Black Eyed Joe Biden Tries To Trick Me Into Getting Possessed With Dragon Word Laced Ivermectin Alcohol

Black Eyed Joe Biden Tries To Trick Me Into Getting Possessed With Dragon Word Laced Ivermectin Alcohol

I will say this….. for my folks with Souls G aka the “illuminati” is doing HEAVY recruitment – including resorting to trickery as said here – to trap us Soulled people into working with them…..

Look at Joe Biden’s eyes…..


Look at his VP, Kamala Harris:

As this man – a fav of mine who was BIG in the past till Youtube censored him, Kinninigan – shows her eyes being black.

That said, years ago there was talk of $ellebs having black “bruised” eyes that many folks think might have come from vril reptilian entities…..

This is very interesting…..

That said what it really is as broken down here is the “eye of Re” which was spoken about in ancient Kemet (Egypt) in which, as I experienced, an etheric parasitic worm is placed into your eye causing you to act in ways not like yourself, akin to a mind invasion done against an insect by an emerald wasp who insert her stinger into the insect, thus converting them into a zombie:

The Eye of Ra aka The All Seeing Eye Is A Separate Entity That Lives In Your Right Eye And Controls You

THAT was what I saw Joe Biden trying to trickerly place into me….. it was beige, looked like intestines, WAS EXTREMELY long and had a dragon head……

Thankfully I refused the drink.

I think this was an attempt to get me to become the antichrist via possession….

The Illuminati Comes To Recruit Me To Be The Antichrist Who Will Destroy Humanity

They know I won’t do it so using trickery to get me possessed in the astral – like them – was the next route, but it failed!

I wanna say that in the ether last night I kept hearing me hollering to my mom for help on the other side. It was heart rending to hear.

This is why I am averting this. This is why I would never work with them, with G…..

I Saw The Horrible Fate of The Rothschilds’ Afterlife In A Vision

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– Burning books using astral frequency fences is key 🔑 to defeating this shit 👍🏻

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