Looka this shit here:

Here a video so people CAN SEE it was in fact in the police station:

LOL! Somebody done posted a mofo sigil in the restroom of the LAPD community police station.

Online Now!

Anyways… as someone who has dealt in the occult at one time (Satanism for a hot brief minute cause of money issues) I can recognize
that shit from anywhere:


Here is a thaumaturgic triangle which – via certain methods, is used to summon up demons: http://www.muslimsandtheworld.com/triangle-inside-circle-occult-illuminati-symbol/

And you wonder why Alcoholics Anonymous has a high relapse rate!

Somebody trying to put witchcraft on the LAPD (Ain’t me! I ain’t even had a red pen on me that day, lol!).

I been said Miracle Mile got some weird ass energy, especially where this police station is, hence why they got the anthrax threat which I covered back in 2014:


And TWICE got shoot up by armed gunmen (like wtf??):


Nevermind Chris Dorner who went after the entire fucking dept. (R.I.P. sweet Prinze). lol! THIS station the only one I know this shit happened to!