PROOF of Corruption by The National Bar Association of Los Angeles

PROOF of Corruption by The National Bar Association of Los Angeles

Listen to this (get to maybe 7:55 at the end):

Now you can hear an employee snickering on the other end of the line KNOWING my complaint won’t get taken seriously.

I believe it will NOW!

The more I come into my own power the more I realize (or at least come back to the knowledge) that IT IS MY DESTINY to help the downtrodden, helpess, needy, rejected (like me) – but, unlike most others, I wear that rejection as a proud badge of honour…

Cause who would wanna be accepted by a society where up is down and right is wrong, where police get away with doing shit everyday – like what happened to me and unless lawyers (who do their shit parasitically and that’s understandable given how parasitic our own society is) can exploit said often state-illuminati monarch created “victims” for the state-illuminati created press to feed off of, where can you expect justice such as in the case of this:

In a prison planet, a Satanic world created for and designed for evil to thrive.

I feel like it is my destiny to DESTROY THIS EVIL SYSTEM!

– Funny too as I elevate myself spiritually I have been getting attacked by demon influenced folks such as by an ex neighbor of mine (WHO NEVER SAID ANYTHING EXCEPT “HI” MUCH LESS FUCKED WITH ME) who made an ornery gesture towards me while walking (didn’t think I caught that, huh?).

That said, that’s why it drives me crazy when NORPS (people who are robots) as well as the Incarnated Demons who rule them ask me why I am not part of the system (the system of darkness) and perpetuating it ie supporting it with my higher level of consciousness that is of the light and not of your world!

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That’s why all them mofos involved in pizzagate who are raping and killing these kids are doing materialistically well – and rule over you!

Many lawyers themselves take oaths to Evil, Darkness or what some would say – the archonic, Satanic energy which is why, despite having all these “lawyers” running around… there is no justice in our world! NONE.

But I am here to bring it as a Child of Light and so thus, righteousness, goodness!

That said, anybody having any legal problems (since I sued the city ON MY OWN AND BY MYSELF back in 2014 for my topless rights) CONTACT ME at [email protected] and I will help you FREE OF CHARGE!

Let’s start toppling this system that goes against us and remember #pizzagate:

By the way here is the phone number and address for the National Bar Association of Los Angeles:

1055 W 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

(213) 243-1525

…More dox coming soon (they done fucked with the wrong person)!

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