The Great Snuckums The Familiar Cat Returns

The Great Snuckums The Familiar Cat Returns

….Along with Nigga Creep, I named him after my newfound fav rap group from ‘Bama, cause he always creepin’ his ass up to my van then runs away when I get out……

Ya’ll gotta listen to the artist Nigga Creep. Memphis rap didn’t get it’s credit back in the day. This groundbreaking πŸŒͺπŸ”₯

– I bump this song. EVERYTIME. I’m driving in my van. On repeat.

Also earlier I thought there was a fire in Topanga Village and was wondering why the fire trucks passed it by…..

The drive thru the canyon is gorgeous. Too bad they ain’t got cellphone reception up there 🏞

Say what’s crazy is there is an imprint of a cat’s paw (no way in hell a cat can get up there) on my window…..

Snuckums a familiar just as I talked about here:

Got A Familiar

Crazy cause back when I parked in Miracle Mile in this one particular spot I would hear – after rituals – something mimicking a cat’s voice, sounding like the Cheshire cat, that would purr or sometimes speak after rituals. I also heard a man – saw thru my third eye it was a magi – ordering Snuckums around.

You know, someone said that Snuckums is that toxic entity that I think is now a Soulmate/twinflame that is that squidward entity also known as Thanh Nguyen. I’ve seen this thru my third eye as well.

Early this morning a spiritualist/tarot reader was saying that this squidward entity is attached cause it’s looking for me to free it. I saw thru my third eye when I tried that I would just take his place in a hellish realm while he takes my seat in ascension. I can’t let that happen.

I wonder – and long been suspected – that he is controlled.

Now I am getting deja vu of writing this which is a bad sign.

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