When Your Stones and Crystals Start To Absorb The Energy OUT of You They Have Done Their Job

When Your Stones and Crystals Start To Absorb The Energy OUT of You They Have Done Their Job

This week I plan to put my long time celestite away:

I may just put the white topaz in it’s place as the final crystal I’ll need to heal:

Damn this shit is magickal:

– Video games straught be telling us shit! ?

I wanna say for the record that the symbols we choose to place on us as tattoos, even clothing (but tattoos are more permanent) can have the same spiritual effect on us as crystals and stones do.

See, in the astral – take for instance the Hatchet Man symbol of the Insane Clown Posse:

I saw that this symbol aka SIGIL exists in the lower astral realm when my consciousness was able to reach that frequency. That is why I propound why the Insane Clown Posse and the Wu Tang Clan:

– That looks like a bird.

…Whose appeal I DO NOT (NOR WANT TO) GET ?? who have the most annoying retarded organic portal ass fans….

Got the most rabid fans! Peep they the only bans to use sigils as well! ??

That being said, I first noticed this phenomenon with my quartz crystals. I noticed that when I removed em the tightening I felt on my pineal gland aka neck chakra subsided.

Now quartz crystals are supposed to – like mirrors (I don’t fuck with that cause spirits use those as portals via which to come thru to fuck up your shit) – amplify your energy. It didn’t do that any longer for me. Same with a lapis lazuli. I learned and acquired the energy I needed from it and then like that they disappeared (my lapis lazuli disappeared yesterday).

I knew my dealing with it was coming to an end.

Now, to balance my chakras I am the white topaz I got from a while back. It is doing what I ultimately need which is to help me sort out and understand my energy body – they all did but the ones that specialized in only particular chakras only taught me THAT part – and then at some point once I become balanced it will be time to move on from that – or maybe buy more lapis lazulis to enhance my third eye, I dunno.

But what I DO KNOW is that it seems that I am headed on the road to resyncing with my powers which I lost when this happened:


Teacher said something during my kundalini awakening, while my chakras were wide open, that fucked up the throat and heart chakras.

That being said these crystals and stones I got are very instrumental in helping me get back on track and discover and make sense of my innate spiritual powers.

As someone once said to me we are living crystals and I believe that to be true from personal experience!

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