Thank You 🙇🏾‍♀️ The Reinas Got FUCKED UP

Thank You 🙇🏾‍♀️ The Reinas Got FUCKED UP

Turns out the nasty crown chakra he had on my head was designed to keep him, David Reina, connected to my lifeforce so he won’t lie.

There is still one around my consciousness.

They have done this to my family!

Early this morning, I saw that my mother’s Soul is practically in Barbara’s body while her Soul is in Barbara’s Body. My mom’s consciousness is still there in Barbara’s body but a significabt portion keeps getting pulled out so, if Barbara’s physical body dies, my mama dies…..

That said, I can hear their equally racist, white supremacist astral parasites, entity attachments, which are extensions of their racist ass consciousness – who feed off of me and family – say, “How dare I.”

I am supposed to have sympathy – and feel obliged to feed – entity parasites that feed off of my energy designed to kill me over time, parasites who lie in my subconscious mind, brain stem, usually near the pineal gland – the very same people who stole my family and my consciousness from me!

I heard the Reinas got into some shit. Good. Two weeks ago my parents Souls got snatched into a hell realm – a roach motel ran by Michael O’ Terrance and the Reinas – where they were stuck in a funky ass place being feed on by equally nasty ass giant roaches.

My family didn’t deserve this. They were attacked because they are extensions of me – people I love – to push me into a Soul contract with the people I been talking about here:

Warning About Mind Hijackers Barbara Reina and David Reina and Malibu Dark Witch Shaman Michael O’ Terrance Who Sends Astral Parasites Into Your Mind To Force You Into A Soul Contract

Now my parents’ Souls who get used as slaves by the Reinas – along with my autistic baby brother Bryan who gets used as a sex slave by the Reinas – are used as slaves along with my ancestors (by tweaking our ancestral DNA) while as spoken below I am supposed to be cool with these parasites, the Reinas and their entity attachments they put in me, to become a literal vessel for Barbara Reina’s Soul as she steals mine a la Get Out:

What Barbara Reina And David Reina Are Doing To Me Is Just Like In That Film “Get Out”

As I write this right now, the entity attachments they put in me are saying about me and family, “Good. You all are niggers and you all deserve it.” “Niggers aren’t shit.” And, “We need to feed.”

They feed off of me by living near my pineal gland, my subconcious mind, and near my pineal gland!

I tormented day and night – losing my consciousness and sanity – cause I am hearing voices due to these racist parasites who have been put into me.

They are planning on killing my family and ancestors cause I dare attack the very same white family who have taken everything – my consciousness, mind, sanity and home – away from me!

The Reinas have taken Soul pieces from I and my family – the very same people they have tormented and hurt and killed – so he can repair himself and his family.

These same mofos are talking about “retaliating” against me after they have taken my van, my life, my home, my parents, my family and with their objective being my Soul, away from me……

I and my family didn’t ask for this. We are the victims…..

Why I Have To Throw Rocks And Hands Doing My Shirtless Activism As A Black Woman

Real Talk On How Other Races Show No Empathy Towards Blacks With Mental Illnesses

….As perfectly talked about in those two blogs – blacks can never be seen as victims but as property, as “pets” for folks to be used by others energetically, physically, culturally!

I am seeing that this rings true in the spirit realm right now as I hear entity attachments in my head such as “Rosie the Roach Queen” as she calls herself who had my brother trapped in her roach motel hell as well as Gooru 3 who I witnessed chomping on my baby brother here:

….Say my black family, including myself, deserve what they are doing to us but we are supposed to accept being used as energetic fodder for a white family thay uses blacks as energy batteries and Soul vessels like in the film, “Get Out.”

They – these same entity attachments, astral parasites, call me “evil” for getting back at my enemies as blacks are expected to be compliant with our inhumane treatment at the hands of other races, especially the white race.

Right now as I talk, as talked about here, Barbara Reina placed an egregious crown chakra attachment designed to take my consciousness away when I remove it because I dared to have a black consciousness – which Barbara can’t merge with – as talked about here:

What Barbara Reina And David Reina Are Doing To Me Is Just Like In That Film “Get Out”

I saw the same crakkkas in Malibu who put my family through this attacking me all cause I supposedly attacked a lil crakkka kid. Reminds me of how they see our own kids as animals, less than their own, as seen here:

That being said, we blacks get fed on like it is no one’s business – like we are supposed to accept it – by these other races, even in the spirit realm.

The Reinas even connected their ancestral chord while throwing out mine so their family ancestors could feed off of me.

Right now I am sadistically being fed on – while having my very own third eye, consciousness and pineal gland blocked – by the very same entity attachment sent by the Reinas who need me to feed on, the very same ones who in my head constantly call me “nigger” and other disparaging words.

They done blinded my third eye and constantly block me from living a healthy life. I need them out.

I need my Soul pieces back that the Reinas have stolen – been stole – to help them and their crakkka ass family, which came at the expense – and life – of mine.

You can do this easily by having your third eye open by burning the books allowing for them to have those Soul pieces to begin with as broken down here:

Destroy The Astral Books To Get Rid of Hard To Defeat Entities And Spirits

I teleport but right now they have my spiritual abilities greatly hindered.

I heard that my family – my parents and brothers Bryan, Kristen, and Kerry, are trapped in hell realms – their whole Souls – in the astral.

As I type the Reinas, who have destroyed my immediate family in the astral as well as the physical, have now turned my ancestors intranquil by messing with my family DNA which they feel entitled to do so.

They straight plan on replacing my consciousness, Soul, and ancestors with that crakkka bitch Barbara Reina.

She wants to become me.

Also, from what I understand, I think they are in Gooru aka David Reina’s realm, being tortured – my family and my ancestors.

Watch it as they use veils to keep folks from finding them in the astral!

Every morning I wake up and see through my third eye a veil being casted over me by Barbara or David Reina’s ancestors to keep spiritual black folks from seeing what is being done to me.

That said to whoever did this, thank you! I thank you for what you have done. Asè to the ancestors ✊🏾🇲🇼 Black power ✊🏾 We need to get more.

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