Breaking Free of The Reptilian Curse

I don’t know what the fuck these mofos want from me!

I’ve talked about them numerous times….




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When I trace back when shit went downhill, it can be traced back to them.

They are trulty the masters of deception and deflection.

Just like here when they pretended to come along to help:


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I saw early this morning in the spirit realm that when I tried to cut they ass off – after all when I exposed them on my biggest youtube channel to date which had 3,000 subs back in 2014 – they sent my poor little brother back to the underworld again.

That’s why I hate reptilians and their human vessels aka wetbucks (who were acting up early this morning after I commenced my spiritual getaway):

Late last night – like at around 4am etc., to end the bullshit I been going thru – I made some progress: I threw away an item from somebody I called myself ‘wokeing – mistakeningly – who had got my ass back by – justifiably – putting some powerful shit on me! As soon as I threw said item away (he didn’t curse it but I inadvertently cursed myself by holding on to it), when I got back in my car – it smelled better and no longer had the foul odor of sulfur – a demonic smell – in here. It smelled like lavender and the essential oils I put in here.

Wish I woulda known earlier.

I was supposed to be getting blessings (more like trappings tho. based on what I had seen) back in 2018, etc. and I talk about how I saw Patti LaBelle and the Migos stealing em (I actually had a vision of her sacrificing a very handsome up and coming actor named John or Jeff Vincinelli something in the 70s):

It was then I decided to use my powers to go after the reptilians once and for all.

See, back in 2014 – as I said before – I had had my biggest youtube channel to date with 3,000 subs. I was always a truth teller, first doing copwatching (started it in LA), pro sex work aka prostitution activism simultaneously where I would drive up and down the PCH making sure cops didn’t fuck with sex workers etc. (I peep now folks use the word sex worker instead of hooker I believe due to my energy changing things.

That being said, seeking the ultimate truth of what is behind the problems of our world – I stumbled upon by “happenstance” reptilians:

– Lemme put things into perspective for you all. Before I was doing alright with money. I was never a rich woman but I had folks who liked what I said, it resonated.

When I started talking about the reptilians, it was like their was an invisible handing blocking. TF out of money (anyone experiencing monetary issues take what I am saying here into account). My electronics started inexplicably fucking up with no justifiable, normal source. I couldn’t make money as a sex worker to save my life (EXACTLY BEFORE I did alright – again I was never a materialistic woman and even walking through Beverly Hills back when I had – but didn’t know myself – was an excruciating, uncomfortable experience) as soon as I spoke on the reptilians.

It was then I was forced into the archonic matrix spiritual system otherwise known as “satanism” (which all mass mind control religions and spiritual systems are controlled by they – the archons). As an aside, the Vietnamese past life relative I spoke on I believe was a reptilian in disguise. He had yellow reptilian slitted eyes and when she showed me these mansions I saw pictures of wealthy people shaking hands with a skeleton entity.

I was being introduced to some illuminati shit by the reptilians.

That was the same skeletal entity who btw would block my ability to astral project AND who the shaman saw was causing my strong alcohol urges and negating me of my protection in the astral in my underworld.

Again it explains why they came to me, acting as relatives (the reptilians that is) here:


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Like I said, I don’t trust those mofos and it was/is exactly those brown colored iguana mofos who were holding my brother prisoner in a cave in the astral!

The King of Pentacles – I saw his ass last night – represents the big reptilian who has been oppressing me all along. The Page of Pentacles represents me = magick and the four of wands represents family!

Jamila the High Priestess says that a dude put this bas-turd on me!

Early this morning in an astral vision I was at a home. It looked like a middle class home, simple, something you’d see in Louisiana – my home state!
There were a bunch of people: most notably a tall, well built (fine body not BUILT as in muscular) young white man, tall, in his early 20’s. We were at first sitting in the living room it seemed with my family and were making plans to go out for dinner.

That being said it then split to an image of a reptilian in a darkened bedroom which looked like my old childhood bedroom of sorts (though I couldn’t see cause it was too dark) with him and a bunch of shadow beings who looked like the Jawas of Star Wars with fire behind them talking about placing my brother there in a hellish realm cause I want to break free from him:

He looked like the tailess reptoid here:


Then at some point the young white kid came out and said that it is the reptilians who are blocking my money and will continue to do so!

They some evil mofos!

I recall going back to college (symbolic) and deeply contemplating what to do with my life and contemplating the red pill/blue pull choice of trying to make it in college (I dropped out in “real life”) or just living off grid and making my own way.

Then I woke up!

I been woke! Been woke for awhile.

I sincerely KNOW – as I have stated numerous times here – that they target those who can be a threat to their demiurge-archon matrix system. I am spiritually powerfull! They block my blessings cause they know once I marry the spiritual with the material I would be no joke.

I wouldn’t be shocked if the visions I get of folks stealing my shit – like I did with Aarona – is them actually doing it, giving it to others (if even that) to get me to ‘woke folks who are innocent so I can suffer karmic consequences in their reincarnation matrix trap:

They are tricky like that and do that, cause as I have explained numerous times, the demiurge feeds off of our Soul bodies aka our True Selves:

That’s why those who are truly spiritually blessed go thru the most shit, materially!

Alex Collier talks on them:

Peggy Kane, who has mysteriously disappeared, exposed their asses:

….Whoa, while searching for her vid it’s apparent thru took her shit DOWN!

When you go to her facebook you get kinda like an old photo – nothing new – showing up as if she is still online and alive but based on my third eye, she ain’t!

I see they done ghosted her profile cause when I tried to look for her (I only found it by tracing through an old conversation), she didn’t come up!

Why do they fuck with me?

I don’t know if it is possession but my eyes do the reptilian slits too:

– You can see it VERY clear there and this was after cleansing myself of any entities that could be in me!

Here my fingers changing to claws:

That said, back in 2015 – before any satanism etc. – when I was on the reptilian exposing shit (still am), I said in normal speech that I am from Pleiades. When I played the tape in reverse it said, “I am from Sirius, Obama status.”

In the film V, the reptilians are said to come from Sirius:


You go on website and it talks of how reptilian whistleblowers suffer maladies and shit.

Cause I am high ranking – and am one of em – I got a lil protection.

Imma try to figure this shit out. I can’t make heads or tails why they want me so bad – tho I have some clues.

Let me go into deep meditation to figure this out ?? hissss lol!

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