Black Men Need To Stop Using Black Women’s Bodies As Political Pawns

Black Men Need To Stop Using Black Women’s Bodies As Political Pawns

I’m not your fucking broadmare. I am not gonna act as some stable horse to bare black kids that are only gonna end up abandoned – and on the streets – after getting ran out of foster care after aging out as broken down here (I like white men anyways)…..

I wrote this cause of the ignorant, wannabe white supremacist ass comments posted regarding this article here in which Jeff Bezo’s ex decided to donate $275 million to help black women, really all low income women, to get abortions…..

Look, let’s be real (I’m not in the business of trying to see illogical ass point of views and break shit – common sense shit – for stubborn people), aside from the fact that these niqqas are defending what is technically a parasite’s rights over grown ass, conscious women for their reproductive benefit as I broke down here, but as Putin broke it down…..

Blacks, Messycans, many people of colour really, have a tendency to dick ride and cosign anything the white boi says because they think “white is right” and to think like a white is next to Godliness.

That said, what these take-a-kneegrows are supporting is a misogynist control device rooted in white supremacy that was designed to control white women for white men’s reproductive benefit.

It is called fear of white genetic annhilation and Dr. Francis Cress Welsing broke it down perfectly when she was alive:

That said, all you niccas (and messycans and everyone else lapping at the table of white supremacy) are doing is echoing the sentiments of the male side of a race that created this shit to prevent their genetically and phenotypically weaker race from extinction.

That said, even if niccas are dying out, so what? At the end of the day, you are your Soul (if you have one) or your spirit, not your physical vessel you call a body so why all this fuss into something so temporary…..

As spoken about here, as I have said before, the demiurge or what you falsely call “god” aka HEY-Zeus uses women – whom he hates cause his ma, the Aeon Sophia abandoned him, as port-holes (hence why pregnancy and childbirth are hell, to punish his mama vicariously by punishing us) to usher in Souls that will be entrapped in human vessels so he can feed on us.

Wanna know more about him? Read here:

That said, if ya’ll are so concerned about having babies to keep up the black population, have em thru your dick as this man nearly had here 🍆💧👶🏿

Peace ✌🏻

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