Cutting The Etheric Chords To Toxic Ancestors

This guy here some type of fucking spiritual sign ✌?


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This like THE SECOND TIME he appeared and, it’s funny cause it was direct across from me.

I think a spirit told him to do this because I saw him “talking to himself” meaning he is conversing with a higher dimensional entity we can’t see.

That being said, I can tell he wasn’t cool with the topless thing and mumbled something about it but then gave me the peace sign cause his spirit told him to ✌?

That’s why I took it as a spiritual sign in regards to this….

Real talk on cutting etheric ties and cease feeding your ancestors and, yes, I got reptilian as confirmed in this card reading here:

There’s kinda no denying it:

– That’s fucking crocodile eyes there:

With that being said I started the initiative of cutting off my etheric ties to em, ALL OF EM! Already I felt the strange clamping sensation that induced alcohol/food urges on the side of my face disappear/ evanesce IMMEDIATELY!

Now I can go back to meditating IN PEACE without fear of those sadistic food/alcohol urges (which were worse in the past) rising up!

YOU ALL HAVE TO UNDERSTAND that, when I hear folks bring up “ancestors”, they act like they are just 1 whole unit and that is not true.

You have to understand that just cause someone passed on don’t make em wiser, or better.

See, and this site breaks it down best:

That said, you have different layers to your body. Certain parts of your soul = the ego stays in this matrix/prison system upon death aka ghosts, spirits and the REAL core of your Soul = Sol returns to The Source!

That said, so when you talk of feeding ancestors you are really talking of maintaining the energy vampire matrix system of the demiurge since they are in fact mere energy vampires at that point as this guy breaks down:

You shouldn’t have to feed shit.

In conjunction, you must understand nuances: again, if they had bad alcohol, drug addictions they are going to – like any ghosts – plague you with feeding it!

Case in point, years ago I used to converse with a young lady who told me that her uncle, who had a real bad HEROIN addiction (which is worse than alkie-hole), who passed away then latched onto her body to force her to feed it! She then got an exorcism to run him away and then, voila, no drug addiction.

All I did was use my third eye to cut off chords to these fake ancestors (the real ones return to The Source). That part, the ego part of the soul, that is left in this matrix system after physical death is what forms the ghosts/energy vampires/ “ancestors” you are left to feed!

In many cult-ures around the world, esp. southeast asia they believe, like these ladies here, in revering ALL ancestors good and bad:

– I’m looking at the young black lady and despite all her talk her SPIRIT screams ? “frazzled”.

….Like she done really fucked up but for the sake of ego she is gonna go along with that trendy ancestor war-ship cause she has been told it is the rite thing!

That’s why it’s important to think for yourself:

In the immortal words of Colton Wood, that’s why I say: Fuck dese niggerz!

As I said before, where the fuck were these ancestor niggers, crakkkas (yes we had slavemasters in our line), g@@ks, spic and cspans and whatever else I got in my family to help when my brother was trapped in the helish underworld in a tight fucking cell (for no fucking reason cause of a reptilian ancestor which I will explain later) to get him out:

– This still fucks me up hearing it!

Where the fuck were they at when I got stabbed, assaulted, raped. Nowhere to be found. They just want to feed. More than likely they caused those incidents so they can feed off the negative energy given off by em.

When I first spoke of cutting off my etheric ties to em, they drained my car for energy:

Instead of sending them to the underworld – which was fucking me up due to still having etheric energetic chords to them – I finally found the etheric chord tying us together and I severed it, completely.

As I said in another post yesterday, when I went after the reptilian ones they – about the only ones who appear to me – threatened to send my brother back to that awful cave cell in the astral. Also, remember the story of the Vietnamese past life uncle? I forgot to say that that might of been a reptilian in disguise (or his soul got corrupted) cause he brought me to these mansions in the astral after pulling me out my body so I could astral project and all these mansions had pics of wealthy folks shaking hands with a skeleton – some freemason shit.

He was trying to get me to make a deal with the “devil” as they say.

Later that same being hindered my spiritual growth by hindering my ability to astral project AND when the shaman did an underworld clearing she saw him, drunk (the cause of my POWERFUL alkie-hole urges) and stealing my source of protection.

I also peeped when I did astral project despite him it was my light that protected me:

I’m too powerfull for that! Not on my watch.

How do I feel after being free of em?

Well, I feel myself. I also feel like I can finally heal old wounds that are long overdue cause they kept fucking up things I don’t feel this tugging pulling sensation near my jaw line and up the right side of my head that was inducing torturous unnecessary desires for food and alcohol I don’t need or even want, kinda like when one is pregnant with child. I knew of a young girl whose life was a mess who boasted of having Baron Samedi around her who was getting her into trouble, causing alcohol urges (she said he was around me too) that would put her in bad situations. I tried to tell her he was the cause of alot of that shit, feeding off of her but she was so controlled I couldn’t get through to her (I felt even more better and lighter writing that).

NOW, like in the past (before I commenced my spiritual journey), I’ve been peeping an uptick of sexual energy sacral chakra stealing energy vampires like this mug I had pimped early this morning and who came again, acting like he ran the cans (bitch a recycler who goes from can to can collecting trash for money – I know the guys who do it) whose organic portal ass I pimped yesterday (I hate organic portals WITH A PASSION), a crakkka couple in a grey new suv who I could sense were on some swinger shit who were intelligent enough not to come up to me cause I woulda started swinging on them, and some others.

I believe them ancestors, esp. those reptilians, orchestrate that shit so you’ll feel like you need em yet the whole time – when I focused my energy – it kept em at bay with even a few curses on em!

I also noticed some entity attachment this time on the left side of me and even felt it’s clutches move as I meditated to remove it.

I think as part of the matrix system it is filled with energy vampires like ancestors, demons, angels and other assorted beings who come and attack by attaching to keep you from remembering your Divinity as being part of The Source and to lower your vibration by getting you to war-ship them and “feed” them instead of working on and advancing yourself spiritually so you can make it out this matrix system aka the reincarnation cycle by using your soul ties or etheric chords to family to keep you connected to this system ie wanting to see your dead relatives on the other side:

– I sincerely believe that the pyramid in the illuminati is a symbol for breaking FREE of this reincarnation/matrix trap.

It’s funny cause triangles ESP. and pyramids been following me for a VERY long time:

– Even animals form em as spiritual messages for me such as these seals who formed a triad here:


And here whales doing it!


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It reminds me of this DAMN good story on reddit where a young man, lost in the woods, found himself in a parallel world where all sorts of shit from different dimensions, time periods could be found and he had to defeat an eye in the sky to be able to get back to our world.

– You gotta defeat that motherfucker there to come into your GodSelf!

I tell ya alot of Power-FULL stories can be found on reddit nosleep that tells ya truths just like Hollywood films do.

Anyways, sounds familiar? And the dude, a freemason, once said that shit was “protecting me.”

Naw, I protect me!

I’m God. I don’t need anything outside of me.

– Just now after writing all this, I felt the entity that was on my left side LEAVE as if it was there to spy on me as I wrote this.

Anyways, I say the same to you all. Your Gods! All of us. You don’t need to enslave yourself to feeding ancestors, gods! THEY ARE FEEDING OFF OF YOU CAUSE THEY NEED YOU! I peep when one becomes more spiritually powerfull and awakened these entities flock to you to feed off your lifeforce, take from you, so who has the True Power?

Anyways, I may just send those ancestors, including the reptilians, to the underworld. Fuck it!

I want to be free and if they gonna fuck with me they will get the horns of this Taurus ♈


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