Out Enjoying The Beautiful California Sunshine While Expatriated Californians In Texas Deep Freeze ???❄

Out Enjoying The Beautiful California Sunshine While Expatriated Californians In Texas Deep Freeze ???❄

Just saw this! TOLD YA!

Many folks are leaving Cali cause other places are cheap but as ole boy say here Texas ain’t cheap!

I’m petty ??

Here are my FAV pics…..

I weightlifted (hence how I’m getting biig)…..

– No I’m not drunk…..

I am getting healthier…..

Even met interesting pee-pole…..

And talked shyte ?

That said let’s talk about Californians who emigrated to Tex-ass who are now quite possibly regretting that move…..

This is shit you saw on tv back in the 80s in the eastern European communist blocs on tv……

With that being said for weeks I had been watching folks on tv talk about defecting from “commie-fornia” over to Texas and other states…… As this deep freeze and this fool (from North Carolina) show, the grass ain’t greener on the other side…..

As I stated here…..

Why Many Californians Don’t Wanna Leave California And Why We Californicate Your State

The deep south – where I’m from – is a very different animal and the people there, for lack of a better word, are backwards, narrow minded, got a very selfish outlook on how to deal with and interact with their fellow human being aka why they look down on “socialism”, with a hardened, almost sociopathic outlook towards racism – not even wanting to look inward at their own bull (for instance pushing the rebel flag as a “symbol of their ancestors” and not as a symbol of oppression for others, akin to a nazi flying the nazi flag, and making the same excuse as rebel flag users that “it is their history and that not all nazis killed jews” which is true but still)…….

Growing up in the deep south then hitting adult age while living down there – though New Orleans was the most liberal, which is where I was neé’d aka born in – there was a tendency outside the French Quarter which is a major liberal stronghold to get married at 19, 22, have babies and just, stay stuck to a normal life.

Bet these mofos, including Joe Rogaine (my dad used to call his ass that when he was on Fear Factor) regretting it naw…. or shall I say thaw…..

Californians aren’t like that. California on the astral map is colored by the root chakra (hence why every 3rd car driving down the road is a lambo or some other expensive car). Californians are a different breed which is why when ya’ll (yeah, I said ya’ll) go everywhere you “Californicate” the area cause you all have to. This wouldn’t of happened – irrespective of race – in Texas long ago:

For awhile there were reports of topless, really, shirtless women walking around – just like me lol:

Looka that nasty wetbuck looking at dat sista lemme stop…..

Anyways, back to going on a more serious note…. California is THE MOST liberal state. I have lived in NYC, Crakkka-chusetts (formerly Massa-chusetts or Massive-Two-Shits depending on how you pronounce it) and California has, literally, the organic, astral energy to change shit globally. Why do you all think powerful movements start here:


Hippie culture, everything started here!

That said, home is worth fighting for. THE FUCKED UP thing you gotta understand about these other states in the south is they are big proponents of “self sufficiency” to a callous degree. Think of the old phrase many old whites will say, “Pick yourself up by the booth straps” and you’ll understand….. That’s why the politrick-ians in Texas are openly not doing shit for the people who elected em in Texas. The “Let em eat cake” mentality is worse. Elon Musk think he got a raw deal with Gavin. He ain’t seen shit yet…..

We got unparalleled freedom honest in that, for instance: when I was 19 and needed an abortion I was in college – living at home. My ma woulda killed me (and understandibly so) so I had to collect my student aid money (and meager earnings from Walmart which I could not do after two weeks) and got rid of the half crakkka basturd. Now I use my third eye to kill em ???

How To Use Your Third Eye To Spiritually Induce An Abortion


That being said, when I got a second abortion at the ripe ole age of 33 (an illuminati number), and just when I was getting evicted from my ole apartment – damn I was a prostitute for yearrrs and it took me THAT long to get pregnant – AGAIN – since 19 – I was able to get it on medicaid, which covers it thankfully cause Cali is forward thinking.

A fucking fetus is technically a parasite cause it can not live physically independent outside the womban’s womb aka is not viable so foh with that “pro life” demiurge rethoric. For all of you out there who are not familiar with how I feel about “god” read here as primers:

God Is Satan: The Demiurge

Angels Are Demons and The Bible Proves It

I Defeated The Demiurge

I defeated him so fuck off. He ain’t shyte!

Anyways, there is alot of opportunity: beautiful beaches, forward thinking policies. Stay and change the shit.

The south hot and humid, with flying ugly ass cock-roachès….. and they fly to your ass too, esp. if you got the light on!

Of all the places I have lived Cali got the right mentality so you all have potential to make something better.

Just today I was speaking with a gentleman who hails from Mexico and he spoke of how in Texas a cop called him a beaner and how his cousin told him not to speak cause he sounded black while they sounded white and even insulted themselves racially to get out of a ticket back in ’08. Let us also realise that, if you are a criminal – forget it (though we are making it better as you can see in the “suspended license video above ??). In Texas, expect to do a minimum of 16 years hard labour for stealing a candy bar…..

– and that demon a $ellebratty…..

Meanwhile expect to get 3 years (actually 1 year with good behavior ?) and probation in county jail for attempted murder here in Cali….

It’s Big Herc Big Herc BIIIG HERC ????

And just forget my state, Loser-ana. Them racist crakkkas will give you the death penalty just for looking at a wide woman, like poor Emmitt Till…..

….and lyfe in prison for $20 worth of weed…..

…..that’s why I got the fuck out of that backwards ass state.


Expect to serve some time in the luxurious Twin Towers in Downtown LA for anything as I first learned when I got to L.A. (I ain’t never did time anywhere else but here) where the sheriffs make your ass get up at the crack of dawn in the overcrowded, but sanitary jail (shit better than Loser-ana like the archaic ass stank rank jail I saw when I visited one as per the D.A.R.E. program in ’97)…..

– Boy I swear when you get out that mofo you be so happy to get home even if home is your car ?=?

– You also do only 10% of your time in L.A. county accomodations ??

– I kno. cause I been in that mofo more than a few times…..

Shit you would NOT believe the charges that even before Gascon folks got OR (own recognisance) or just plain had dropped – like GTA was LIT a common one……

With Gascon you just get a $3000 ticket for murder now….

Might as well be…..

This reminds me before leaving NY I was fucking a NYC detective at the time – short dude with blonde hair who looked like the T-1000 off of Terminator (I recall a friend in Jamaica Queens said I shoulda got money off of him ??) and, while passed out drunk, when I came to he said that a Valley Streams cop approached us – we were in a car fucking – and asked him why he got that nigger in the car.

Low key Cali is looking like New Orleans did when I was growing up in which I have seen whole stoves on the I-10 (we got that in N.O.) and it depresses me. This can be turned around. Make forward thinking policies with common sense…..

This is sad. Even Beverly Hills got an encampment in front of boarded up stores….


Watching Beverly Hills Cop as a child in New Orleans, Loser-ana I didn’t expect to see Beverly Hills like that…..

Plus I had a crush on Judge Reinhold as a child…..


This was before the deep freeze [[witch’s laugh]] – HA HA HA HA HAAAAA

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