The Sexual Policing of Black People vs White People

The Sexual Policing of Black People vs White People

One thing I notice being a black shirtless rights activist is how the same crazy shit that whyte pee-pole do – my black ass gets judged as crazy, a crackhead – even by fellow niggers – and all sorts of racist ass contumlies cause I am black.

I plan to open an OnlyFans in the future by the way to document all my crazy antics on the pch – for mo-nay ?

But, when a white bitch do the same thing – she gets dismissed as just being crazy and having crazy white girl fun, even by niggers who will judge me harshly while not judging her harshly…..

Oh, let me make something clear to you niggers aka mayates…..

I am transwhite. I was white in my past life. Please do not put the EXTREMELY limiting nigger-mayate stamp of limitation on me culturally, socially etc cause I am not part of your tribe – no one’s tribe which is why I have had to defend myself against everyone and do things to defend myself against constant attacks cause I am different due to my Soul being different.

Hear ??? are some links so you all could better understand me…..

This Is Why My Soul Could Never Fit In With Any Group or Anybody

Coming Out As Transracial aka Trans White

Black Woman’s Past Life As A Rich Little Blonde White Girl Who Ran Away From Home With An Old White Man

The relatives from the past life actually came to help me recently ??

Also may explain why only Thor came to visit me, unsummoned….

Thor Does Not Want White Supremacists Worshipping Him

That being said, I note that black people are conditioned culturally by our society to be “respectable” from a Eurocentric racist standpoint and have their sexuality and sexual expression literally defined and bottled up in a bottle defined by racist stereotypes instituted on black bodies…..

Okay, now what is wrong with being a black hooker…..

I was a black hooker for many years who sucked many different dicks and I made an honest living. I didn’t have to kill anybody like ole dude in the blue bus who went crazy recently due to all the ghosts of the people he murdered as a mercenary for hire aka US soldier in Afghanistan who murdered those poor innocent people for oil and heroin aka poppy seeds….

When ‘Wokeing Goes Wrong….For The ‘Woked ??✊???‍♀️??‍♀️

He got ‘woked ✊???‍♀️

Anyways, it is not right to force yourself to live in very deeply confining, enclosing boxes cause dumbasses got racist, insecure, culturally conditioned and perverted idealogies and perceptions of your supposed sexuality.

Should our ancestors have ceased being naturally clad aka naked cause nasty ass crakkkas felt it was okay to rape us due to their degenerate nature and perceptions about our bodies…..

No. You don’t change yourself cause of bullies. That is how you truly respect yourself.

That said – I truly think my Jew genes is what helps me stand out and fight bullshit social mores cause, let’s be honest, if it were just up to the blacks with the civil rights movement to make it happen – it would never happened…..

Anyways, like Milton in The Devil’s Advocate says…..

Ya’ll letting whyte pee-pole aka the devil tell you all what to do, jumping from one false bullshit racist social more to another, in an attempt to control your social life and your expression of your bodily autonomy which includes your sexuality…..

That’s disrespect to yourself. Disrespect by letting a race of bullies control you, what you think, and what you do to yourselves.

Reminds me of the Willie Lynch book How To Make The Perfect Slave…..

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