Hallelujah I Done ‘Woked A Coleman’s Portable Stove And Now I Can ‘Woke Food In My Car

I can’t tell ya how AWE-SOME it is to be able to eat cooked food again (fuck vegans 🖕🏻)

Looka this weird shit at how a triangle formed while cleaning the pot out:

– I told ya’ll I STAY seeing triangles….

The beauty-full 😘🍳 thing is I don’t have to eat out at Pizza hut anymore…..


– No moe’ doing dumb shyte (😆🤫 sike)


Here I am, first time (deciding to stay fulltime) in the woods….


No moe’ Sizzlers….


I saw world renowned physicist Michio Kaku in there one time….


Before leaving to get my food, looka this beauty-full view:

Love the Black Lives Matter billboard I saw on the way (we get shit DONE 👍🏻)….


Now they just need to staph fake appeasing us and give us our reparations….

Also, before I talk on the food – this guy is a protector. I had an astral vision where I decided to jump into the pacific ocean and nearly drowned and he came to save the day 🦸🏾‍♂️

It appears to be an Easter Island head like entity or gargoyle with wings….

No more eating out 🍑🐱 …. just playing. That said, nothing like a home cooked meal or, in my case, car cooked 🏡=🚗


Early that morning I caught a dude jammin’ in the porta potty 🎵🎶🎵🎶


How this shit stays up is beyond me in the era of BLM….


An old white man kissing a young Asian woman at the IHOP in my old neighborhood….


And me running naked in my old neighborhood near my old apartment building, 637 Hauser., in my fav lil vestibule – all where I started that topless shit ⭐


Gotta keep myself entertained….

I was cooking chorizo in my car one day 🇲🇽🍳


Eggs, steaks (well, will do diss week)….

I’ve made fried chicken wit diss shit 🍗🍳 (cause I’m black)….


Shit was so good that even an entity was peering in wanting some 👻🍗

Speakin of witch 🧙🏻‍♀️ peep how this baby wipe came to form a kkk hat:

Here I noticed that that and my pinky, when breaking off, formed claws which is def. a spiritual sign.

SPEAKING OF WITCH 🧙🏻‍♀️ this shows my spiritual development, the progress from Queen of Cups = appeasing others, over empathy to Queen of Pentacles = ruling thru use of magic to Justice = balance between all aspects of me!

I tell ya I see triangles ALOT….

There’s a “G” street in Wilmington lol….

Also, fawk babies…..

GG Allin says so lol….

– Diss was the only thing made wide folks style 👆🏻

Shid was still finger licking nagger GOODT!

Anyways, dat said nothing like a home cooked (or in my case car cooked) meal!

Back when I was eating soups outta cans (my fav cause it had meat in it) or ravioli I was developing food urges cause I needed REAL MEAT not dipped in sodium (soups) to fullfil what my body needed. I was essentially starving witch 🧙🏻‍♀️ is why I talk shit on vegans here:

I Hate Vegans and Veganism And What It Does To The Kids

That’s why a well balanced meal WITH ALL NUTRIENTS is vital. There was even a time in my life where all I could eat was meat (Imma make steak on Wednesday 🥩).

That said, nothing like a car cooked meal.

Diss real homeless cooking here this time around 👍🏻

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