Don’t Do Dumb Shit Like This

Don’t Do Dumb Shit Like This

I had another bitch pull this yesterday…….

– Bitch didn’t even say shit when I picked up! Sounded like a wed-buck!

Don’t do this dumb shit!

I placed my number so that people who want to help me will call me if they got a van or minivan.

Selfish ass pee-pole like those two weirdos are assholes who are FAN-ATICS who just want your energy, wanna hear your fucking voice, etc. ad nauseum. They lonely lost mofos with no appreciation for the real you, who see you as a one dimensional character to spit their shit on (it’s why I wilded off on the mofos on the pch)….

Thet don’t see you as a person….. they are just lost lonely looney ass weirdos who think that, just cause you make a few points their weird asses resonates with that makes you two Soul buddies and, nah bitch, that ain’t happening!

YOU need a friend. I don’t!

YOU need to hear someone else’s voice. I don’t!

Many of these mofos got borderline personality disorder and “need” a “friend” to thrust all their energetic miasma and bullshit on.

It is also a form of bullying. Like this big gorilla silverback ape here (I heard she got a literal herd of witches ??‍♀️ on dat azz)…..

Stalked By A Silverback Ape Named Angeline Alexis

These types of people who are already showing they have no respect for you by disrespecting your boundaries by calling your phone for it’s unintended purpose (behind why I posted it) to emotionally guilt trip and blackmail you into giving in to their energy vampirism by saying they were trying to be nice then calling you a big ole meanie blah blah blah ad NAUSEOUSNESS….

Don’t pick on me. I ain’t the one. I don’t even have to see your ass to ‘woke you, like I did these motherfuckers…..

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Don’t play with my phone.

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