designed to give POWER and LIFEFORCE to this djinn, this evil demon that NEVER CREATED US! You can learn more about It here:

The Demiurge And WHY Christians Face So Many Demonic Attacks

Anyways, it’s a cycle of violence and malevolence that gives rise to a culture of a lack of conscience and THAT is EXACTLY the energy the Demiurge feasts upon…

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